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May is awesome so far, and this is why:

1. Bought the Arashi Around Asia DVD for $15!! How super-cheap is that! It is awesome and full of Ohmiya love and Matsujun having pretty hair and OF COURSE SPARKLY COSTUMES!!! There were many awesome moments of Matsujun being pretty and getting cranky with the rest of Arashi for interrupting his hair stylist. And lots of Ohmiya, which made me very happy!!! My Japanese is definitely improving, because I could understand like maybe 4% of what they said. For the rest of it, my sister and I just made up our own dialogue. Like this:

Sho: I am talking about the tour and stuff.
Ohno: If you don't get your hand off Nino's leg, I am going to kill you.
Matsujun: Do you think I look pretty? How is my hair?

2. $246 flights to Japan!!! THAT IS INSANELY CHEAP! AND A SECOND PERSON GETS TO FLY FOR $4!!! YES, FOUR DOLLARS!!! This means we are going in Oct/Nov this year instead of some time next year! DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW EXCITED I AM??? We are going to book our flights this afternoon! XDDDDDD

3. I am almost finished chapter 3 of my novel! GO ME! I AM AWESOME!

4. I've been so super-good this past week that I am not banned from ANYTHING!!! [ profile] starfishdance, if you're around later tonight, I will be on MSN - I HAVE MISSED YOU!!!

5. I bought a SPARKLY PINK BERET and it is awesome! Because it's sparkly. And pink.

6. Did I mention how excited I am about the Japan thing?? Because I'm insanely excited!

7. Tonight I am going to see my footy team play and WE ARE NOT GOING TO LOSE ANOTHER GAME THIS YEAR! I was a bit nervous because I took my lucky cups to the Geelong game a few weeks ago and we still lost, but now I've figured out that it's my Astro Boy underpants that make us win, and nothing to do with the lucky cups at all!! I HAVE THIS TOTALLY SORTED!

8. I think there was other stuff, but I'm too excited about the Japan thing to think of it.

I've been really slack with LJ this week. I tried to catch up with my flist, but it's possible I've missed stuff. If so, do tell me!!! I am also very behind on all my shows and various fandom stuffs. Possibly, one day I'll catch up.

Okay, now I'll meme. Can meme be used as a verb, anyway???

Reply to this post with the first word that comes to your mind when you look at the userpic of the person who replied before you.

1st person comments with the first word that comes to their mind when they look at my userpic.
2nd person comments with the first word that comes to their mind when they look at the 1st person's userpic.
3rd person comments on the 2nd peron's userpic..etc..

~ don't worry about deleting or editing your comment if someone commented at the same time as you, just continue on with the last userpic you see.

~ make a NEW comment each time, don't reply directly to the person above you!
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I am going to make little sub-headings for this post, because it's something different than my usual bullet points!!! Also, I shall also provide handy reference links to pretty pictures!!

LJ, wtf?

I didn't recieve any LJ comment notifications all day yesterday and I was feeling distinctly unloved, but then I checked the LJ homepage thinger and I had a whole bunch!!! WTF, LJ?? Is this happening to everyone else or is it just my email being weird??? Anyway, I will reply to those ones, but comments on other people's pages I can't see, so I can't reply to. I AM NOT BEING RUDE, I JUST DON'T KNOW!!!

Weird Dreams, wtf?

On Friday night I had a dream that [ profile] starfishdance and I lived next door to Yamapi. I was very excited about this, but my mother was all "Yamapi is annoying, every time I try to hang the washing on the line, he comes and talks to me and I can't get away from him". I went to get my laptop out of the car, because Jin, Matsujun and Hey! Say! JUMP were coming over so we could all workshop our novels, and Yamapi started talking to me about this Lord of the Rings RPG I was playing. He was very sweet and wearing this cardigan thing, but he really wouldn't stop talking to me, and I had to go and tidy up because I didn't want Matsujun** to think I was a messy slob. I think really, Yamapi just wanted us all to read his novel as well.

I would really rather read Yamapi's novel than HSJ's!!

[ profile] starfishdance, I think this dream probably directly relates to the conversation we were having on Friday night, no?

Then last night, I dreamed that I was Akanishi Jin's girlfriend. I don't normally have awesome dreams like this. He was like the perfect boyfriend, all lovable and caring and bringing me coffees! And he kept doing this cute smile I went on tour with KAT-TUN, but I don't actually remember KT-TUN being there because I only had eyes for Jin (and his incredibly sexy bottom lip)!! Then I had to go to school, at which point my dream changed and I was married to Matsujun, who was also my teacher. I was running late because I had to rearrange all the furniture in our bedroom, and when I got to school I was really upset because Jason Akermanis (very annoying AFL player who has stupid opinions on things) was sitting in my seat. It was upsetting because it was a special seat next to Matsujun because we were married, but I think really it was because of all the annoying stuff that happened yesterday (which I won't get into but involved random people being either mean to me or acting just plain weird, the angst over the footy and the apparent lack of LJ love). So, I punched Akermanis in the face and he ran away. I felt really bad and went outside, but then Matsujun came out and gave me hugs and I felt better. Then when I woke up, all my annoyance about yesterday was gone!!! MATSUJUN HUGS REALLY DO HAVE CURATIVE POWERS!

Other weird dreams I've had lately include getting bitten by this snake, whose poison made you incredibly happy and all you wanted to do was party until the poison killed you, and going to this carnival thing with Ikuta Toma. The carnival was actually some doomsday trap thing, and Toma was like an evil genius or something, but I foiled him because we were talking about Gokusen 3 and he was saying how he had it on DVD, and I was like "A-HA, Ikuta Toma! This is clearly a trap, because Gokusen 3 is still being shown on the telly!" and then the world was saved by my GENIUS POWERS OF DEDUCTIVE REASONING!

Footy, wtf?

Anyway, so yesterday (in RL and not my weird dreams) I went to the Adelaide vs Carlton game. This was very awesome because we had great seats and Adelaide won and at the end of the game we got hand-slaps from all the Adelaide players as they ran around the ground. Though, at the end it rained and now I think I have a cold.

Then I met up with my nephew, because I had to go to his house to watch the Saints game on Foxtel. It was the most frustrating game EVER, we didn't even kick a goal in the first quarter and I was very annoyed and depressed. It was doubly annoying because I really hate Port Adelaide with a fiery passion and wanted us to beat them by like 700 points. Also, they were very rough and unfair and some ugly Port bastard put out his arms and coathangered my Lenny around the neck! This guy seriously better never meet me in a dark alley, because I'm out for his blood!!! My Lenny looked beautiful though, he's done something different with his hair and it was all ruffled up and very awesome!!

But the game was very depressing!

** Most of the Matsujun pics are just linked to my LJ scrapbook preview thinger because they are stupidly big. If you want the stupidly big pics to keep forever because they are so pretty, just click on the picture to biggen them. XD
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It was one of those days where nothing actually bad happened, just a bunch of really annoying small things.

Things that sucked about today

1. Downloaded the Arashi "Time" concert and then the files wouldn't work!!! angst rating: 5/5

2. Did all my washing up, only to realise after I was done that I'd missed a bunch of stuff. angst rating: 2/5

3. My pen fell behind the couch, which meant I had to move my bookcase, so that I could move my couch to get it. angst rating: 3/5

4. Fell asleep for the whole afternoon and therefore got nothing done. angst rating: 3/5

5. Nearly to the next part of Phoenix Wright when the DS suddenly died for no reason. angst rating: 4/5

6. Randomly dropping stuff/other klutziness. angst rating: 3/5

Went to Alphabet City for dinner, which was okay. It's kind of depressing without my coffee boy though.

Came home and chatted to [ profile] starfishdance, which cheered me up immeasurably. We thought up fake subs for KAT-TUN's Lips PV, which we may post some day, if we ever work out how to actually sub something.

Now, meme!!

Post a comment giving me a compliment and I will do the same in return.

Yay for feeling the love and all that.
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Okay, this may not seem like much to other people, but keep in mind that I have Chronic Fatigue, and normally going for a 30 minute walk a day is my limit!!!


* Went to the football. It was Saints vs Bulldogs, so I was meeting my old housemate, who just got married to this gorgeous Korean girl, and I can't figure out why, because he's such a big lump of idiot!! They seem very happy though. Her cousins also came and my nephew. My nephew and my old housemate made stupid puns all through the game and kept trying to squish me because I was sitting between them. It was a game full of laughs. Except for the part where my team played TERRIBLY for the last three quarters and lost. That part really sucked.

* Finished watching Honey & Clover. Pretty much the most annoying j-drama ever. Except for Toma, Toma was good. But that GIRL WHO IS SUPPOSED TO BE A GENIUS ARTIST AND HER PAINTINGS SUCK? I KIND OF HATE HER. Has anyone else seen it? What do you think?

* Being kind of depressed about my team, I spent half the night downloading Arashi interviews and variety shows. It made me very happy!! And now I have many things to post in my Arashi post, which I will make later.


* Watched Kimi wa Petto )

* Took a break from that to go see Duran Duran and Smashing Pumpkins at V Festival )

* Came home and finished watching Kimi wa Petto. What an awesome day!


* So tired and very sick! Can barely move!

* Started watching Gokusen 2 )

* Went to see Nick Cave: In Conversation )

* It was my coffee boy's last night of work )

Golly, I start Japanese classes today and I'm running late!! I probably had more things to say, but I'd better go!!! <3
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I have absolutely nothing to post about, I just really wanted to use this icon.

Erm... I will post random stuff in point form!!

1. So it's April, but I don't want to turn over my calendar, because March was pretty Uchiha month. April is Neji, Lee, Shika and Kiba, which is kind of weird because IT IS SORT OF FOLLOWING THE MANGA! WAS THIS PLANNED???

2. Today I made plans to go to the football with my ex-housemate on Friday. My randomly-inappropriate-ex-boyfriend was going to come, but now he's not. I'm kind of relieved.

3. Tomorrow is payday! This is awesome because I have no food. I'm not exaggerating when I say this. Well, I have butter, but that's not really good on its own.

4. Last night [ profile] starfishdance and I wrote badfic! Akame badfic! It is super-awesome, Kame and Jin discover that they are BROTHERS and they are heartbroken because they are also LOVERS!! IT IS TRAGICAL AND AWESOME, but I think we kind of failed in a way because it's not nearly as bad as some of the Akame badfic that isn't written for the LOLZ.

5. I can't stop watching this Arashi video where they're playing this game and Matsujun keeps getting punished and they make him wear a stocking over his head and do stupid dances and things. IT'S LIKE THE MOST AWESOME THING EVER! I really need to marry him.

6. I should totally do some writing but I think I'll probably plan Final Fantasy XII instead.

7. Speaking of writing, I am going to write this awesome JE fic where all the bands live together on this street and have wacky hijinx. Jin and Yamapi will send secret messages to each other from their bedroom windows and Arashi will randomly prank people. It's going to be awesome.

8. I also have to write KAT-TUN VS NEWS FIC for [ profile] starfishdance, wherein they are rival gangs, but both are secretly controlled by Johnny. BUT JIN AND YAMAPI BRING EVERYONE TOGETHER WITH LOVE!

9. Also, I haven't forgotten that I promised everyone drabbles from way back in this post. There are still a few to be claimed if anyone is interested.

10. My coffee boy is leaving on Sunday. I want to make him a nice present, because I give everyone else stuff, but I don't know what to make him. I was going to make him a paper mache Mischa Barton, because he loves her, but then I decided it was way too much work.

11. I want to make Matsujun picspam post, but I'm feeling way too lazy. Maybe next post I will.

12. Because he's awesome.
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It's been a week since I posted!! My last however many posts have all started with things like "I lose at LJ" and "I've been too sick to post" so I'll skip over all that, because it's kind of obvious anyway. LOL, THOUGH I JUST KIND OF SAID IT, I'M SUCH A SPAZZ!!

Anyway, here is a prettily formatted list of my past week.

A Week of Ant

* went to the football. My team played like crap but we won anyway.

* went to the football again. My sister and nephew's team lost, but it was a good game.

* was way too exhausted from going to 2 games of football and couldn't get out of bed for days.

* Got my sister addicted to Japanese dramas.

* Had a fight with my sister because she said Domyouji > Sawada Shin. I said Shin's shiny hair of love > EVERYTHING.

* To which she replied "Humingyay. Read the book."

* She won.

* I tried painting my nails all fancy with different coloured stripes. It looked stupid so I picked it off.

* Then I slept some more.

* Today I had to go to the doctor, so I called this morning to see what time and they said 9am. I got there and they were like "no, your appointment is at 1". I was annoyed.

* My sister just came home from work sick and she is full of awesome ideas to get money for us to go to Japan. Yay!!

* She's also going to pay for Japanese classes for my birthday! Double yay!!!

* I have to go to the stupid doctor again now.

* When I come back I still attempt to catch up with my flist.


Feb. 14th, 2008 05:59 pm
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Happy Valentine's Day! I feel like I should do something for it, like a meme or something...


If you reply to this post, then I'll tell you in five words or less why I think you're awesome!!!

I am so freaking hungry.

how Ant intends to cure Chronic Fatigue - WITH STATIONERY!!!! )

Also, so [ profile] starfishdance can get her revenge, I will do this meme.

Name three Anime Characters.
I have to pick one to push off a cliff, one to marry, and one to have sex with.
Do it as many times as you want.
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So, yesterday I went to the Big Day Out and it was freaking awesome!

We got there about 4pm, because I do have chronic fatigue, and it is a big day :P We wandered around for a while and saw a girl dressed as a panda and another two girls dressed as penguins! They must have been sweltering. Watched a bit of Billy Bragg, then went to get our spot for Arcade Fire. Watched Grinspoon, who were Grinspoony as usual. Phillip wore pretty hair clips and goofy glasses and did silly dances, and they were full of rock, as usual.

Anyway, Arcade Fire OMG! They were... I have no words! EPICALLY BRILLIANT, maybe. The girl, what's her name? Régine Chassagne? I have such a girl-crush on her. She played every instrument on stage and sang in the megaphone and danced around like an idiot and she was wonderful! She wore this pink dress with sparkly things and silver boots and I just want to be her! They had a whole bunch of people on stage, violinists and a brass section and a guy who played football helmets and things, which you'd think would make it a bit novelty, you know, but it didn't, it was just awesome! I was very moved in 'Intervention' and 'Tunnels', because all the crowd were singing along and it was just one of those special moments you have.

I think they were maybe the best band I've ever seen.

Then silverchair were on, so we went to get food. Seriously, Daniel Johns, what have you done to yourself? You used to be so hot and now you look like that guy from that band Everclear in the 90s. And all that rock-posturing is lame. I am disappointed. Anyway, I got some awesome chicken strips, and I couldn't think of that the song they were playing was and neither could the people in the line behind us, so we ended up having a nice little sing-a-long in the food line until we realised it was 'The Greatest View'.

Bjork was next. I don't know, I like Bjork well enough, but her song choice was a bit boring. It was cool when she shot streamers out her arms though. We went to get our place for Rage Against the Machine. A bunch of guys climbed trees, which was funny. Anyway, the crowd got crazy-big and I decided that I needed to sit down and that I would really prefer to see LCD Soundsystem instead, so I left. Getting through the crowd was CRAZY, but everyone was really nice and I met some friendly people on my way. :D

LCD Soundsystem were great. I was really tired and achy, so I sat just outside the Boiler Room and watched all the people dancing and the pretty sparkly lights and mirror balls and screens and whatnot. It was relaxing and perfect. There were these girls outside crazy-dancing like on that Fatboy Slim video, which was entertaining. I didn't realise how great that guy's voice was until he started singing 'New York, I Love You'.

Then I went to see Paul Kelly for a bit, because it seemed like the Aussie thing to do, and then made my way to where I had to meet my sister near the exit. Luckily I was in time to see RATM's encore. 'Killing in the Name Of' was freaking awesome, especially as I was far back enough to see the whole crowd of however many thousand people going crazy, with this dust-mist over them that reflected the stage lights.

When we were leaving everyone was lovely and chatty too. It was such a great atmosphere. All in all, it was the best BDO ever. YAY!
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I've had a crappy couple of days. First up, my freezer EXPLODED! Only, I didn't realise it was my freezer and the power kept shutting off for the whole house. Anyway, so that sucked.

Then my TOOTH CHIPPED. And it was a front tooth and now I will have to go to the dentist and that sucks too.

Other crap stuff happened too, but I don't remember what. Anyway, I was in a bad mood, so I read Animehead's The Nerd and that cheered me up, somewhat. I love how Naruto is the popular guy with all the fangirls and Sasuke is, well, a nerd. It's hilarious.

Went to the doctor today. She wants me to try this drug that will make me less Chronically Fatigued, but will have other side effects that sound icky. I guess I'll give it a go.

So, I started watching Death Note, because everyone says it's awesome, and you know what? They were TOTALLY RIGHT! I've only watched the first two episodes, which is about where I've read up to in the manga as well AND I NEED MORE OMG! I'd post my thoughts on it, but I don't have anything interesting to say, as yet.

I need sleep.
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So, last night I went to get a coffee at the cafe around the corner and they gave me a BED instead. That was awesome for two reasons. One, I haven't had a bed in like two years and have just been sleeping on a mattress on the floor, and two, I didn't really feel like a coffee. I had cake instead. Cake + Bed = Happy.

Course, it meant I had to spend all day today rejiggering my furniture but it was worth it.

I have been rewatching Naruto, the Country of the Wave arc. I have thoughts about it, but I'll thoughtfully put them behind a cut, as I realise nobody really cares.


I wish I had cake now.
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I feel like I should update, as I haven't posted since October, but I don't really have much interesting to say.

So, mainly, I've been watching anime. I finished watching Naruto, then I watched Ouran High School Host Club, which was the most awesome thing to ever awesome. Then I watched Bleach and Fruits Basket. I still love Naruto best though, the crazy little ball of ninja angst. I tried watching Avatar but it seemed a bit lame. I might finish at some point but probably not, because next I want to watch Death Note and Gravitation and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

What else have I done??? Um... I beat Final Fantasy X!!! Yes, I'm awesome, only like 5 years after the rest of the world. I had a bit of trouble with Seymour on the mountaintop, that blue fuck, but then I just leveled up a bunch and was fine from there. Am now playing FFXII but don't like it as much. Vaan is kind of gay and nowhere near as awesome as Tidus. I like Basch though, and Balthier.

Had a good Christmas. My nephew gave me an INFLATABLE TARDIS, which is FREAKING AWESOME! I can sit inside it with my blanket and read my book.

Read the Supernatural book, the one where they're at the Grand Canyon. It was LAME and very OOC. It made me weep tears of blood for its badness. On the other hand, the new eps of the actual show are SUPER-AWESOME, if only we didn't have to wait like ten years between each one.

My sister and I also watched all 9 seasons of X-Files. I have many things to say about it, only they've probably been said by everyone else ten years ago, so I won't bother. I am in love with Scully's boobs though. They are some fantastic boobs.

I've been to the movies a bit, on account of it's air-conditioned and it's crazy hot here. I saw The Darjeeling Limited, which I loved for all, The Golden Compass, which was nowhere near as good as the book, and Atonement, which I HATED WITH THE PASSION OF 1000 FIERY SUNS. Somebody give Keira Knightley a burger, STAT!

I think that's all the news from Antland. I really don't have a life, so much.


Aug. 16th, 2007 09:39 am
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So, my phone company are a bunch of total ARSEFACES and I have not got a phone atm. I am going with a new phone company now but it will take as much as THREE WEEKS, which means I will be totally internetless this time. OMG, how many times have I been internetless already this year???

On the plus side, I wrote like 15,000 words of my novel in the past week, but still I WANT MY INTERNETS OMG!

Plz to be spamming me with love, flist, so that when I return I don't feel all lonesome and sad!

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I still haven't posted a reaction post to last week's Supernatural. This is mainly because I cannot say anything that hasn't been said and really it would just be a massive OMG AWESOME, and then a bit of OMG OMG OMG I LOVE THEM! Possibly ending with some OMG HOW CAN I WAIT A WHOLE MONTH. I plan on rewatching the whole lot again from the start during hiatus and will probably say clever things as I go.

Anyway, so Prison Break?

Once again I lose with the Death Tipping )

And HEROES??? )

Anyway, in other news, I am changing ISPs and as of probably tomorrow I won't have the internets for a week or two. Tragic, I know, but I figure it's a good time with my show on hiatus and all. I'm going to spend the rest of today saving fanfic into word docs so I can read when I am cut off, so if ANYBODY HAS ANY RECS PLEASE LET ME KNOW BECAUSE I AM GOING TO BE BONE DRY OF FIC! Also, if anything important happens, like Jared and Jensen announce their Big Love to the world or we get renewed for a third season, PLEASE COMMENT AND TELL ME! Or just comment anyway so that when I come back online I feel loved.

OMG I AM GOING TO MISS YOU ALL VERY MUCH!!! (Though I will probably be back tomorrow.)

Also, JARED BASHING IS FROM THE DEVIL! The fandom is lovely and I hope something like this doesn't turn it into a wankfest. He's busy making our show, so that's a good thing, right? (Says the girl who had no hope of going to Fangoria anyway.)
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i just almost choked on a souvlaki. death by garlic sauce would be the worst way to go ever. (except for maybe death by coffee withdrawal, which almost took my young and fragile life yesterday.)

so, anyway, tv? best invention ever. internets that mean you don't have to wait months to see the tv? even more awesome.

Heroes - 1x14 (in bullet points because complete sentences are for people who are smart enough not to be killed by garlic sauce )

Prison Break - 2x16 (also in bullet form) )

Supernatural - a question that is TOTALLY SPOILER FREE )

On the RL front, does anyone know how to convincingly fake their own death? I am open to all suggestions.

And finally [ profile] darkdean, because [ profile] vichan is awesome!!!

I'm awesome

Feb. 5th, 2007 03:03 am
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I have been slack with LJ comments and whatnot the last few days, because I've been OMG actually writing. I swear I'll catch up with everything tomorrow, but right now it's 3am and I'm basking in the glow of my fully-edited and pretty much awesomely finished chapter one. It's over 15,000 words, which is possibly kind of excessive but I'm not thinking about that right now.

My main character is turning into Jared Padalecki. I'm having trouble seeing this as a bad thing, however.
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Sometimes I'm struck by just how ridiculously simple my life is. I mean, there are times my brain gets in and messes it all up, but if I ignore my brain then everything is pretty dandy.

Most days, I wake up. There are some days I don't, but most days I wake up, generally to my sister banging on my door saying if I don't wake up soon then the breakfast menu will be finished at Alphabet City, which is the cafe around the corner. So I'll get up pretty grumpy and get dressed (because showering before coffee is unnatural) and we'll go to Alphabet City and that is awesome.

I don't think I've posted about Alphabet City before. It's this old terrace and inside there are all mismatched couches and comfy chairs with local artwork on the walls, and I guess that has the potential to be right wanky, only it's not because the artwork is all like evil fairies and pretty spiral shapes and whatnot. We always sit out the back in the courtyard though, at table 44. It's kind of like someone has just arranged all tables in their backyard and that is awesome, but the most awesome thing of all is that... well, it's a place where everybody knows your name. And they're always glad you came.

Like, you walk in the door and they have already taken your order because we always get the same thing (1 soy latte, 1 skinny latte and 2 choco-nana balls), and then we have a bit of a chat with the waitress and with the owners, Mark and Lara. Mark and Lara are the best people ever. Lara has been pregnant for about ten years. She was due on Christmas Day and on Christmas Eve she was still working behind the counter, and I saw her a couple of days ago (they're shut over New Year) and she still hadn't had it. She's pretty amused about it. Mark always comes and sits with us out the back and has a little chat, generally about how many choco-nana balls we've eaten and whether he needs to order more, but sometimes about other stuff too. Mark and Lara give us free stuff, but we feel kind of bad taking it on account of they're trying to run a business.

Anyway, so we'll go there and generally edit our novels or do workshopping or sometimes just read magazines and laugh at the funniness of the world (Courtney Love is helping Pete Doherty through rehab omgzwtflolz) and sometimes we have eggs for breakfast but sometimes we are too poor so we just have coffee and choco-nana balls.

Then we'll come home and I'll either bum around on the internets for a bit or I'll do some writing and that's pretty dandy.

After dinner my sister and I have been watching our stories. Usually 'Supernatural' because we're in love with the Winchesters, but sometimes 'Heroes' or other things too. We've just watched 'Supernatural' seasons 1 and 2 twice over, so now we've moved onto 'Prison Break' because my sister hasn't seen it and we're on this whole 'brothers who hug' kick. Sam and Dean would totally kick Michael and Linc's arses, just for the record.

Anyway, so after one episode of 'brothers who hug', we'll generally want coffee/snacks/strawberry Big M's, so we'll go up to the Star Mart on the hill. This is always fraught with danger, as it's very hard to get a decent parking spot in our street and even harder to keep it. Nonetheless, we brave the mean streets of Northcote and go up the hill.

The same guy always is working at the Star Mart. His name is Amit and he is my secret boyfriend. He always tells us we should shop at Safeway because you can buy things in a four-pack there for the same price, but I think he likes it when we go see him. We are totally his favourite customers. He always sells my sister the cigarettes with the least offensive warning label on them. He says he is at the Star Mart so often that he even sleeps there, but I think he doesn't even sleep. He is like the Superman of convenience stores.

Sometimes when we watch our 'brothers who hug' stories we also draw pictures but sometimes we just watch them, or paint our nails or whatevs. Then it will get late so my sister will go to bed and I will spend more time on the internets, but mostly I don't write after the stories because my brain is all some place else. Sometimes I watch other stories that I don't share with my sister, like Doctor Who or The Office or whatever.

And there are some variables, of course, like Doctors and Bad Days and Visits from Friends and Trips to the Market, but mostly that is my life. The thing is though, that a lot of the time I have The Blues, like my life is so much full of arse, but really it's not. It's just that it's a simple life and maybe I'm not used to that and it's not what I expected, but it's not bad. Not bad at all.
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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Hello, we are Sam and Dean Fishchester and we are here to tell you about our day of dandy adventures!

Our Day of Dandy Adventures! )
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My sister's friend, David, says that the U's come up as V's on my LJ. Of course my sister's friend, David, also says that eggs are baby chickens that never got the chance to grow up, so I'm not fully confident in his opinion.

So, what is it? Is it a font thing? Is it a layout thing? Does Ant have issues with spelling? Or is David just a nutjob? You decide!!

(Of course, I realise that if it's not a David-is-crazy thing, anyone reading this won't be able to tell the U's from the V's, so by 'U' I mean the letter after 'T' in the alphabet, and by 'V' I mean the letter after 'U'. U like the word 'you'.)
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Okay, so as part of my whole 'getting into a routine so my brain is less crazy' experiment, I am trying to post on LJ every day. Of course, I do nothing with my life but sit about staring into space, which isn't terribly interesting, so I shall find random other things to post about. Today, it is the place where I live.

The Sharehouse of DOOM! (Or, Tales from the Hovel)

There are four people who live in my house, including myself.

Me - as you already know, I rock. My room is the very front room. I have a big bay window but haven't got around to getting curtains, so I just have these shower curtains that are pink with flying geese on them. I kind of like them, and because my window has a gap at the top, the curtains are functional as well as decorative. My room is the only room with carpet, and that's good because the floorboards have cracks in them and I think there are things living under the house. My walls are green and that makes me happy.

My Sister - she lives in the room across the hall. Sometimes she bugs me, but mostly she is okay. She hates other people in the house and gets a bit cranky if they do annoying stuff, like breathing. She is plotting to kill the other housemates and I am starting to wonder if she's kidding or not.

She likes to make up songs about things and do little dances. She's especially fond of roadtrips to Torquay in the summer, but mainly when the A/C in the car is working. I don't think she particularly likes pina coladas or long walks in the rain though.

Noel - stinky old man in the room next to me. He has prostate trouble and keeps us all aware of this by never flushing the toilet. He is like one of those packrat people you see on Sixty Minutes or something where he has so much crap in his room, just stacked up on each other, and now he's started storing it in the hallway. He has three cars outside, but he doesn't drive them, he just uses them to store his crap. It's not even useful crap, it's like offcuts of wood and empty containers and shit like that.

Sometimes he does 'handy' stuff around the house, like grindsawing outside your bedroom window early in the morning for no apparent reason (and of course he leaves the chopped up bits of stuff in the hall), but never seems to do anything useful, like changing the lightglobes, cleaning up his dirty dishes or buying his own toilet paper.

Yesterday he was walking around the house without his shirt on, and he has no belly button.

Richie - creepy stoner guy. He lives in the room next to Noel, across the hall from my sister. Richie works for our landlord, but I think he may have got the sack. He looks like a stoner straight from 1992, and may actually be Jay from Clerks' secret brother. He only comes home about once a week, and when he does he brings noisy friends who talk very loud all night. When he comes home our food goes missing out of the cupboard, though it's inconclusive as to whether Richie takes it or if it's Noel blaming it on Richie.

One time, Richie was in the bathroom for 20 minutes and when my sister went in there later, his porn mag was still on the sink. We laughed a lot.

Dead Zoe - Zoe used to live in the back room, next to my sister. One day we were chatting la la la about house things and the next day her creepy thug boyfriend was here "getting her stuff" because she was moving out. She never came to get any of her stuff, and he didn't take anything like her clothing or underwear, furniture, books or anything a person would take (because you can't not go snooping in her room when something like this happens), and we never saw her again.

The wheelie bin was very heavy after they left and we strongly suspect that pieces of Zoe were in it, but we cannot be sure, because we didn't actually look.

Since Zoe "moved out", strange ppl keep coming to the house looking for her. One time a guy actually walked right in and was snooping around. One guy tried to sell me drugs, one guy tried to chat me up and all of them ask weird questions and contradict themselves. In the weeks before Zoe's disappearance, people kept coming to the house with strange packages for her.

We suspect that either Zoe stole someone's drugs/drug money, she was in witness protection or she's actually trapped under the house living on rats and things, but we may never know.

One thing everyone in the house agrees on (except Richie because he's never here) is that something fishy is going on.

The Landlords - dodgy, dodgy folks. You know those self-made kind of middle-aged tradie guys who think they're so awesome because they have money now, and that gives them the right to be rude to everyone, because they have employees? Well, that's Mick, our landlord. He lays carpet and thinks he rules the carpet world. He comes in once every couple of months, looks around the house, makes rude comments, tells us we don't pay him enough to live in this hovel and then leaves.

Caitlin is his daughter. She comes around every so often to get the rent. Sometimes she forgets and she always loses the reciept book and tries to make out like you owe more than you do. I keep my reciepts in a safe place now. She's studying business at Catholic college and would probably be fairly inoffensive if she didn't keep waking me up to give her money. She's pretty much her father's hench-bimbo.

Mick's dad actually owns the house, and we think they're just waiting for the old guy to die so they can tear down the house and build flats. We think that Mick's dad hasn't told the pension people he owns this house, because they're always very cagey about signing forms and giving out any information at all.

The House - would be very nice if anyone had ever spent any money on it. It's an old Victorian house with bay windows and high ceilings and polished floorboards and amazing fireplaces. We have this great wooden decking out the back and a huge yard, but Noel has all his paint stuff on the decking and clothes soaking in buckets, and the garden is a terrifying jungle.

Because it's such a weird set-up, with the landlords renting out each room seperately and being so dodgy about it, people who live here are also a little dodgy and skip out on their rent and things, and they tend to leave stuff behind, so the lounge room and back porch and laundry are full of stuff people have left behind. Couches and tables and one of those ugly posters where Marilyn Monroe and Elvis and James Dean are all sitting at a bar. The lounge room is painted orange. The window in the bathroom won't close at the top, so it's always very cold in there.

It's on a very busy street and my room is right at the front so all day and all night there are cars playing doof-doofy music and people talking and other loud things. Around the corner are the High Street shops, with many nifty things like the bakehouse with awesome cupcakes and the bar with friendly lesbians and our very favourite ever cafe with choco-nana balls and the loveliest waiters ever, but more about that another day.

And that is the place where I live.
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Yays! I have a pretty new Vox account. See, isn't it pretty!!! Only, I don't really know anyone much on Vox. I've friended [ profile] slumber and [ profile] jetsam_porridge and [ profile] thethirdbar already (I've made you guys my family too, because I love you terribly), but I don't know anyone else. Please be my friend!

I also have three invites if anyone wants them.

While I think of it, I have a account as well, which I need friends and stuff on. rocks. Be my music buddy!!!

Please make me feel popular and loved and stuff!!!

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