Mar. 14th, 2012

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Hello, you may not remember me but my name is Ant. I used to have an LJ which I posted on regularly until I got too busy and lazy, except for when I would pop up every few months or so and make random comments. I shall endeavour to do better in the future however past experience has led me not to make promises on that account.

Lately, all I have been doing is working and filling out paperwork for my Japan exchange. OMG WHY IS THERE SO MUCH PAPERWORK? A lot of it is all THE SAME THING! All I (hopefully) have left to do now is get my Japan visa and everything will be sweet for when I leave on April 4. This of course means that I will be there to see Tokyo Tower light up in Arashi colours, yay!! And hopefully it will also mean I will get to go to the Arashi concert, which this year will be called: The Arashi Concert in Which Ant Finally Wins Tickets in the Ballot. Grand things are clearly afoot.

I've also been working on the fics I promised for the arashi_on fundraiser, and should have the first chapter of Sakurai Sho: Love Detective up by the weekend. (Only a year late). It would have been up last weekend only there were logistical issues and also my sister says it's not funny enough. I'd like to have both fics done by the time I leave but that's probably a pipedream. Still, true dreams are always by your side, and there's no wall you can't break down and all that. Though, I'm not sure if that applies to the wall of "everything I write sounds stupid and crap".

I've been reading about the subjects I'm doing while I'm in Japan and a lot of them seem easy and fun. The history subject is mostly doing walking tours of Tokyo and then writing reports about it, and there's this sports subject you can do where 90% of your mark is attendance and participation! And you get to do a month of table tennis!! (Not sure I can actually get credit for doing this from my home uni though.) I am worried about Japanese though. I have forgotten everything over the holidays! I don't even remember です!! And part of the placement exam is an interview. I will have to talk! I am super crap at talking!! They will ask me what is my shumi and I never know what to say to that. One time in a test I lied and said reading suspense novels but then they asked me follow up questions and it was very confusing!! And I don't know if Arashi actually qualifies as a hobby? I am good at talking about Arashi in Japanese but I don't want to sound like a dumbass fangirl who is only going on exchange to Japan because she loves Arashi, even if it is mostly true. I guess if I screw up the placement exam, they'll just put me in a lower level where I can learn about conjugating te form and stuff.

As per the title of this post, I was also going to go on about all the stress I've been having about all the stuff I have to do before I go (finding someone to live in the spare room who isn't flaky and unreliable, the impending separation from my beloved doggins, getting ill from the flu shot and missing a week of work when I really need the money, etc) but nobody likes a whiner, so let's just pretend I did instead.

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