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This is the episode where the plot doesn't really thicken, or do much else but hang around in the background all like "I'm here, hello??" while Mary and her fake husbands have various unrelated hijinx. But that's okay, because JGS is still pretty and his hair is still shiny, and in this episode, love really starts to blossom. (Just not for Mary...)

Episode 3 recap - still a bit image heavy but less than previously )
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This episode took me forever, because it was just too adorable and I ended up making something like 400 screencaps, and then they were all too pretty and adorable to cut back and I had to force myself to choose! But I can't be amusing for 400 screencaps, and I think I've learned a valuable life lesson in the process, which is "not every pretty expression JGS makes needs to be captured". Or something.

So, this is the episode in which the plot thickens (or at least begins. Kind of), and... well, not much else, but JGS wears this pretty green cardigan that sets off his prettiness, and that's really all that matters.

In case you missed it click here for episode 1

Episode 2 Recap - about as image heavy as the last one, because I have a will of steel in the face of prettiness - now in HD! )

Episode 3
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The thing about "Mary" is that is just so completely freaking adorable.

You know when you watch the first ten minutes of a show and you fall completely in love? You love it so much you can even overlook glaring plotholes and cliches and things that don't make sense (like Domyouji having amnesia, for example), all those things don't matter, because you're in love, and the only thing that pops your love-bubble is when you run out of episodes. You know that feeling? Well, I feel a bit like that about Mary Stayed Out All Night (sometimes called "Marry Me, Mary", if you're looking for the files or anything, though I don't understand how they translate to be the same thing, really).

My binge on K-dramas came to an abrupt end after the travesty that was "Coffee House". I decided they were all the same, cute beginning, dull middle, nonsensical ending. I was a broken person, and I swore off them forever. But the lure of Jang Geun Suk as an indie rocker was too much, and thus, I was completely sucked in.

Episode 1 recap - somewhat image heavy )

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