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Wowsers, time really flies when all you want to do is sleep but have to do other stuff instead! I've been really sick (still, bleh), but that's no fun to talk about, so I won't. Needless to say, last semester was a bit of a nightmare, and I've had to drop out of the Merlin bigbang challenge. Which sucks, because my Merlin/Supernatural/Who/Sherlock crossover fic was going to be the most epic thing ever.

I friended a bunch of people a few months(?) back and never even made an intro post. Sorry, new friends! And hello! I will attempt to be more interesting in the future! However, I friended most of you through Merlin, so this post is probs not the best indication of this.

You see, what I really want to talk about right now is ARAFEST 2013! I am going! We've booked the flights and accomm already and are determined that it won't be like when we went to Beautiful World and couldn't afford the redonk expensive tickets and had to stand outside listening in the typhoon. This time, nothing will stand in our way! Ant's fight for Kokuritsu will not fail! Plus, I have a super cute outfit to wear.

My main problem is WHAT THE HELL DO I VOTE FOR! Here are my initial thoughts... )

How am I going to choose? And how am I going to put them in order? This is impossible! Anyway, I'd be interested to know what other people are voting for.
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- Got back from Japan today, have Japanese midterm exam day after tomorrow and haven't studied at all. Oops.

- Didn't get Arashi tickets, so we went and stood outside. You could hear perfectly, and apparently there were like 12,000 of us out there? It had a very festival-like atmosphere and was very fun, there was even a dude in a kebab van! Everyone was dressed up and singing along and doing the furi, one girl even had photos of the member's outfits so she could look at them while listening! And we saw the balloons and fireworks (I got ash in my eye, if I go blind those guys are in big trouble!). The most amazing bit was when it started raining in Gori Muchuu on the Saturday night. I really don't think I would've had more than $1000 worth of fun being inside as well.

- Spent a lot of time on the Izu Peninsula and also the Chiba Peninsula. Who knew Chiba was so pretty.

- Went to the Aiba restaurant on Friday. Damn the food there is delicious. Well, anything would be delicious after waiting in line for two hours, but it was super good. I bought a t-shirt and used complete sentences in Japanese with Aiba's mum. Well, I'm not sure they were grammatical, but they were sentences. Maybe I should've got her to write me an exemption for my exam. I said I go there every time I go to Japan and the food is always delicious. Then she shook our hands. Her hands are very soft. They are the hands that raised Aiba Masaki!! She had all her washing drying on the balcony upstairs - if I had hundreds of fangirls lining up outside, I would probably dry my underwear somewhere else. I really wanted to see the monkey but I guess they can't really keep it in the restaurant.

- Does anyone know the connection between Sakamoto Ryoma and the town of Shimoda? They have statues and crap of him all over the place but I never even knew he went there. I bought an I ♥ Sakamoto Ryoma notebook, because I do.

- I probably did other stuff too, but I am very tired. They started serving breakfast on the plane at like 4am, wtf? I had just got to sleep. Arashi hooded towels are very convenient when travelling by plane, just so you know.

- I really don't want to study.
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Some time this month was my 3 year Arashi anniversary, though I don't remember the exact date. There should be some sort of indication, you know, like "warning: watching this drama is going to change your life forever", so that you can note down the date and stuff. I guess if I didn't fail so hard at LJ, I'd have some sort of record of it.

Anyway, all I know is that some time in February, three years ago, during that writer's strike that meant there was no new American TV, [ profile] starfishdance said to me "maybe you should watch Gokusen, and if you like that, Hana Yori Dango", and I did, and then I watched everything else Jun had ever been in, and then I watched the Final Time concert, and then I started on Shukudai, and my heart was lost forever. And my sister yelled at me for using up all our internet, but then I made her watch it, and her heart was lost forever too (to Sho in Kiroii Namida - wth, that hair!!). So, even though you're never around anymore, thank you, [ profile] starfishdance!!!

Three years ago, I was so sick from CFS that most of the time I couldn't get out of bed, I couldn't work or study or see my friends, and most of the time I felt as if I'd never get better and my life was over, but Arashi gave me the strength to try to overcome that. I've worked really hard to get better, to do all the things that normal, healthy people can do, and whenever it was too hard, I would think about how Arashi work an impossible amount, and how Aiba's lung collapsed and he was only worried about disappointing his members, and how Sho jumped out of a plane even though he was wetting his pants, and all those other reasons that make us love them the way we do. And as they've gotten more and more successful, I've been able to do more and more things. Sure, I've gone off track at times and made mistakes, but I can do so much now, and I'm at a place where I feel like I've got my life sorted.

Ah... this wasn't supposed to turn into a sappy post.

Anyway, around this time of year, I tend to feel a bit nostalgic, so I started rewatching Gokusen last night, and because I haven't watched it for a few years, I noticed some new things.

* Matsuken is in 3D!?! Who knew!! Also, that guy from Scrap Teacher. I guess that is where he learned how to be a passionate teacher.

* I can understand most of it without subtitles!

* Jun's teeth change drastically between episode three and four. I am really fascinated with the evolution of Jun's teeth, and I've tried to work out many times in the past how he actually got those perfect teeth without having braces or taking time off work. I think he must've had his front two teeth taken out and gotten a bridge or something, but if they were taken out, he would've had to have a few weeks at least for his gums to heal. How could he do this in the middle of a drama??? Unless there was a gap in filming or something. I think I need to research this more. ANYONE WITH INFORMATION ON THIS, PLEASE CONTACT ME!!! *sigh* One day I will have perfect teeth like Jun.

* Sawada Shin is really hot. It's no wonder he won my heart. I wonder how I'd look with his hair.

In other news, I start back at uni tomorrow. I have a zillion things to do before that, but I slept half the day because of the aforementioned Gokusen watching. Oh well.
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Well, mostly I'm just testing out the new lj iphone app. It's much better than the old one so far! Anyway, I'm very sick and bedridden and couldn't go to uni today. It's frustrating. How long is it since I got sick now? Six years? My specialist thinks its 20 years but either way, you'd think I'd be used to it by now and realise there'd be days like these. It's still annoying though!

Right, I'm going to see if this thing can lj cut!

I just watched Vampire Knight... )

I am up to ep 13 of coffee house )

I was worried that Angelina Jolie would try to adopt Jun but he seemed to escape safely. I like her better now, she was nice to jun, unlike how that famous soccer guy was rude to Sho that time. I think Jun and Angelina Jolie should have a cute strong-faced baby together!!

I can't think of anything else I've watched lately and it's nap time now!!! I wonder if this will post okay.

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So, I've been avoiding the internet for the past week because I didn't want to be tempted to listen to the new album before it got here. I downloaded the 5x10 concert before my dvd came and then I wasn't terribly excited when it got here. So, I've been watching out the window ever since Tuesday when it was shipped and now IT'S FINALLY HERE! Yay. I'm about to listen to it, so I shall write my impressions of it while I'm listening. XDDDDD

Under a cut though, just in case I'm not the last person on the planet to listen to it )

OMG, I'm going to be so late to the doctor!!
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Dear Arashi,

Holy moley, just take a holiday. Seriously!! Car accidents and Kokuritsu for the third year in a row and for four days and all five domes again. Albums and movies and butais and a zillion variety shows a week, and who only knows what else next --> I love you boys and I love your work, you don't need to work so hard for our affections!! Take a holiday before you all collapse from nervous exhaustion!

Lots of love,


PS. Thanks for giving me enough time to find a job and save up for the November shows. <3
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I've kind of been having a birthweek instead of a birthday. Had drinks on Friday night, wherein most of my friends bailed on me with lame excuses like food poisoning and mixing up the days, but it was fun anyway.

For the rest of the weekend, I recovered and watched "You're Beautiful", which was awesome and hilarious. And now I have a mini-crush on Jang Geun Seok. He's going to be playing Matsujun in the Korean version of Kimi wa Petto, apparently??? I've used up all my internets for the month, but when I get it back I'm going to watch Hong Gil Dong. My dog has decided she loves Korean dramas, they are the thing that finally coaxed her inside!!!

Spent my actual birthday taking my dog to the vet (she has a sore eye like me, it has done much for our bonding process), and then to the eye hospital for myself (just for the "OK, you're not going to end up blind"), which was okay because my friend Drew went with me to keep me company and drive in case I couldn't see after they experimented on me. We had a nice lunch and then I had awesome donburi with my sister and watched the "First Kiss in Odaiba" episode of D no Arashi. My mother and other sister are coming tomorrow from interstate and we shall have birthday dinner and things like that. It shall be swell.

Also!! [ profile] jadenmd wrote me birthday Ohmiya fic!!, which is like the ultimate of gifts that keep on giving, right! ♥ And [ profile] mutekinonna gave me an awesome virtual pair of glitterati sunglasses (I kind of want them for real!!), and [ profile] sandy_phoenix sent me an awesome e-card. Thus proving once again that online people are totes more awesome than RL people!! XP

I am so much meme fail, I'm more than a week behind on this!!!

30-Day Arashi Challenge

day 05 - Favorite AnS Moment

Well, obviously I am human and can't possibly pick just one moment. I mean, we're talking about the greatest show in the history of television (except for maybe D no Arashi), but I have managed to narrow it down to a Best Three.

Ant's Top 3 Shukudai Moments - warnings for excessive picspam and Sho!fail, spoilers for random Shukudai episodes )

day 06 - Favorite Member Engrish

Nice Beam. Nice Final Beam.

day 07 - Quote from a Non-Single Song (Album and B-side only)

From "Arashi no Mae no Shizukesa":

Hitogomi ni magirete bokutachi wa jellyfish
Mogaki ashita e yume wo mite iru ai wo sagashite mata oyogu

We are jellyfish slipped into a crowd of people
Seeing our dreams wiggling into tomorrow, we search for love and swim again

It has everything a quote from an Arashi song needs - random English and a message about creating a brighter future!!!

day 08 - A Sho picture you can’t take your eyes off

It's not letting me resize this for some reason.

But trust me, it's worth the click on the cut )

day 09 - Favorite Arashi PV

I wanted to be different and not pick this, but anything else would be a lie.


This is the happiest thing in the universe. I mean, they're dancing on rainbows!! There's layers to the happiness this PV brings me. (Though, Jun's spazzy chibi SURPRISE face made Kimi no Tame ni Boku ga Iru a close second.)

day 10 - Whatever tickles your fancy


This doesn't need any words, right??

I should be up to day 13, but I'll catch up on the rest tomorrow, or else it's just taking all the fun out of it!!
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Today I had minimal pain in my eye - hooray!!! Everything is still very blurry from the eyedrops though, which means I'm a bit confused about the end of the new Gantz chapter... spoilery question... )

Also, is it just me, or does it seem mega weird for Nino's picture to be in Gantz?? I mean, I know it shouldn't be weird, he's in the movie and all, but it just feels like seeing your incredibly hot brother or school friend or something in a manga. Like next week my neighbour from when I was five is going to be in Naruto or something. I guess it's stupid, I just forget Arashi are idols sometimes! It's like they live in my house and just come out to entertain me when I want them to. XP

I've started watching "You're Beautiful". It's kind of silly, but in a good way. Like Hana Kimi, but with idols instead of ikemen schoolboys. The main guy in it is hot, but his hair is silly. Anyway, I'm up to episode four or five and I like it so far.

30-Day Arashi Challenge

day 04 - Favorite Nino cover (like the one he sings on Baystorm)

It would have to be Kiseki. I like it better than the Greeeeen version, even. It's such a pretty song. Though, recently I've been loving Nousen Katsura (and if anyone knows where I could find a decent translation for it, I'd be heaps grateful, because I've come up with nothing). And I love his versions of Friendship and Pikanchi Double as well, though I don't know if they can be counted as covers, on account of being Arashi songs. Really, I know a lot of people have a problem with Nino's voice, but the reasons other people don't like it is why I do, I think. I find it comforting. XP
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So, I spent the best part of yesterday in the emergency room with my broken eye. I'd always thought that tooth pain was the worst sort of pain, but tooth pain in your eye, that is so much worse!! I had nothing to eat all day because they thought they might have to cut my brain open, but then the pretty eye doctor came and let me have a sandwich. I feel much better today.

Then I got home from the hospital and watched the Monster PV 247 times, so the day wasn't a total loss. Except that I feel like a douchebag because I have to keep wearing dark glasses everywhere.

Today I got my new dog. ♥ She is lovely but at the moment she is way more interested in my backyard than in me. It has a variety of different smells, which I apparently don't, but I suppose that's a good thing. We are trying to rename her "Masaki", but so far, she's ignoring us unless we have treats.

30-Day Arashi Challenge

day 03 - An Ohno picture you can’t take your eyes off

title or description

It was so hard to pick just one picture, because I just love looking at him. Sometimes he looks so goofy, and sometimes he's just so damn cute, but when he really wants to, he just turns on that darn switch and becomes the sexiest man on the planet. Those freaking hips, I swear to God, one day they'll kill me!!
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Ah, leaked stream of 5x10 DVD and new concert rumours!! Best Easter Monday ever!! I've spent all day refreshing the tudou search page, and am now somewhat emotionally drained and very happy! (Why has everyone but Jun's solo been uploaded? I think it's because it's so spectacular it would break the internets.)

Have spent most of Easter watching Bones. WTF, Angel, why are you so awesome in this?? I have never found him appealing before, but as Booth he surely has a certain charisma! I may be cultivating the slightest of girly crushes on him.

Anyhoo, I know these concert rumours and just rumours, but I hope they're close to what the official dates will be. I'd like to go to as many concerts as possible this year, and if they're that close together it will be much more possible than if they're spaced out like last year. Plus, I really want to try regional specialty foods!! I am seriously going to have to start saving money.

That said, I so don't want to go back to work tomorrow!!!
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title or description

See, I made Arashi-coloured cupcakes, and they kind of got all squished up and stuck together!! I couldn't get the red and green ones apart at all!! The yellow ones came out perfect, though I'd have expected them to be the worst of the lot. I guess it's because they weren't next to the blue. I thought the pink ones would know better, on account of how they used to be an Italian chef and all.

title or description

After I got them apart and iced them, they still looked a bit silly, but they were perfect and delicious, and kind of the best things ever.

title or description

The cookies I made came out just fine, but they're not really that interesting. Kind of like NEWS.

I'm not going to attempt to bake anything that comes out like KAT-TUN. I'd be scared to put it in my mouth!!

Also, I finally put up my 5x10 posters! )


title or description

love <3

Mar. 1st, 2010 05:34 pm
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Work was kind of bleh today. I only stopped about 45% of my customers from disconnecting their account, and my rate is supposed to be 68%. It double sucks, because it's double-commission Monday. And also because I didn't get to see Trainer. On the up-side it was only a 5 hour shift, so that was super good.

So, I was on the bus home and it was full of annoying school kids and such and I was all like >X or however that angry smiley face goes, and I got this phone call from my sister:

Sister: 5X10 DVD!!!
Me: OMG! *actual facepalm*
Girls opposite me: *worried looks*
Me: When?
Sister: NEXT MONTH!!!!
Me: OMG, so soon!
Girls opposite me: *super-concerned I've just terrible news of an impending fatal illness or something*
Sister: it's Kokuristu and also stuff from ALL FIVE DOMES!!!!
Me: *spastically emotional over Arashi on the bus*
Girls opposite me: OMG, YOU'RE TOO YOUNG AND BEAUTIFUL TO DIE!!! (They didn't say this out loud, but of course they were thinking it.)
Sister: We can pre-order it. Or alternately, fly to Japan and buy it. (She's collecting points on her Tower Records card.)
Me: Don't be acting crazy. We need to save our money to go later in the year for concerts. And then for both Gantz movies.

And that made my day like, a zillion times more awesome. XD

In other, non-Arashi-releasing-the-DVD-like-six-months-before-I-expecting-or-doing-otherwise-awesome-things news, I spent the weekend watching dramas. (And getting very drunk at a wedding with free booze, but apart from me losing $10 on a bet with some random guy that I could beat him at Galaga, it was fairly uneventful. I wouldn't have lost, only the button on the player 2 side was whiskey-infested and kept sticking. It was a very shameful experience, on account of the guy was a total douchebag.)

I started watching Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge (or as I like to call it "Kame loves an emo chick"), which was super freaking awesome!! How did I not know about this drama??? It's got Kame and Tego and UCHI!! And they're super good-looking guys living together (with some other guy who is unfamiliar to me, though I feel like he's probably someone really obvious) and they have to make over the owner of the house's niece. She's one of those... I can't remember what they're called, you know, those girls who love creepy stuff. It's also got Kato Seishiro in it, that adorable kid who wears the bowtie and stuff? Anyway, it's a bit like if Hana Kimi and HanaDan had a bastard child that was raised by Nobuta wo Produce, only a bit gayer. Clearly awesome.

Then I started watching Hidarime Tantei EYE (or as I call it "Yamada has a psychic eye that makes him gay and Yokoyama Yu is awesome"), which was a bit confusing at first, on account of I didn't realise it had a prequel thing last year. It's kind of lame in an awesome way. Yamada has psychic flashes in his left eye on account of he got it in an eye transplant from his older brother, Yokoyama Yu, but to get a vision, he has to be PUNCHED IN THE EYE! Oh yeah! It results in many awesome scenes, like Yamada flailing around banging his eye against the wall, all like "HELP ME, EYE! HELP ME!" and stuff. Not intentionally hilarious, but hilarious nevertheless.

And that's it for the life of Ant thusfar. DVD - YAY!!! XD


Feb. 24th, 2010 10:22 pm
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As always, thank you, Arashi, for turning an otherwise horrible day into something awesome. ♥

Also - how are the sunglasses staying hooked on Jun's jacket like that??? The boy surely is a wonder.
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So, I haven't really done anything productive this year. I mean, I started a fic where Arashi battle the forces of evil, but it kind of really sucked, so I went back to working on my novel. But then there was all this awful plot stuff I had to think about, so I had a nap instead.

I worked New Year's Day. It was triple time, so I didn't mind staying in NYE. My sister and I tried to watch Kouhaku through keyhole TV, but we only managed to see NYC Boys and some enka singer lady, then it died and we watched Iza, Now instead, so good times were had by all nevertheless, and I got to watch Kouhaku when it was uploaded anyway. As far as that goes, I have something to say...

cut for spoilers, even though everyone's already seen it )

Then I watched the Countdown, which was awesome. Was it just me, or was Domoto Tsuyoshi totally out of it? Either that or in a really bad mood. The bit where Arashi had sunflower microphones was the cutest thing ever and I really can't understand how Yamapi just keeps getting hotter. I think Akanishi Jin has been eating his feelings, I was joking about him getting fat at last year's Countdown, but seeing him standing next to Jun this year really made it stand out!!

Mostly, over the holiday period, I've just been watching j-dramas that I started last year and never finished. I shall make a list of them!!

Haikei, Chichiue-sama - Nino is a cook and in love with Sister Angela from 1 Pound Gospel, who only speaks French on certain days of the week. She was a bit annoying, but I think that was mainly because I was still mad at her for failing so hard in VSA a few weeks ago. Anyway, it was cute and featured Nino looking a little bit retarded everytime he made his "stupidly in love" face. I bought this from the Asian DVD store in the city and the subtitles on it were terrible. XP

Half Doctor - Nagase is an incompetent doctor who heals people by his incredibly manly hotness understanding their feelings and yelling at them in a Nagase-type way. He lives in this share-house type place with blonde!Nino, who's a cute little hoodlum. It's pretty much Ikebukuro West Gate Park with doctors instead of gangs and things.

Scrap Teacher - Yamada, Chinen and other members of HSJ that I'm less familiar with cure bad teachers of bad teachering by being mysterious and having access to helicopters and other things that don't really make sense but are kind of awesome anyway. (Also from Asian DVD store with bad subs.)

Utahime - Nagase lost his memory in the war, so he moved in with this family who run a cinema in a little beach town. It's basically the story of the town and the family - mainly Nagase and the youngest daughter (Aibu Saki) and it's one of the best dramas I've seen in a long time, I highly recommend it! Features Sato Ryuta as the most awesome yakuza guy ever!!! Five stars and two thumbs up!

That's about it for me. I'm trying to suck less at LJ this year, but I'm not sure how long that will last. I'm a terribly lazy person.

Oh, also! I finally saw the recent episode of VSA with Gackt. I think he and Jun should get married and have awesome bling together.
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This is somewhat belated, I suppose, and I probably should've written it straight after the concerts so I didn't forget things, but I've been on an Arashi high ever since and therefore not really all that coherent, so it was probably better to wait. XP I'll do a post about my trip as a whole later, but for people who don't really care about that and want to hear about Arashi, I'll just post the con report for now.

So, it all started one sunny winter's day in Tokyo, when two girls came to realise that dreams really can come true...

Friday, December 4 - pre-concert stuff )

Friday, December 4 - actual concert )

Of course, the next day we went straight out and bought tickets for the Sunday night. XP

Sunday, December 6 )

After the concert, we met up with [ profile] oviparous and went and had coffee, which was also the perfect ending, as she's like the sweetest person ever. <33333

And anyway, so now I'm left with this feeling that's sort of like if it's possible to achieve this dream, then maybe you can achieve any dream if you work hard enough, and that I shouldn't get brought down by stupid things, because there's something bigger and better out there. And that no matter what happens, there will always be Arashi to make me feel better.

Also? I'm totally going to all five domes next year!
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So, there`s been a world of trouble getting the Arashi tickets, we`ve had trouble with auctions (nearly doubling up on tickets that cost an insane amount and this kind of thing, auctions being cancelled), our plane nearly crashing on landing and so forth. Yesterday when we finally got here, we got a message saying our grandmother had died, it`s honestly all been a bit of a nightmare. But it`s Arashi, and it`s my dream to see them. (Unfortunately, also everyone else`s apparently, or else the tickets wouldn`t cost so damn much!!) But I figure you have to pass through the wind and the rain to get to the rainbow, right???

I`m so nervous!!! The list of things that can go wrong is getting smaller, but there are things. My sister is freaking out that Godzilla will attack Tokyo Dome, and I`m scared there will be some racist ticket guy who won`t let us in. But if all goes well, I`ll be looking at Arashi with my own eyes in a few hours!! Is that kind of thing really possible????

If so, I`ll be back soon with a concert report. Wish me luck!

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I can't even begin to say how grateful I am to Arashi, for making me happy when I'm sad, for making me believe I really can do my best no matter what, for helping me appreciate the people in my life, and to not take my mistakes too seriously and making me believe that I can actually be a healthy person again with a job and a life and all that. And just sometimes being the only reason I get out of bed. Because of Arashi, I really can believe it's a "subarashiki sekai". And because of them, I feel like it's okay to say horribly cheesey things like this. XP

So, because it's ten years, I'm going to make a list of ten things!!

Ant's Top Ten Favourite Arashi Moments! )

[edit] Of course, this list was maximum hard to make, because all Arashi moments are awesome and no doubt I've missed some stuff, so I'd like to know what everyone else thinks and whether you agree/disagree with my list. <3

I have other, non-Arashi things to post about at some point, like Supernatural and Buzzer Beat and how my iTunes is being weird, but today is Arashi day, so that can wait.

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I have a new job! I start on Monday. I haven't left my old job yet, which means I'll be working like 50+ hours a week. Probably won't catch up with LJ any time soon, right? (Unless the internet access at my new job isn't restricted XP)

This is good though. I have been in a state of depression for the last... well, month or so over missing Kokuritsu. Keep having to skip 5x10 on my ipod, because it's embarrassing to cry on the train!! This makes me more determined than ever to get to the Tokyo Dome shows. Am not ruling out various criminal activities for this to happen.

In other news, boys are stupid. Especially cute kitchen boys. Love is over!! Keep telling myself that it's okay, as I'm still in the middle of my journey and sometimes it's okay to take a detour, and even though the canvas can never return to white, I can paint tomorrow in a new colour. It makes me feel somewhat better.

In other, other news, those turtles from this week's Shukudai have left me traumatised!!!


Jun. 5th, 2009 01:33 pm
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I have a laptop cord, yays!! I am so freaking happy. I'd spend the rest of the day faffing on the internets and catching up, only I have to go to work soon. But soon it is school holidays and I'll be able to just INTERNET 24 HOURS A DAY FOR LIKE A MONTH!! HAPPY!!! XD

Also, meme-type thinger )

Anyway, so I downloaded a bunch of stuff on my sister's computer and had an Arashi marathon the other day. I am happy that they're back to the usual routine on Utaban, Riida is so cute when he's being cheeky.

Does the chick from News Zero actually have something wrong with her face? It's kind of loppy, right? So I'm wondering if it's some sort of medical condition or maybe plastic surgery gone wrong or something. Anyway, I'm kind of fond of old Loppy-face now, I used to really dislike her.

Also, I saw this month's Duet, right. Chinen Yuri, he still creeps me the hell out.
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Well, it's not really, but I think I have the swine flu. Or possibly just a mild cold. Either way.

So, you know when you get back from holiday and all you want to do is be on the internetz and catch up with everything you missed? Well, the power cord to my laptop has died. DIED!! It went FIZZLE! POP!! And died. I'm pretty sure the internetz are plotting against me to keep me from all the Arashi treats out there. Anyway, I've hijacked my sister's computer for the night and am downloading a heap of awesome onto it. XD But it will be like weeks before I can afford a new power cord, which is arse.

Anyway, I'll make a handy list of things to note or else I'll forget to post them at all.

Handy List of Things to Note

1. Bought the new single last week on the day it came out. There was a pretty little display with pretty Arashi on it and that made me happy. Also bought the photobook. That is to say, my sister bought the single and photobook for me for my birthday, as I had run out of money long before then. Haven't actually listened to the single yet, because of the dead computer, but it came with stickers, so it was happy anyway.

2. Am swearing off boys. CKB is a big fat stupid and I don't like him anymore, not even a bit, and the hot guy in my Japanese class had a haircut and isn't hot anymore. Pretty sure this is the universe telling me to wait for Ohno Satoshi and/or Nino, right??

3. Have BIG SCARY JAPANESE TEST next week. Was actually too busy faffing off in Japan to study at all, so will possibly fail.

4. All I really want to do is spend the next week in bed with my laptop and reading awesome fic, as that is clearly the best way to get over the swine flu/possible mild cold, and really, couldn't some nice person on the street just hand me a laptop cord instead of me having to go and buy one?

5. There is a new girl dishwasher at my work. She is very fast at washing dishes, but this is because she doesn't treat my dishes with the care they deserve. I don't like her. She also doesn't polish the cutlery properly. Am not at all threatened by her.

6. Started rewriting the Arashi cafe fic on the plane back from Japan. Is starting to be more Nino/dishes than anything else, but it's awesome. XD

7. Everybody looks so freaking hot in the Crazy Moon PV that it's a little scary. Nino is hardly flaily at all and Jun has really pretty hair and I'm pretty sure Riida has found a way to bottle sex and is taking it for breakfast every morning instead of yoghurt. Aiba's outfit doesn't seem to fit with everybody else's, but I kind of like that too. Also, Jun and Sho are dancing in time!! WITH EACH OTHER! WTF is up with that? Arashi, I love you and possibly will forever, but I am missing my dorks and rainbows a little bit.

8. Did I mention that it is freaking cold here? Like, stupidly cold. I am thinking about hibernation. I might go get a hot chocolate and a blanket and turn on the heater and watch my Kokuritsu DVD. That will make the world happy, right?

9. I will stop whining now and go do stuff. When I get my computer working again I will catch up with everything and spending like a week just on LJ and this kind of thing, because I MISS YOU FLIST, I MISS YOU A LOT!!! <33333333

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