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My internet company is a dickhead )

Hopefully tomorrow I will get it sorted, because aside from it being really annoying, it breaks my brain with stupidity. Luckily the second time they called, I had the smarts to go and open a bunch of fic in tabs. XP

Anyway, so I just finished watching the Supernatural season finale, don't expect coherence )

That actually reminds me that I haven't posted about Supernatural since the strike. It doesn't mean I love it any less, I've just been distracted. Pink sequins are kind of blinding, you know??

Oooh, they haven't blocked onemanga either!!! LOL, it's like from one set of hot-and-angsty-brothers-in-love-to-another!!!

Naruto - chapter 400 )

Yeah. Sometimes I'm not even sure what I'm talking about.
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My internet is back to normal, yay!!! This means I have loads of things to watch, and that makes me very happy!

Supernatural 3x09 )

Death Note episodes 21-25 - there is a serious amount of capslock in here )

One day I will post about something RL-y. Maybe. But until then, I MUST WATCH MORE DEATH NOTE!!!
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They're back!! Hoorays!!! I don't have much to say about the episode, really, but what I do have to say can be done in capslock.

Supernatural 3x01 )

I might have something more substancey to say after I rewatch it, but then again, maybe not.

In other news, I haven't posted or replied to comments for ages because I've been terribly ill and bedridden. Possibly with Winchesteritis and I shall now be miraculously cured!!
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So, I've watched it twice and I'm pretty sure I still can't be coherent about it, but I'll give it a go anyhoo.

Supernatural - 222 - All Hell Breaks Loose - part 2 )
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1. [ profile] maegunnbatt is alive and not dead! This makes me the happiest girl in the whole world!

2. 300 is just as awesome as I hoped it would be. What is it about David Wenham's voice that totally pwns me?

3. I am not in love with Cassadaga like I'm in love with Lifted and I'm Wide Awake, it's Morning. But still, if anyone wants me to upload it, just let me know.

4. Went to see The Lemonheads last night. 15 years on and Evan Dando is still the perfect man.

5. Am up to season 4 of Smallville. Was starting to hate Lana less until she climbed all over Jensen. Lois freaking rules though.

6. Have only got one episode of Angel left to watch. Will probably write some sort of meta-y thing when I'm done about the Buffyverse in general and the awesomeness of Christian Kane Spike.

7. Speaking of point #5 and point #6, last night I dreamed I was at the Kryptonian branch of Wolfram & Hart and they were doing experiments on my brain.

8. I miss Sam and Dean.

9. My hair is especially good today.
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So it's 5:18 Saturday morning and it's taken me this long to get the new episode. Clearly, my connection sucks. However, it was totally worth it.

Because it's stupid o'clock, I'm going to leave all the devilishly clever things I would otherwise say until a later time and leave it at these four things:

1. Oh boys! I have missed you so much. The world is a dark, dark place without you.

2. Kripke is clearly stalking [ profile] ellipsisblack

3. Tricia Helfer is insanely pretty and I wouldn't say no to some dirty Six/Winchester fic if it happened to crop up somewhere on my flist.

4. Sometimes I just want to squish Sam and Dean until they are squishy like cookie dough.

Now I shall sleep and dream happy Winchester dreams.
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* Last night I dreamed I was stuck in the Big Brother house with Micah from Heroes and Christian Kane. Micah was mean and made me cry because he wouldn't come play with this cool train-set with me. I think Christian Kane was the Prince of Darkness and we were possibly married, but I never found out for sure because then the debt collectors rang and woke me up.

* I hate debt collectors.

* Does anybody know if Jared keeps his dogs in LA or Vancouver while he's filming? This information is vital to a J-Squared fic I'm pretending not to write while planning the next chapter of my novel.

* I have the next two chapters of my novel planned. I am so awesome.

* I want to make an awesome post full of music downloads and fic recs but my brain is swimmy and if I go back to sleep then maybe I will find out if I am to rule the world side by side with evil!Christian Kane.
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I still haven't posted a reaction post to last week's Supernatural. This is mainly because I cannot say anything that hasn't been said and really it would just be a massive OMG AWESOME, and then a bit of OMG OMG OMG I LOVE THEM! Possibly ending with some OMG HOW CAN I WAIT A WHOLE MONTH. I plan on rewatching the whole lot again from the start during hiatus and will probably say clever things as I go.

Anyway, so Prison Break?

Once again I lose with the Death Tipping )

And HEROES??? )

Anyway, in other news, I am changing ISPs and as of probably tomorrow I won't have the internets for a week or two. Tragic, I know, but I figure it's a good time with my show on hiatus and all. I'm going to spend the rest of today saving fanfic into word docs so I can read when I am cut off, so if ANYBODY HAS ANY RECS PLEASE LET ME KNOW BECAUSE I AM GOING TO BE BONE DRY OF FIC! Also, if anything important happens, like Jared and Jensen announce their Big Love to the world or we get renewed for a third season, PLEASE COMMENT AND TELL ME! Or just comment anyway so that when I come back online I feel loved.

OMG I AM GOING TO MISS YOU ALL VERY MUCH!!! (Though I will probably be back tomorrow.)

Also, JARED BASHING IS FROM THE DEVIL! The fandom is lovely and I hope something like this doesn't turn it into a wankfest. He's busy making our show, so that's a good thing, right? (Says the girl who had no hope of going to Fangoria anyway.)
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There was nothing not Awesome (capital A) about this episode of Supernatural. I intend to prove this through picspam, as I've pretty much lost the use of my words.

Just be warned that my brain has been affected with a condition called Supernaturalia Brain Meltingitis and I think I should be on some sort of medication for it. Also, there are loads of pictures.

Supernatural 2x14 - Born Under a Bad Sign of Awesomeness )

screencaps by the Awesome [ profile] marishna

Do you want to know what else is Awesome? J-Squared Pyjama Porn! [ profile] dev_earl wrote me some RIGHT HERE and I think we all know that there is only one words to describe it, so I won't say it again. Though it really is Awesome. Awesome on toast, even!
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* I am so not ready for the new episode

* I am so late to the crazy friending-spree, on account of I am slow and kind of dull. Still, it saves my brain from melting while I wait

* I need coffee now


Feb. 2nd, 2007 08:48 pm
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I am so freaking in love with Jared Padalecki that it's not even funny anymore.

Jensen, I love you too, but today it's all about the Jared.

That's all I've got for now, back later with an actual reaction post.
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1. So, I have all these awesome new LJ friends (HELLO NEW FRIENDS!), and it only seems right that I make some sort of intro post so that they don't get me all mixed up with all their other awesome new LJ friends.

Hello, I am Ant and shall be guiding you around these Ant-type waters )

2. I also have all these awesome old LJ friends (HELLO OLD FRIENDS!), who are probably sick to death of hearing me go on about Supernatural (or you know, creating whole new filters so they can avoid me). SORRY OLD FRIENDS! I still love you!

3. Everyone has been flailing about SPN possibly not getting renewed for a third season, and I was all like 'oh it will be fine, of course we'll be renewed' but then everyone kept on flailing and now I'm kind of terrified.

So, I'm sure all the spn ppl on my flist know already about [ profile] promote_spn, but if all you non-supernatural people could take two minutes out of your day to go here and vote in the CW poll for which show should be renewed and here and sign the petition, that would make this little Ant very happy indeed. You know I'd totally do it for you!

And you know, if you could just happen to randomly mention the show to folk you meet, like co-workers or family or that weird-looking guy who always sits next to you on the train. Especially if you know people who like Buffy/X-Files/Hot Guys with guns.

4. I finally have my layout looking how I want it to look. See! Except my sister says she can't read the text on her monitor because it's too dark, so if anyone has problems of that sort, can you let me know and I can tinker with it.

Tinker is a funny word.

5. Heroes and Prison Break - jumbley thoughts )

6. And speaking of flailing - SPN 2.14 spoilers )

Okay, so that was the longest post ever.
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My sister and I have spent the last few days mainlining Prison Break, because she hadn't watched it before and wanted to be caught up after hiatus, and we think that maybe all that adreneline packed into such a short space maybe broke her brain. That's our excuse anyway...

We were talking about writing Wincest porn, at least that's how it started.

Sister: If I wrote Wincest porn it would be really dirty.
Ant: Okay.
Sister: I think Dean would like to watch Sam on the toilet.
Sister: He would do little dances for Sam. While Sam was on the toilet.
Ant: OMG, that is so wrong. ROFL.
Sister: And Dean would tie Sam to the bed and dress up as a clown to have sex with him.
Ant: *has died*
Sister: Sam's screams would be one part horror, one part pleasure.

Sister: I worry about what's going to happen in season 3 of Prison Break...
Time: *is later*
Sister: I have worked out what will happen. Michael Scofield will come up with an elaborate plan to sneak into the Big Day Out.
Ant: Right.
Sister: Because the Insane Clown Posse are banned and he needs to get them in, to right the wrong of their banning.
Ant: Are they really banned?
Sister: No, I made that bit up.
Sister: Michael Scofield will disguise himself as a caterer and dress the Insane Clown Posse as the guys from Tool. It will be foolproof.
Ant: Sam Winchester would hate that plan.

Sister: Lincoln Burrows has no character arc.
Ant: It's because he's an angry rhino.
Sister: He is a damsel in distress. Like Princess Peach!
Ant: Or Zelda!
Sister: Yes! He is not Link, he is ZELDA!

Sister: They should've called LJ Burrows 'Little Lincoln' so he could be LL.
Ant: *brain has melted*
Sister: OMG, LL Cool J! I am calling him that from now on.
Sister: I worry about the fate of LL Cool J Burrows.

And then both our brains exploded.
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Today I decided to try to watch Supernatural from a totally unbiased non-Wincesty perspective.

I was about two minutes in before I was bouncing in my seat all OMG THEY LOVE EACH OTHER SO MUCH. And you know I wouldn't have lasted that long but for the teasery bit at the start.

I just can't do it. Though, possibly 'Playthings' wasn't the best episode to try this with.

This prompted a conversation with my sister (who is a 'normal person' whose brain isn't warped by fandom) on whether or not there is actually an episode of Supernatural that you could watch and not be smote by the brother love.

She said The Usual Suspects, but even though they are physically seperate, their brains are so joined by the love that they figure out anagrams at the same time. And Steve McQueen, come on! And I said Route 666 but then there's that scene where Sam is totally getting off on watching Dean and Cassie together. Even in No Exit Sam is all making bitchface at Jo like OMGZ, keep away from my boy.

So, I don't know. I don't know if my brain is capable of not slashing Sam and Dean, or if maybe they're just not capable of slashing themselves. (Does that even make sense?)
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So, this episode took forever to download and everyone in the universe has already said everything there could ever be to say about it, but my head is going to explode if I don't get all the mindless squeeage thoughts out.

I was going to do this whole meta thing about parallels in this episode, but I sort of can't be bothered and I'm sure there are other people out there who have already said it and have said it in a much cleverer way. If not, I will do it later, because I figure I need to watch the episode at least 17 more times before I can be coherant.

Speaking of incoherance...

2x11 - Playthings: In Which Ant's Brain Explodes, More Than Once. With Picspam. Of the Episode, Not The Brain-Explodey )

I fully intended to post this nifty welcome post to all my spiffing new friends I made through the Supernatural Friending Meme, but clearly I haven't yet. I will do it at some stage soon when I'm not distracted by pretty new episodes and people's picspams of Jared and Jensen in matching suits. Until then, HELLO, NEW FRIENDS!!! <3

I totally needed to get a heap of writing done today, but obviously my brain was eaten by Supernatural and I've done nothing. [ profile] sandy_phoenix, [ profile] madeye1200 and [ profile] petrus_exiguus, I'll hopefully have something to send you for Tuesday by tomorrow, but it's only going to be rewrites.
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So, I've just discovered Supernatural. My sister and I have spent the past couple of days beholding the wonder that is the Winchester boys battling the terrible evil of cursed monster trucks and malevolent bug swarms. So much love for the random filler episodes with no plot development. Also, so much love for the random boy-touching.

How hot is Tara as a vampire! She totally should've given up the magicks a long time ago and dyed her hair black. Also, Linda Blair - rofl. Pea soup. This show is bloody genius, I tells you! And I still can't figure out which is hotter, Dean punching Sam or Dean beating up his car. Dean is very hot when he is hitting things. I think maybe Dean/Impala is my OTP.

Hey, do you think there will be an episode where the Impala gets possessed by a malevolent spirit, because that would be wicked cool. Dean could face off with the car but then they would talk it out and there would be tears and hugging. That would be darn nifty.

How could Dean from Gilmore Girls be so lame and yet Sam from Supernatural be so pretty? That makes no sense. And also, the Dean thing is confusing. Two Deans - wtf? I call them Sam!Dean and Dean!Dean, but sometimes that just confuses me more.

It also makes me want to write Supernatural/Heroes crossover fic with Sam/Peter Petrelli. And possibly also Supernatural/Gilmore Girls crossover fic with Sam/Dean. Or Sam!Dean/Sam!Dean, to be precise.

I want to change my layout now to pretty Wincest. I am such a fandom slut.

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