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Apr. 3rd, 2006 01:23 pm
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I'd post my random thoughts about season 1 first, only I refuse to buy it on account of it's $20 more expensive and only has half the amount of episodes. Though, I will say that Xander was hot when he was hyena guy.

Anyways, in what may become a regular event over the next few days of bedriddenness (ooh, I just made a word!), I now present to you...

ANT'S RANDOM THOUGHTS ABOUT BUFFY!!!! (season two, episodes 1-8)

* I can really understand why Willow became a lesbian

* Angel is such a whinger that it makes him seem shorter than he really is

* If I was Cordelia I would be learning some self defense skillz.

* I think Spike/Joyce might be my OTP

* Drusilla has the best fingernails - black with white tips. I wants them.

* That Inca Mummy chick should totally have marketed soul-sucking as a dandy skin care range.

* How is there anyone still alive in Sunnydale?

* Willow is prettier than Buffy. Buffy has that freaky bobble-ended nose

* How come vampires don't have a reflection but show up fine on video?

* Xander is also kind of hot when he is army guy

* Why does Willow need to go help out Ms Calender with the remedial computer class if the only people in the class are Xander and Cordy?

* Xander's family scares me. Joss should make a spin-off of Buffy called 'Xander's Wacky Family'

* I think Ethan Rayne is sekretly in love with Giles and does all this pesky stuff just to bug Giles and so they can wrestle together

Okay, that is enough Buffy thoughts for one day. No doubt I will be back tomorrow with 'Random Thoughts About Buffy Part 2: The Ant Strikes Back.

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So, I have been thinking a lot about religion lately, and God, and if I went to church what sort of a church would I go to and that kind of thing, and there is only really one thing that makes sense to me.

Joss Whedon needs to start his own cult.

This isn't as kooky as it sounds.

So what I am thinking is there could be these temples, right. And you go there of a Sunday to worship the uberness of Joss, and everyone sits around and watches Buffy and Firefly on a big screen. And maybe you could have some sort of Preacherman (maybe dressed up as Book if he felt like it), and he could lead some sort of cool meta-discussion kind of thing.

And instead of Saints Days you could have Jossverse Character Days, and on Willow Day everyone can walk around being all goofy and cute, and on River Day everyone can be all cryptic and crazy. Ooooh, and on Jayne Day we can all wear nifty relax-a-hats!

And instead of hymns we can all sing the songs from Once More With Feeling, and maybe also that Hero of Canton song (but not the Firefly Theme because that is the worst theme ever.)

Course, eventually there will be disagreements within the church, like the Spangels vs Spuffys vs Bangels, and we will have to all split up into factions and that kind of thing, but it shall be a jolly lark nonetheless!!

Who's with me???

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