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I haven't posted in TWENTY SEVEN YEARS because I've been terribly ill and that is a boring thing to post about. I am still terribly ill, but want to say stuff about Heroes.

I have 12 things to say about this weeks Heroes )

That was very exhausting. I am going to nap now, so I can wake up and watch Prison Break and the Black Donnellys. Yays.
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I still haven't posted a reaction post to last week's Supernatural. This is mainly because I cannot say anything that hasn't been said and really it would just be a massive OMG AWESOME, and then a bit of OMG OMG OMG I LOVE THEM! Possibly ending with some OMG HOW CAN I WAIT A WHOLE MONTH. I plan on rewatching the whole lot again from the start during hiatus and will probably say clever things as I go.

Anyway, so Prison Break?

Once again I lose with the Death Tipping )

And HEROES??? )

Anyway, in other news, I am changing ISPs and as of probably tomorrow I won't have the internets for a week or two. Tragic, I know, but I figure it's a good time with my show on hiatus and all. I'm going to spend the rest of today saving fanfic into word docs so I can read when I am cut off, so if ANYBODY HAS ANY RECS PLEASE LET ME KNOW BECAUSE I AM GOING TO BE BONE DRY OF FIC! Also, if anything important happens, like Jared and Jensen announce their Big Love to the world or we get renewed for a third season, PLEASE COMMENT AND TELL ME! Or just comment anyway so that when I come back online I feel loved.

OMG I AM GOING TO MISS YOU ALL VERY MUCH!!! (Though I will probably be back tomorrow.)

Also, JARED BASHING IS FROM THE DEVIL! The fandom is lovely and I hope something like this doesn't turn it into a wankfest. He's busy making our show, so that's a good thing, right? (Says the girl who had no hope of going to Fangoria anyway.)
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i just almost choked on a souvlaki. death by garlic sauce would be the worst way to go ever. (except for maybe death by coffee withdrawal, which almost took my young and fragile life yesterday.)

so, anyway, tv? best invention ever. internets that mean you don't have to wait months to see the tv? even more awesome.

Heroes - 1x14 (in bullet points because complete sentences are for people who are smart enough not to be killed by garlic sauce )

Prison Break - 2x16 (also in bullet form) )

Supernatural - a question that is TOTALLY SPOILER FREE )

On the RL front, does anyone know how to convincingly fake their own death? I am open to all suggestions.

And finally [ profile] darkdean, because [ profile] vichan is awesome!!!
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1. So, I have all these awesome new LJ friends (HELLO NEW FRIENDS!), and it only seems right that I make some sort of intro post so that they don't get me all mixed up with all their other awesome new LJ friends.

Hello, I am Ant and shall be guiding you around these Ant-type waters )

2. I also have all these awesome old LJ friends (HELLO OLD FRIENDS!), who are probably sick to death of hearing me go on about Supernatural (or you know, creating whole new filters so they can avoid me). SORRY OLD FRIENDS! I still love you!

3. Everyone has been flailing about SPN possibly not getting renewed for a third season, and I was all like 'oh it will be fine, of course we'll be renewed' but then everyone kept on flailing and now I'm kind of terrified.

So, I'm sure all the spn ppl on my flist know already about [ profile] promote_spn, but if all you non-supernatural people could take two minutes out of your day to go here and vote in the CW poll for which show should be renewed and here and sign the petition, that would make this little Ant very happy indeed. You know I'd totally do it for you!

And you know, if you could just happen to randomly mention the show to folk you meet, like co-workers or family or that weird-looking guy who always sits next to you on the train. Especially if you know people who like Buffy/X-Files/Hot Guys with guns.

4. I finally have my layout looking how I want it to look. See! Except my sister says she can't read the text on her monitor because it's too dark, so if anyone has problems of that sort, can you let me know and I can tinker with it.

Tinker is a funny word.

5. Heroes and Prison Break - jumbley thoughts )

6. And speaking of flailing - SPN 2.14 spoilers )

Okay, so that was the longest post ever.

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