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I woke up at 4am again today. WTF, BRAIN, ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME?

Anyway, I spent the time usefully, I went through all my old icons to see which ones I wanted to re-upload. I still have like 50 spots for pretty new icons, yays!

I read some awesome Itachi fics, too. I had a really clever thought about Itachi, like super-smart and insightful, but I forgot what it was. I think he should take up smoking, because that would be hot. That wasn't the clever thought though.

Today was payday, YAY! I went and bought more cupcakes, which make me think about Orochimaru (and I'm blaming you, [ profile] starfishdance!!) in ways that it's probably best not to think about him. I also got the new pills for my Chronic Fatigue, so I took them and ate my cupcake and watched more Death Note.

I'm up to like episode 5 now )

Anyway, I was halfway through episode five when my new drugs kicked in and I was totally sick. [ profile] sandy_phoenix, you know when I was chatting to you and I started to feel all weird and buzzy? I totally ended up curled into a ball on my bed unable to move. It was horrible. I kept going hot and cold and I needed water but I couldn't move to get it. So, I had a nap and then I felt better. I hope these side-effects wear off like, tomorrow.

So, now I still feel a bit shaky and weird, so I'm going to finish watching Death Note and then if I can't sleep, I'll watch the Chuunin exams, and hopefully I won't wake up at 4am again. I want to go and see Juno tomorrow, but if I'm like this again, no way will I be able to. I better be okay by Monday, I'm not missing the Big Day Out for anything!!!
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So, it turns out that I have tonsilitis AS WELL AS GLANDULAR FEVER. How is that even possible? Anyhoo, so I'm going to stay with my mum for a few days so that she can cook for me and I can snuggle with my dog. I shall not have internet.

None of this is really important however. What is important is that I'm in love with a whole new fandom. Yes, during my extended and ridiculous illness I have discovered HORNBLOWER!! And while Ioan Gruffudd is possibly the most beautiful man ever and he has exceptionally fine long-fingered hands, I have to say that it is Archie I love. And the Horatio/Archie.

It pwns me. The epic drama pwns me. The gay sailors pwn me. The nautical terminology pwns me. Heck, even the dorky hats pwn me.

I like to be pwnd.

I am going to dload a whole heap of Hornblower slash so that it will make me recover in the way that no drugs can. (Though, now I really do have the Very Good Drugs.)

So, it would be awesomely awesome if while I'm away, people could spam me, so that when I get home I can reply to all the messages with my pretty new Hornblower icons!!! I have about 80 and they need to be used.

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