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I've kind of been having a birthweek instead of a birthday. Had drinks on Friday night, wherein most of my friends bailed on me with lame excuses like food poisoning and mixing up the days, but it was fun anyway.

For the rest of the weekend, I recovered and watched "You're Beautiful", which was awesome and hilarious. And now I have a mini-crush on Jang Geun Seok. He's going to be playing Matsujun in the Korean version of Kimi wa Petto, apparently??? I've used up all my internets for the month, but when I get it back I'm going to watch Hong Gil Dong. My dog has decided she loves Korean dramas, they are the thing that finally coaxed her inside!!!

Spent my actual birthday taking my dog to the vet (she has a sore eye like me, it has done much for our bonding process), and then to the eye hospital for myself (just for the "OK, you're not going to end up blind"), which was okay because my friend Drew went with me to keep me company and drive in case I couldn't see after they experimented on me. We had a nice lunch and then I had awesome donburi with my sister and watched the "First Kiss in Odaiba" episode of D no Arashi. My mother and other sister are coming tomorrow from interstate and we shall have birthday dinner and things like that. It shall be swell.

Also!! [ profile] jadenmd wrote me birthday Ohmiya fic!!, which is like the ultimate of gifts that keep on giving, right! ♥ And [ profile] mutekinonna gave me an awesome virtual pair of glitterati sunglasses (I kind of want them for real!!), and [ profile] sandy_phoenix sent me an awesome e-card. Thus proving once again that online people are totes more awesome than RL people!! XP

I am so much meme fail, I'm more than a week behind on this!!!

30-Day Arashi Challenge

day 05 - Favorite AnS Moment

Well, obviously I am human and can't possibly pick just one moment. I mean, we're talking about the greatest show in the history of television (except for maybe D no Arashi), but I have managed to narrow it down to a Best Three.

Ant's Top 3 Shukudai Moments - warnings for excessive picspam and Sho!fail, spoilers for random Shukudai episodes )

day 06 - Favorite Member Engrish

Nice Beam. Nice Final Beam.

day 07 - Quote from a Non-Single Song (Album and B-side only)

From "Arashi no Mae no Shizukesa":

Hitogomi ni magirete bokutachi wa jellyfish
Mogaki ashita e yume wo mite iru ai wo sagashite mata oyogu

We are jellyfish slipped into a crowd of people
Seeing our dreams wiggling into tomorrow, we search for love and swim again

It has everything a quote from an Arashi song needs - random English and a message about creating a brighter future!!!

day 08 - A Sho picture you can’t take your eyes off

It's not letting me resize this for some reason.

But trust me, it's worth the click on the cut )

day 09 - Favorite Arashi PV

I wanted to be different and not pick this, but anything else would be a lie.


This is the happiest thing in the universe. I mean, they're dancing on rainbows!! There's layers to the happiness this PV brings me. (Though, Jun's spazzy chibi SURPRISE face made Kimi no Tame ni Boku ga Iru a close second.)

day 10 - Whatever tickles your fancy


This doesn't need any words, right??

I should be up to day 13, but I'll catch up on the rest tomorrow, or else it's just taking all the fun out of it!!
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So, I spent the best part of yesterday in the emergency room with my broken eye. I'd always thought that tooth pain was the worst sort of pain, but tooth pain in your eye, that is so much worse!! I had nothing to eat all day because they thought they might have to cut my brain open, but then the pretty eye doctor came and let me have a sandwich. I feel much better today.

Then I got home from the hospital and watched the Monster PV 247 times, so the day wasn't a total loss. Except that I feel like a douchebag because I have to keep wearing dark glasses everywhere.

Today I got my new dog. ♥ She is lovely but at the moment she is way more interested in my backyard than in me. It has a variety of different smells, which I apparently don't, but I suppose that's a good thing. We are trying to rename her "Masaki", but so far, she's ignoring us unless we have treats.

30-Day Arashi Challenge

day 03 - An Ohno picture you can’t take your eyes off

title or description

It was so hard to pick just one picture, because I just love looking at him. Sometimes he looks so goofy, and sometimes he's just so damn cute, but when he really wants to, he just turns on that darn switch and becomes the sexiest man on the planet. Those freaking hips, I swear to God, one day they'll kill me!!

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