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So, I've never really posted about this show. I don't even know if any of you guys watched it. I started watching it somewhere around the end of season 1, I think, when my flist seemed to be full of posts about how in love Merlin and Arthur were. "What's that?" I thought. "That's a bit creepy, Merlin is an old man!" But Merlin wasn't an old man, Merlin was a young magical creature with magical eyes and cheekbones and Arthur was the most beautiful man on the planet (except for maybe Aiba Masaki), and they were very prettily in love and so I watched every episode faithfully, even if sometimes the writing was a bit shit.

I never really got into Merlin fandom, because I never really took the show that seriously. However, I did read all the fic. Merlin, I think, has the best written fic of any fandom I've ever delved into. For the past four of five years I've read it constantly - when I'm procrastinating uni, all through the summer, whenever I feel sick or a bit shit and want something comforting, when I was doing that Arthurian history subject and could pretend I was actually studying, etc etc. It just became a thing, without me ever consciously deciding, and these characters became something important to me without me being aware.

And then came the finale - cut for spoilers obvs )

But anyway, that's why I think it's bad to get too attached to fictional characters.
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Rightio, so let's just all pretend that the time since Tuesday has actually just been one REALLY long day and that I'm not actually complete and utter fail!!

Okay, that's better!


Rules: For eight days you have to post something that made you happy that day. Tag eight people to do the same.


* MERLIN!! OMG, MERLIN!! I did not intend to watch you, even though my entire flist was flailing over you, because I thought to myself "self, you do not need another fandom and really, how good can it be?" and then I sat there and proceeded to watch the whole thing, without moving off the couch except to get snackfoods. Arthur has incredibly broad shoulders and a GIANT crush on Merlin, and Merlin has cheekbones that could cut glass and a GIANT crush on Arthur and I have a GIANT girlcrush on Morgana. (And also, wasn't Inoue played by the girl who was Zoe Slater on Eastenders? I thought she was supposed to be in Ibiza, not Camelot!!!)

* MERLIN FIC!!! YOU ARE JUST AS GOOD AS EVERYBODY SAYS YOU ARE!! I also love how every second person in Merlin fandom, I am recogising from either JE or SPN fandom, I WONDER WHAT THE COMMON THREAD HERE IS???? Not that I've delved all that far into Merlin fandom as yet, because it didn't take long for me to get distracted by shiny, shiny Arashi fic. <3 (Though, if anyone has recs, lay them on me!!! [ profile] fluttering, I've worked my way through your AWESOME LIST OF AWESOMENESS!!)

* Speaking of Arashi fic, I read Things to do in Uzbekistan, which is like an Ohmiya SK origins fic, based on Ohmiya's own history for SK, and maybe everyone else has already read it, I don't know, but it's the greatest thing ever!!

* Although, Saudade by [ profile] waxrose is one of the most perfect things I've read in my life. This totally isn't supposed to be turning into a reclist, but hey, I've read a lot of fic lately!! XP


* Finished chapter 4 of my novel!!! Am actually happy with it! That brings my total word count up to almost 45,000, go me! Had a brief period of writer's block, but then started watching the Time concert and became unstuck around Friendship, and by Pikanchi Double, I was done. YAY!!! XDDDD

* My internet managed to stay connected for our writer's group!! Good times were had by all and [ profile] maegunnbatt made it online, yay!! <333333

* Had coffee with ex-boyfriend and the Cute Kitchen Boy acted suspiciously unhappy about this! Also, ex-boyfriend paid for coffee!! And herb bread! XD

* My sister came home for the weekend, as she has been stuck in Canberra and UNABLE TO WATCH THE JOHNNY'S COUNTDOWN! Watched it. It was still awesome.

* Wrote two chapters of AWESOME PRIVATE DETECTIVE!ARASHI FIC!! They wear trenchcoats!! JUN IS A LOUNGE SINGER! KAT-TUN are mafia guys and NEWS ARE HOT COPS!! (Except Massu, he's just a regular cop XP) Will probably need to find a beta at some point, as my tenses are all over the place and I'm worried about people being OOC.

* Uta no Oniisan. MORE LIKE UTA NO AWESOME!!! HE'S WEARING A PANDA SUIT, YOU GUYS!! A PANDA SUIT!! Only six more days, yay!!

* My nephew's housemate works at an electronics store and he's getting me a SUPER CHEAP new modem/router thingie, which means soon I won't have spastic internets anymore, BIG YAY!!!

Speaking of spastic internets, that's why my commenting has been so random lately, in case you were wondering.

Wowsers, I sure did pack a lot into that day!!! XP

I was going to do other memes too, but I kind of want to get this posted before my internet dies again, so I'll do them tomorrow.

Anyhoo, how are you guys??? <33333

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