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Firstly, New Doctor = DO NOT WANT! I don't care if you're super awesome or whatever, I don't think I'll have the heart to go on post-DT!!

Secondly, meme!


Rules: For eight days you have to post something that made you happy that day. Tag eight people to do the same.


* My cafe reopened again after the holidays and I finally got decent coffee again!! Did the puzzles in the paper with Cute Kitchen Boy and noticed that the thing I thought was a hickey on his neck a few weeks ago is actually a cute little birthmark thing. He totally likes me. XP

* Chatted with [ profile] sandy_phoenix and [ profile] madeye1200 for the first time in ages, yay!! <33333

* Caught up on subbed Shukudai episodes! This is extra happiness that therefore warrants pictures!


* Had a Nino movie marathon! Okay, so Sukoshi wa, Ongaeshi ga Dekitakana isn't exactly a happy movie, but OMG, Marathon is SO FREAKING ADORABLE!! Am planning to continue this tomorrow with rewatches of Iwo Jima, Tekkon Kinkreet and Ao no Honou, yay! (Okay, none of those are exactly "yay" sort of movies either, but Nino is awesome!)

* Started writing Arashi fic. It threatens to be Epic and LONG, but the start is very sparkly!

Thirdly, it's like tomorrow here already and I need sleep!!

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Arg, LJ! I tried to do the right thing and post last night and catch up with my flist and then LJ DIED!! Did this happen to anyone else, or was it a purely Ant-isolated tragedy??

You know when you don't post for ages, so you have heaps of things to post about, but because you have BIG and IMPORTANT things to post about, all the little details that generally make posts interesting tend to get lost? This is probably going to be one of those posts. I suck, I know.

I'm leaving for Japan in 20 hours!! Therefore, expect me to be more fail at LJ than usual. But for much more awesome reasons.

Of course, in typical Antish fashion, two days ago I got the worst son-of-a-bitching toothache in the history of the world. I kind of hoped it would go away, but it hasn't. It is so painful that I kind of want to die. But I won't, because that would be really stupid with only 20 hours left until Japan, so instead I'm going to have to spend this morning at the dentist, instead of doing the 5000 other better things I have to do before I go away. I took so many painkillers over the weekend that the world started to look a bit like that part of the Kitto Daijoubu PV where they do the funky jazz dance. It was surprisingly not as awesome as you'd expect.

I've pretty much given up on believing I'll get Korea tickets. Actually, I think I've given up on believing in Korea at all. Yes, it's a fake country that people just made up so they had somewhere to set episodes of MASH!! And so that people who can't read Korean (also a fake language) feel depressed about not getting tickets to see Arashi in Korea! (Because they don't realise Korea is a fake country and therefore Arashi can't really do shows there.) This makes me feel a whole lot better!! Though, quite frankly every time I see this...

title or description

... a little part of my soul-soul dies.

I haven't posted about Ryusei no Kizuna yet. I would like to make a really in depth post full of hilarious commentary about it, but it's crazy early and I have to do the dentist thing, so instead I shall make a short and random post about it.

RnK eps 1&2 )

In other news, this post makes the world a better place, and actually everybody should go and friend [ profile] ohmiyaday, because it's probably what's lacking in your life.

Also? This is so adorable I'm sure it's illegal in some places on account of so much adorableness makes people's heads explode.

I know I had other things to say, mostly about the awesomeness of Nino and Aiba hunting UFO's, but I have to get this dentist thing sorted. Arg, the last thing in the world I want to do is spend money on my teeth!! Especially with the Australian dollar at like 57 yen!! But anyway, have fun while I'm gone!!! <3333333333333

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