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GetYourWordsOut: Year Nine!
Pledges & Requirements |

I've done this for the past few years and I've found it super motivating! Even when I haven't met my pledge, I've still written over 100k a year. This year I'll make it to 200k (hopefully!). It's a fantastic, supportive community with ongoing challenges year-round to keep you motivated. Also, they have nifty spreadsheets to help you keep track of your word count! I highly recommend it to anyone with any writing goals for 2017!!!
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Hey, are any of you guys a member of the fanclub for any of the JE groups but have no intention of balloting for the countdown and wouldn't mind loaning their membership number to a fellow fan? I'm going to be in Japan for NYE and my sister is balloting but because my Arashi fanclub membership has lapsed she can't ballot for me as well, so we need a second membership number.

If anyone is willing to do me this favour, I'd be happy to purchase any goods you'd like on your behalf, or anything else within reason!
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Nov. 3rd, 2013 12:43 am
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Anyone doing nanowrimo this year? I'm ant-power on there, be my writing buddy!!!
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Wowsers, time really flies when all you want to do is sleep but have to do other stuff instead! I've been really sick (still, bleh), but that's no fun to talk about, so I won't. Needless to say, last semester was a bit of a nightmare, and I've had to drop out of the Merlin bigbang challenge. Which sucks, because my Merlin/Supernatural/Who/Sherlock crossover fic was going to be the most epic thing ever.

I friended a bunch of people a few months(?) back and never even made an intro post. Sorry, new friends! And hello! I will attempt to be more interesting in the future! However, I friended most of you through Merlin, so this post is probs not the best indication of this.

You see, what I really want to talk about right now is ARAFEST 2013! I am going! We've booked the flights and accomm already and are determined that it won't be like when we went to Beautiful World and couldn't afford the redonk expensive tickets and had to stand outside listening in the typhoon. This time, nothing will stand in our way! Ant's fight for Kokuritsu will not fail! Plus, I have a super cute outfit to wear.

My main problem is WHAT THE HELL DO I VOTE FOR! Here are my initial thoughts... )

How am I going to choose? And how am I going to put them in order? This is impossible! Anyway, I'd be interested to know what other people are voting for.
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stolen from [ profile] missmomoko

2012, a retrospective )

One day soon I am going to make an awesome post about Arafes but I think I will need to take screencaps first to properly express my feelings!
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So, I've never really posted about this show. I don't even know if any of you guys watched it. I started watching it somewhere around the end of season 1, I think, when my flist seemed to be full of posts about how in love Merlin and Arthur were. "What's that?" I thought. "That's a bit creepy, Merlin is an old man!" But Merlin wasn't an old man, Merlin was a young magical creature with magical eyes and cheekbones and Arthur was the most beautiful man on the planet (except for maybe Aiba Masaki), and they were very prettily in love and so I watched every episode faithfully, even if sometimes the writing was a bit shit.

I never really got into Merlin fandom, because I never really took the show that seriously. However, I did read all the fic. Merlin, I think, has the best written fic of any fandom I've ever delved into. For the past four of five years I've read it constantly - when I'm procrastinating uni, all through the summer, whenever I feel sick or a bit shit and want something comforting, when I was doing that Arthurian history subject and could pretend I was actually studying, etc etc. It just became a thing, without me ever consciously deciding, and these characters became something important to me without me being aware.

And then came the finale - cut for spoilers obvs )

But anyway, that's why I think it's bad to get too attached to fictional characters.
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Arafes DVD released on Boxing Day???

So fast! Come on, Johnny-san, I need to pay my rent, you can't take all my money!

3 things

Nov. 1st, 2012 10:19 pm
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* handed in my final assignment for the year today!

* then had a mild panic that I'd accidentally handed in the print-out of my fanfic that is in the back of my notebook waiting to be edited.

* this is short because these words don't count towards nanowrimo. Am at 2248 already, which I'm happy with seeing as how I had no time to plan!


Oct. 6th, 2012 01:45 pm
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Wowsers, I haven't updated since March! That seems like a bizillion years ago! Anyway, I am procrastinating studying, so I will try to neatly summarise the last six months!


April was mainly just settling into my new flat and classes in Japan. I missed my dog a lot but everything was all new and exciting. I got placed in a higher level of Japanese than I'd expected, so there was a lot of work and I wasn't in the same class as any of my friends, but my teachers were all super nice and the two other guys in my class were okay.

My futon was super uncomfortable.


By May I'd settled into a routine. On Tuesdays and Fridays I finished early so on those days my sister and I would go sightseeing or to karaoke. I still really liked my classes and everything, especially haiku class. My haiku teacher was the loveliest lady and she'd read haiku to us in this amazingly soothing voice, and take us on these excursions where we'd sit in gardens and write haiku and stuff. It was tops.

I went to the Hey! Say! Jump! concert in Yokohama, which was fun, even though I only know like three of their songs and couldn't do the furi at all. Yamada was hilariously princess-like, which was super entertaining, especially when he tried to push Chinen off the stage.

I went to the baseball a couple of times, which was fun. I'd never been to the baseball before on account of I'm Australian and here we have cricket, but I knew the rules from baseball movies and Rookies.

Near the end of the month my other sister came to visit. Three sisters in a tiny little Tokyo flat - you can probs imagine how fun that was.

For my birthday we went to Chiba and watched the Marines vs the Giants and then to the Aiba restaurant for dinner. It was delicious and I ate a lot but refrained from buying merchandise this time.

I bought a new futon but it was still uncomfortable.


Because my sister was visiting, the three of us went to Aomori for a few days. It was good to get out of the city and Aomori is so beautiful. We ate a lot. I had the most delicious thing I'd ever eaten which was this scallop from the fresh seafood market. It was so delicious it made me cry. Even now when I think about it, I want to cry. I also had very delicious curry ramen. If I ever live in Japan again, I would want to live in Aomori.

When we got back, my other sister left and my remaining sister and I decided to go around the Bosu Peninsula for the day. We went to the cat town from 1Q84, which I don't recommend because it's even more isolated and creepy than in the book. We also went to this other town because there was a big sign promising steak and lobster dinners at the train station, but there was no steak, there was no lobster. No lobster town was the worst!

After that I started getting really sick and spent most of the rest of the month sleeping. When I did go out, it was mostly to Shin Okubo for Korean BBQ, because meat was the only thing that made me feel better. Also Korean cosmetics and cute boys.

I did go to Waku Waku Gakkou, because I'd taken my Arashi concert outfit the whole way to Japan and it would've been too depressing not to wear it. That was fun but would've been more fun if I'd got ballot tickets instead of expensive tickets.

Because I was so sick and couldn't go to class, I went to the hospital. It was horrific. Well, the administration was amazingly well organised, but the doctor was an arrogant pig. He told me it was all in my imagination and to just get over it. I told him he was an incompetent arrogant dick.

My sister went to Kochi and Korea, so I got to sleep in the proper bed instead of the crappy futon and that was awesome.


I contacted my doctor in Australia for a second opinion and she said to come home early. My last week in Japan was the most fun I'd had there, even though I was still sick. It was mostly meeting up with people for farewell dinners and karaoke, which was nice.

I didn't go straight home, but to my mum's house for a few days so I could get my dog. I am never leaving my dog again. Or my bed.

July was mostly having doctors appointments and tests and fun things like that. I started back at uni here part-time so that the year wouldn't be a total waste, as I couldn't get credit for the Japan semester because I finished early - which also meant I couldn't do Japanese this semester. I'm doing two literature subjects instead. One of them is quite hard but I'm in love with my tutor so I have to put it lots of work so I don't look dumb. I'll post more about him another time.


August was a blur of trying to get all my uni work done in advance before going into surgery. As a result, I now really hate Keats.


I had to have my thyroid taken out because it was very big and strangling my windpipe and like crushing my internal organs and things, so September was spent in hospital and then recovering from surgery. It went pretty well but my neck is still sore and I have a big freaky scar and I'm still tired and feeble most of the time. I decided to spend my convalescence time rewatching Supernatural before the new season started, but only made it up to season 6
]] => my dog typed that.


So far it's mainly just been trying to stay awake and catch up with uni work. I am definitely not doing my major essay on Keats, Keats can stick it.
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Hello, you may not remember me but my name is Ant. I used to have an LJ which I posted on regularly until I got too busy and lazy, except for when I would pop up every few months or so and make random comments. I shall endeavour to do better in the future however past experience has led me not to make promises on that account.

Lately, all I have been doing is working and filling out paperwork for my Japan exchange. OMG WHY IS THERE SO MUCH PAPERWORK? A lot of it is all THE SAME THING! All I (hopefully) have left to do now is get my Japan visa and everything will be sweet for when I leave on April 4. This of course means that I will be there to see Tokyo Tower light up in Arashi colours, yay!! And hopefully it will also mean I will get to go to the Arashi concert, which this year will be called: The Arashi Concert in Which Ant Finally Wins Tickets in the Ballot. Grand things are clearly afoot.

I've also been working on the fics I promised for the arashi_on fundraiser, and should have the first chapter of Sakurai Sho: Love Detective up by the weekend. (Only a year late). It would have been up last weekend only there were logistical issues and also my sister says it's not funny enough. I'd like to have both fics done by the time I leave but that's probably a pipedream. Still, true dreams are always by your side, and there's no wall you can't break down and all that. Though, I'm not sure if that applies to the wall of "everything I write sounds stupid and crap".

I've been reading about the subjects I'm doing while I'm in Japan and a lot of them seem easy and fun. The history subject is mostly doing walking tours of Tokyo and then writing reports about it, and there's this sports subject you can do where 90% of your mark is attendance and participation! And you get to do a month of table tennis!! (Not sure I can actually get credit for doing this from my home uni though.) I am worried about Japanese though. I have forgotten everything over the holidays! I don't even remember です!! And part of the placement exam is an interview. I will have to talk! I am super crap at talking!! They will ask me what is my shumi and I never know what to say to that. One time in a test I lied and said reading suspense novels but then they asked me follow up questions and it was very confusing!! And I don't know if Arashi actually qualifies as a hobby? I am good at talking about Arashi in Japanese but I don't want to sound like a dumbass fangirl who is only going on exchange to Japan because she loves Arashi, even if it is mostly true. I guess if I screw up the placement exam, they'll just put me in a lower level where I can learn about conjugating te form and stuff.

As per the title of this post, I was also going to go on about all the stress I've been having about all the stuff I have to do before I go (finding someone to live in the spare room who isn't flaky and unreliable, the impending separation from my beloved doggins, getting ill from the flu shot and missing a week of work when I really need the money, etc) but nobody likes a whiner, so let's just pretend I did instead.
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- Got back from Japan today, have Japanese midterm exam day after tomorrow and haven't studied at all. Oops.

- Didn't get Arashi tickets, so we went and stood outside. You could hear perfectly, and apparently there were like 12,000 of us out there? It had a very festival-like atmosphere and was very fun, there was even a dude in a kebab van! Everyone was dressed up and singing along and doing the furi, one girl even had photos of the member's outfits so she could look at them while listening! And we saw the balloons and fireworks (I got ash in my eye, if I go blind those guys are in big trouble!). The most amazing bit was when it started raining in Gori Muchuu on the Saturday night. I really don't think I would've had more than $1000 worth of fun being inside as well.

- Spent a lot of time on the Izu Peninsula and also the Chiba Peninsula. Who knew Chiba was so pretty.

- Went to the Aiba restaurant on Friday. Damn the food there is delicious. Well, anything would be delicious after waiting in line for two hours, but it was super good. I bought a t-shirt and used complete sentences in Japanese with Aiba's mum. Well, I'm not sure they were grammatical, but they were sentences. Maybe I should've got her to write me an exemption for my exam. I said I go there every time I go to Japan and the food is always delicious. Then she shook our hands. Her hands are very soft. They are the hands that raised Aiba Masaki!! She had all her washing drying on the balcony upstairs - if I had hundreds of fangirls lining up outside, I would probably dry my underwear somewhere else. I really wanted to see the monkey but I guess they can't really keep it in the restaurant.

- Does anyone know the connection between Sakamoto Ryoma and the town of Shimoda? They have statues and crap of him all over the place but I never even knew he went there. I bought an I ♥ Sakamoto Ryoma notebook, because I do.

- I probably did other stuff too, but I am very tired. They started serving breakfast on the plane at like 4am, wtf? I had just got to sleep. Arashi hooded towels are very convenient when travelling by plane, just so you know.

- I really don't want to study.
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Basically, I have to walk the dog, write an assignment and clean, so I figure it's a perfect time to finally do a proper update!! Hello!! This is Ant! I haven't made a proper post since like March or something, so you've probs all forgotten me! I shall now all attempt to refresh your memories by writing a brief summary of stuff I've been doing. With subheadings and bullet points!

1. Arashi

- I haven't really been doing Arashi.
- I am going to Japan on Thursday with the intention of going to Kokuritsu on the weekend.
- The ticket prices are very expensive. I love Arashi, but omg the cheapest tickets are like 120,000 yen for nosebleed seats. If was paying that, I'd expect arena seats, and going out for sukiyaki with the members afterwards!
- Even though they're doing Yes? No?
- Scalpers are evil, though I suspect that a lot of these tickets are being sold by Nino or maybe Johnny himself. You could only ballot for 3 tickets this year but some people have listed more.
- We've applied for the audience for Shiyagare though, so that would be a nice consolation
- I've been rewatching old Shukudai and Himitsu episodes in the attempt to convert my uni friends. My friend Liam was converted by the "Revenge of the Parka" M5.
- I haven't watched the Sakuraiba date yet.

2. Japan

- Instead of going to Kokuritsu, I am going to buy these
- And hang out with my sister
- And go to Kochi, the birthplace of my favourite historical figure, Sakamoto Ryoma
- And eat rare and luxurious foods
- And possibly stay in a hotel that overlooks Kokuritsu on Friday and Saturday night. With binoculars.
- Everything else that is happening in my life is while I'm going to be in Japan, like my midterm exams, the Japanese speech contest and the info night on my Japan exchange
- Oh yeah, I got approved to study in Japan next year, yay

3. Uni

- I got insanely good marks last semester
- I got in the Dean's honor list or something. I didn't even know my uni had one. You don't get money or anything good for it though.
- This has lead to laziness this semester
- I'm doing this class called "Understanding Japanese Society", which isn't very interesting. English was boring but now that we've stopped studying sonnets, it's better.
- I really love my Japanese class. I've been hanging out a lot with my Japanese class buddies. Last semester we studied together but this semester we're mostly eating and playing pool.
- I won two games the other day

4. Home

- I found this company that matches your dog up with like a homestay family while you're on holiday. I really didn't want to put her in a boarding kennel, and this is like half the price anyway. We went to meet them today and they are very nice, they have a german short-haired pointer called Willow. Willow was lovely and I want to steal her.
- I haven't cleaned my room in like six months
- My housemates aren't very annoying at the moment
- My sister is moving home the week after I get back from Japan. I will need to rearrange furniture! It will be good to have someone to watch Arashi with again.

5. Other stuff

- Why are all the dramas this season about girls dressing as boys? Ouran is good, Ikemen desu ne - it's okay but it's the only time I've preferred the Korean version of something. I can't watch New Hana Kimi, it's crap.
- I wish I had chocolate milk
- I have new hair. The hairdresser put these ugly chunks of layer around my face, so I cut them off when I got home. It looks better now.
- I have lost my earphones. I don't want to buy new ones until I go to Japan, but the spares are like this earphone/earflap hat combination
- I should probably walk the dog before it gets dark.


Jul. 17th, 2011 03:21 pm
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does anyone have an invite for google+??? Is it any good??
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Or as I call it - Ron Weasley, I'd still tap it )

And then I went and bought a pair of trackies for $5 and they are warm and very comfy, and when I got home I had a parcel from my aunt. So, good day!!

What did everyone else think??? (Of the movie, obviously, not the trackies or the parcel from my aunt)
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Don't you think that Nino, David Duchovny and Charlie Sheen should form a support group for sex addicts and then (after their sex addicting is under control... or maybe not) they should BAND TOGETHER TO FIGHT CRIME!! They could actually FIGHT CRIME THROUGH WITH THE POWER OF THEIR SEX ADDICTION.

And then after they have defeated the criminals, Nino could sing a song.

This would be the most awesome thing ever, y/y?

Man, someone should make this into a drama, it would be the most hilarious thing ever. They could make Sho play Charlie Sheen.

I want to post clever things about my M5 reactions and other stuff, but I have had a terrible headache all day and my brain just got further exploded by the AMAZING CRIME FIGHTING TRIO OF AWESOME.
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I hope everyone on my flist is safe and doesn't have friends or family who have been directly affected by the earthquake. It's such an awful thing, my sister posted on FB when it happened, but I didn't realise it was so serious, they seem to have had earthquakes every other day lately. Then I started getting a bunch of phone calls and messages to see if my sister was safe (which she is, though apparently unable to find curry pan anywhere), and ended up watching the BBC news stream until like 2AM. I ended up having to force myself to stop watching, because it was super upsetting, and quite frankly that newscaster chick on there seemed way too gleeful every time some new piece of terrible news emerged.

So, rather than watching depressing news reports, I have decided to contribute to the arashi_on fundraiser for Japan thing. Probably all the Arashi fans have already seen it - but if you're a non-Arashi fan and wanted to do it, I'd be willing to write something non-Arashi as well. I probably should've put that in the comment, but I don't know how to edit it! There are loads of awesome contributors all ready, so please go and take a look!

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Okay, so ages ago, [ profile] karasu_0 tagged me for this meme, and in true lazy-person form, I've had it open in tabs ever since!!

A) People who have been tagged must write their answers on their journal and replace any question that they dislike with a new, original question.

B) Tag eight people. Don't refuse to do that. Don't tag who tagged you.
I think most people have done it already! But I will tag [ profile] kerrol, [ profile] hobbitheart, [ profile] wirepatch, [ profile] thethirdbar, [ profile] sandy_phoenix, [ profile] slumber, [ profile] fujiko1601

meme about stuff, and stuff )

I didn't replace any questions, because I'm lazy.

I also had this one open in tabs for ages, stolen from [ profile] jadeswallow, I'm not tagging anyone, do it if you feel like it.

It's another Q&A type thing )

This post has been way too long already, but I need to give my opinion on the Mannequin 5 special.

It took me three days to decide )
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Some time this month was my 3 year Arashi anniversary, though I don't remember the exact date. There should be some sort of indication, you know, like "warning: watching this drama is going to change your life forever", so that you can note down the date and stuff. I guess if I didn't fail so hard at LJ, I'd have some sort of record of it.

Anyway, all I know is that some time in February, three years ago, during that writer's strike that meant there was no new American TV, [ profile] starfishdance said to me "maybe you should watch Gokusen, and if you like that, Hana Yori Dango", and I did, and then I watched everything else Jun had ever been in, and then I watched the Final Time concert, and then I started on Shukudai, and my heart was lost forever. And my sister yelled at me for using up all our internet, but then I made her watch it, and her heart was lost forever too (to Sho in Kiroii Namida - wth, that hair!!). So, even though you're never around anymore, thank you, [ profile] starfishdance!!!

Three years ago, I was so sick from CFS that most of the time I couldn't get out of bed, I couldn't work or study or see my friends, and most of the time I felt as if I'd never get better and my life was over, but Arashi gave me the strength to try to overcome that. I've worked really hard to get better, to do all the things that normal, healthy people can do, and whenever it was too hard, I would think about how Arashi work an impossible amount, and how Aiba's lung collapsed and he was only worried about disappointing his members, and how Sho jumped out of a plane even though he was wetting his pants, and all those other reasons that make us love them the way we do. And as they've gotten more and more successful, I've been able to do more and more things. Sure, I've gone off track at times and made mistakes, but I can do so much now, and I'm at a place where I feel like I've got my life sorted.

Ah... this wasn't supposed to turn into a sappy post.

Anyway, around this time of year, I tend to feel a bit nostalgic, so I started rewatching Gokusen last night, and because I haven't watched it for a few years, I noticed some new things.

* Matsuken is in 3D!?! Who knew!! Also, that guy from Scrap Teacher. I guess that is where he learned how to be a passionate teacher.

* I can understand most of it without subtitles!

* Jun's teeth change drastically between episode three and four. I am really fascinated with the evolution of Jun's teeth, and I've tried to work out many times in the past how he actually got those perfect teeth without having braces or taking time off work. I think he must've had his front two teeth taken out and gotten a bridge or something, but if they were taken out, he would've had to have a few weeks at least for his gums to heal. How could he do this in the middle of a drama??? Unless there was a gap in filming or something. I think I need to research this more. ANYONE WITH INFORMATION ON THIS, PLEASE CONTACT ME!!! *sigh* One day I will have perfect teeth like Jun.

* Sawada Shin is really hot. It's no wonder he won my heart. I wonder how I'd look with his hair.

In other news, I start back at uni tomorrow. I have a zillion things to do before that, but I slept half the day because of the aforementioned Gokusen watching. Oh well.
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I love food. It is one of my pleasures in life. I am like Sakurai Sho, because I don't really have any hobbies, enjoying my food is my hobby. I love going to delicious restaurants and eating delicious foods, and I love cooking at home and making delicious experiments.

Anyway, ever since I got diagnosed with CFS, I have been seeing this awesome physiotherapist. She is really a lot more than just a physio, and out of my whole team of medical professionals, she has been the most helpful and supportive. Well, she's very strict, but she's always motivated me and done loads of research into different things to help me get better. She moved to Germany for a few years but now she is back.

So, there's this low chemical diet that she thinks would help me. It's kind of involved, but basically what it's about is there are certain foods (most foods) which contain different chemicals, and when the chemicals build up in your body, you have a bad reaction to them. Like, you may be fine eating a strawberry every day, for example, you can eat them for ten days straight and you are fine, but on the 11th day, that strawberry makes you sick. But because you're also eating other stuff, you probably think "oh, I feel sick from that pizza last night", instead of blaming the strawberry. It's really impossible to tell.

Which means that you have to cut out basically everything that has any sort of chemicals and gradually add things back in after you've got it all out of your system. Makes sense, right?

So, I started yesterday. These are the foods I can have while I'm in the detox phase: pears (peeled), potato (brushed white, peeled), lettuce (iceberg), bamboo shoots, beans, bean shoots, brussel sprouts, cabbage, celery, chives, choko (I don't even know what this is - fruit of the chokobo?), garlic (a little bit), leek, mungbean sprouts, shallot, swede, chicken (no skin or stuffing), lamb (yuck), veal (yuck yuck), beef (fresh), various fresh seafoods that I don't eat.

I can also have dairy, as long as there's no colours or preservatives in it (which there is in a lot of cheeses) and wheat-type things, as I'm fine with gluten, and eggs. I think sugar is fine, but most things with sugar in them have a whole bunch of other nasty stuff anyway. And I'm not giving up coffee!! It says nothing about coffee, so I am pleading ignorance.

This is very restricting. I can't have condiments!! What is life without condiments? It is very hard to think of what to eat. Last night, I had mashed potato. It was delicious mashed potato, but it would've been better with bacon. I can make vegetable soup, but that will also not be delicious without stock and things. Everything I can eat is like something from a Shukudai no-money special!

Ah, I am hungry!!! I want donburi!

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