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Wowsers, time really flies when all you want to do is sleep but have to do other stuff instead! I've been really sick (still, bleh), but that's no fun to talk about, so I won't. Needless to say, last semester was a bit of a nightmare, and I've had to drop out of the Merlin bigbang challenge. Which sucks, because my Merlin/Supernatural/Who/Sherlock crossover fic was going to be the most epic thing ever.

I friended a bunch of people a few months(?) back and never even made an intro post. Sorry, new friends! And hello! I will attempt to be more interesting in the future! However, I friended most of you through Merlin, so this post is probs not the best indication of this.

You see, what I really want to talk about right now is ARAFEST 2013! I am going! We've booked the flights and accomm already and are determined that it won't be like when we went to Beautiful World and couldn't afford the redonk expensive tickets and had to stand outside listening in the typhoon. This time, nothing will stand in our way! Ant's fight for Kokuritsu will not fail! Plus, I have a super cute outfit to wear.

My main problem is WHAT THE HELL DO I VOTE FOR!


Pikanchi Double - this is #1 though I have no idea how to begin ordering the others.
Face Down
Wild at Heart
All or Nothing (was this officially a single???)
Step & Go
Beautiful Days
Ashita no Kioku
Typhoon Generation
One Love


Boku wa Boku no Subete
Super Fresh
How to Fly
Michi (though it's so short it would feel like a waste of a vote)
Gori Muchuu
Tokei no Jikake Umbrella - even though they did this last year, I still want to see it because it was awesome.
Ashita ni Mukatte (or asu ni mukatte hoeru, I get those two mixed up - maybe both!)
Harukaze Sneaker
Hey Hey Lovin You
... I kind of want Ano Hi no Merry Christmas as well, but as it won't be Christmas time that would seem weird.


Runaway Train
Be With You
Subarashiki Sekai
Tochuu Gesha
Yes? No?
Carnival Night - though they will likely do this and Lucky Man anyway
Lucky Man
Right Back to You
Arashi no Mae no Shizukesa
Check no Muffler


Ohno: Take me Faraway
Sho: Anti Anti - though I don't know if the older solos are on the list???
Aiba: Yasashikute Sukoshi Baka or Yokaze
Nino: how are you supposed to pick this, honestly??? My heart says Niji but it also says Doko ni Demo Aru Uta and Konseki/Kako/however you read it. Clearly, Nino should just do a solo concert.
Jun: Could he do Yabai at Kokuritsu? There's no ceiling, he'd have to walk on the sky. Basically, I'd be happy with anything but Naked.
Other: Machi ga Iro Dzukugoro - I want to start an internet campaign for everyone to vote for this song, as I really love it and I only have a fancam version of it.

How am I going to choose? And how am I going to put them in order? This is impossible! Anyway, I'd be interested to know what other people are voting for.
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