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Ah, I'm having issues with the internets!! I'm not sure if they're because I'm stupid or the internets are stupid, but either way, I won't lose to the stupid internets!!! XP Anyway, that makes me a day behind with this meme, so I'm going to cheat and post two days at once. XP


Rules: For eight days you have to post something that made you happy that day. Tag eight people to do the same.


*I made Hayashi Rice!!! Well, made it in the way where I bought the mix from the store and didn't actually cook beef or vegetables or anything and basically just had the mix stuff with rice. BUT IT WAS STILL AWESOME!!! XDDDD

*My internets are still on, yay!!!

*Managed to gather up $3.50 for a coffee!! <3333

*Am staying more or less caught up with LJ, did you notice???


*Also wrote more of novel!! (not just so that [ profile] sandy_phoenix wouldn't yell at me about the above point, I swear!!!)


*Internets still not cut off, yay!! I'm betting on tomorrow, as they tried to take money out of my account for it today and it wasn't there. But today, it's still on!!

*Also, finally got new modem/router, so not only is my internets on, it's STAYING on for more than five minutes at a time. BIG SUPER YAY! (I actually think the reason my internets is being wacky now is because some of the settings are wrong, because when I use my other modem it's okay, but I honestly can't be bothered spending half the day on the phone to tech support. I mean, it's forty degrees here!!)

*But yay, it's finally summer for real!! Yay for it being insanely hot!! Now my Nino uchiwa isn't only being pretty, it's also functional!!!

*VSA special!!

It's super awesome!! Beware of spoilers of awesome behind the cut! )

Just randomly, I wonder why they never do that Dangerous Surfer game anymore, they only did it once. Weird. But anyway, in the two-or-so days of my "I'm saving up all my Arashi shows to watch when I don't have internets" thing, I had forgotten just HOW MUCH AWESOME THEY ACTUALLY ARE!! <3333333 (Also, that was a stupid idea, what was I thinking???)

*I have lozenges!! BIG YAY!! My nephew gave them to me when I went to his house to get the modem. He also loaned me $30!! YAY FOR AWESOME NEPHEW!!!

*Uta no Oniisan preview!!!! YAY!!!

This makes me want to re-do the I'd tap that meme and have Ohno in the top 8 or so spots )

Ah, so the happiness meme is over!! It really should've been called the YAY meme. XP

Three more days to Uta no Oniisan!! Let's hope my internets holds out til then!!! XDDD
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LOL, this posting every day thing really makes me aware that I don't have a whole heap to post about. XP I will try my best not to be boring though!!!


Rules: For eight days you have to post something that made you happy that day. Tag eight people to do the same.


* Went on a toast binge. Toast is awesome!

* During my nice evening walk, plotted out an entire Arashi AU fic of awesomeness. This is a different fic to the one I started yesterday. XP

* Wrote a bit more of my novel but then hit a block, so started on the previously mentioned AU fic. Decided that attempting to write two fics as well as the novel is a bit much, so I will now need to decide between demon-fighting!Arashi and Private Investigator!Arashi, but both make me very happy anyway.

* Watched Oshareism with Aiba. It was awesome, I loved the train series stories! <333 Would screencap, but the awesomeness of Aiba can't be summed up with mere pictures! (Not implying that the awesomeness of the rest of Arashi can be, mostly I'm just lazy.)

* Exfoliated!! Yay!

* Watched Shukudai 106 subbed. I liked the guest and I loved Riida's leaderish instructions "just do what you feel like". <3333 You know what else I loved???


Ohmiya duets!! I love them with a love that will never die!! And also!


I really, really, really, really, really like him too. <3333

* Also watched Mecha Ike. More like Mecha Awesome!!


I thought the hair really suited these two. Sho should seriously consider the ponytail as a more permanent thing! And Jun!! Even covered in flour and trying to fix his wig, he is still pretty!


Sometimes I love Arashi so much it causes me physical pain!!!

* I have lost a kilogram since Christmas! Yay!!

* Made a new friend!! Hello, [ profile] thefrug!!! <3333

Also, meme! Stolen from [ profile] jadenmd, which I'll put behind a cut, because this entry is already way too long!!


That was fun!! <3333
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Firstly, New Doctor = DO NOT WANT! I don't care if you're super awesome or whatever, I don't think I'll have the heart to go on post-DT!!

Secondly, meme!


Rules: For eight days you have to post something that made you happy that day. Tag eight people to do the same.


* My cafe reopened again after the holidays and I finally got decent coffee again!! Did the puzzles in the paper with Cute Kitchen Boy and noticed that the thing I thought was a hickey on his neck a few weeks ago is actually a cute little birthmark thing. He totally likes me. XP

* Chatted with [ profile] sandy_phoenix and [ profile] madeye1200 for the first time in ages, yay!! <33333

* Caught up on subbed Shukudai episodes! This is extra happiness that therefore warrants pictures!


* Had a Nino movie marathon! Okay, so Sukoshi wa, Ongaeshi ga Dekitakana isn't exactly a happy movie, but OMG, Marathon is SO FREAKING ADORABLE!! Am planning to continue this tomorrow with rewatches of Iwo Jima, Tekkon Kinkreet and Ao no Honou, yay! (Okay, none of those are exactly "yay" sort of movies either, but Nino is awesome!)

* Started writing Arashi fic. It threatens to be Epic and LONG, but the start is very sparkly!

Thirdly, it's like tomorrow here already and I need sleep!!

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Today, I am off work sick, and therefore I shall try to catch up with LJ. This is an Epic Quest, which will surely be fraught with peril, however I shall DO MY BEST!!! So please be expecting insanely belated comments from me that you've likely forgotten what they're referring to and are therefore kind of confusing. XP

So, because it's been so long since I posted, I guess I should limit this to just the really important things. Like TV, obviously.

1. I can't believe I haven't even made Maou reaction posts yet! Clearly this is full of witty and insightful commentary, all of which is very deep and not shallow at all.

Maou - episode 1 )

2. And episode two!

Maou - episode 2 )


4. I am possibly the only person in the whole world who hasn't posted their thoughts on the finale of Doctor Who. This is mostly because I'm still not sure what my thoughts are.

However, this is my general impression )

5. Also, Code Blue is awesome. It's like if you took Scrubs and smished it up with Grey's Anatomy and then gave it silly-curly-hair-that-kind-of-grows-on-you-after-a-while-because-Yamapi-is-just-that-hot and threw in a helicopter. Only nobody in it is as annoying as Meredith Grey.

6. While typing this post, I just watched episode 3 of Maou with [ profile] starfishdance.

Maou - episode 3, MSN style )

7. I have hot pink fingernail polish. This has nothing to do with TV, but it looks really awesome. It's the same shade of pink as Matsujun's sequined pants.

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