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So, I haven't been to work for a week. The past few days I've been too sick to get out of bed and today I applied for a bunch of new jobs. I kind of feel a bit rubbish about everything, but I'm getting over it.

Anyway!! So I'm sure you all vividly remember a few day back when I did that questions meme and [ profile] starfishdance asked me if I could make an idol up from other bits of JE boys, what would he look like? Well [ profile] missmomoko photoshopped a picture of her perfect idol, and I decided to do the same.

So, here he is!!! )

So, on reflection, I decided that

really my perfect idol probably looks more like this )

But you probably knew that already.

I don't really have anything else to add. XP
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Because I totally didn't forget Nino's birthday, it's just that I worked like 10 hours yesterday and pretty much went straight to sleep when I got home!! Anyhoo, as a (somewhat belated) happy 25th birthday Nino thing, I bring you...

25 Reasons Why Ninomiya Kazunari Is Quite Probably The Most Awesome Person On The Planet )

Also, OMG ARASHI AROUND ASIA 2008 - or whatever the tour is called!! I am going! We're taking a "Mini Korean Detour Adventure" while we're in Japan!!!!! I have no idea about getting tickets or anything Korean or much of anything, really, but that's where the adventure part comes in, right? Nothing is coming between me and my seeing of Arashi cons, not even hoardes of fangirls!!

Oh wow, life is awesome!!!
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Yay, I'm back!!! I'm not even going to bother trying to catch up with my flist because it's going to be too insane. BUT LET ME KNOW IF I'VE MISSED SOMETHING IMPORTANT!!!

Today I started applying for jobs! Go me!! I spent so long faffing around today that I didn't actually apply for any until after business hours, but then I applied for like 30 or something, and somebody called me at like 7.30!! Clearly I am so awesome that people work overtime just so they don't miss out on the Ant-ness!! Anyway, so I have my first interview tomorrow. I should probably do my nails, I have like one blue nail and one purple and the rest used to be black before I got bored and picked it all off.

Anyway, hopefully one of these jobs will work out and I can stop stressing about how I'll afford Japan.

So, I'm sure you're all dying of curiosity about what I did during my LJ-free week. Because, you know, my life is so interesting that people care what happens in it! XP Basically, I watched a bunch of jdramas. Surprisingly, I know. BUT YOU DIDN'T EXPECT ME TO NEATLY SUMMARISE AND RATE THEM FOR YOU, I BET!!!

One Pound Gospel - okay, so I just started watching this today, but OMFG KAME IS A BOXER! A BOXER WHO IS OBSESSED WITH FOOD AND IS TOO FAT TO FIGHT IN HIS WEIGHT CLASS!!! AND HE KEEPS TRYING TO HIT ON THIS NUN!!! This, coupled with the "Kame + otters = adorable love" video that [ profile] starfishdance showed me means that I'm in a very Kame place right now. It's strange for me, he's not even in Arashi!!
Awesome rating: 4/5 sparkly stars.

Yamada Taro - this should actually be called EVERYBODY LOVES NINO, because basically, everybody falls in love with Nino. Even Sho. And this other guy in their class. And OHNO, IN A 20 SECOND CAMEO APPEARANCE, AND IT'S THE MOST AWESOME THING EVER OMG! Basically Nino is a poor kid with a bunch of little brothers and sisters and his parents are totally useless, so Nino has to support the whole family. He goes to this rich kid school where everyone thinks he's a rich kid too and they all act like he's in F4 or something. This drama also includes Sho dressing Nino up as a maid and making him work in his house, Sho flower arranging and Nino getting lessons on how to buy cheap bargains from an old lady. And Nino being totally freaking adorable with a bunch of little kids, it will make your heart grow 11 sizes, I swear!!
Awesome rating: 84/5 sparkly stars.

Dragonzakura - in which Yamapi is bought buy a guy who is pretending to be a teacher because he thinks Yamapi is hot. Sort of. It's about a bunch of dumb kids from a dumb school who are trying to get into Toudai because otherwise the school will be shut down and Yamapi will have to give up the trumpet playing. Yamapi is really hot when he plays the trumpet. The main girl in it is really pretty. Though, not prettier than Yamapi.
Awesome rating: 4/5 sparkly stars.

Stand Up! - in which Nino, Yamapi, Oguri "goldfish-face-horseman" Shun and the guy who played Noda in Gokusen all try to get laid but are generally unsuccessful. Because they're all totally gay for each other Yamapi is OBSESSED WITH TRAINS and Goldfish Shun is OMG SUCH A SPAZZ and Noda-guy keeps trying to look up girls skirts, but NINO IS ONCE AGAIN TOTALLY ADORABLE!!! The girl in it is annoying though, Suzuki Ann or whatever her name is, she always looks so smug like "hahaha I get to act with all the hot Johnny boys, so bite me". But apart from her it's good. I haven't finished watching it though, because I got distracted by mainlining Ohmiya SK vids from youtube other really intellectual-type stuff.
Awesome rating: 3.5/5 sparkly stars.

I am kind of in love with Nino right now. Which is not to say that Matsujun isn't still my #1 JE boy, because that would be totally blasphemous or something. But Nino is very much awesome. Expect picspammish posts to be forthcoming.
Nino awesome rating: infinity/5 sparkly stars.

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