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Hello, you may not remember me but my name is Ant. I used to have an LJ which I posted on regularly until I got too busy and lazy, except for when I would pop up every few months or so and make random comments. I shall endeavour to do better in the future however past experience has led me not to make promises on that account.

Lately, all I have been doing is working and filling out paperwork for my Japan exchange. OMG WHY IS THERE SO MUCH PAPERWORK? A lot of it is all THE SAME THING! All I (hopefully) have left to do now is get my Japan visa and everything will be sweet for when I leave on April 4. This of course means that I will be there to see Tokyo Tower light up in Arashi colours, yay!! And hopefully it will also mean I will get to go to the Arashi concert, which this year will be called: The Arashi Concert in Which Ant Finally Wins Tickets in the Ballot. Grand things are clearly afoot.

I've also been working on the fics I promised for the arashi_on fundraiser, and should have the first chapter of Sakurai Sho: Love Detective up by the weekend. (Only a year late). It would have been up last weekend only there were logistical issues and also my sister says it's not funny enough. I'd like to have both fics done by the time I leave but that's probably a pipedream. Still, true dreams are always by your side, and there's no wall you can't break down and all that. Though, I'm not sure if that applies to the wall of "everything I write sounds stupid and crap".

I've been reading about the subjects I'm doing while I'm in Japan and a lot of them seem easy and fun. The history subject is mostly doing walking tours of Tokyo and then writing reports about it, and there's this sports subject you can do where 90% of your mark is attendance and participation! And you get to do a month of table tennis!! (Not sure I can actually get credit for doing this from my home uni though.) I am worried about Japanese though. I have forgotten everything over the holidays! I don't even remember です!! And part of the placement exam is an interview. I will have to talk! I am super crap at talking!! They will ask me what is my shumi and I never know what to say to that. One time in a test I lied and said reading suspense novels but then they asked me follow up questions and it was very confusing!! And I don't know if Arashi actually qualifies as a hobby? I am good at talking about Arashi in Japanese but I don't want to sound like a dumbass fangirl who is only going on exchange to Japan because she loves Arashi, even if it is mostly true. I guess if I screw up the placement exam, they'll just put me in a lower level where I can learn about conjugating te form and stuff.

As per the title of this post, I was also going to go on about all the stress I've been having about all the stuff I have to do before I go (finding someone to live in the spare room who isn't flaky and unreliable, the impending separation from my beloved doggins, getting ill from the flu shot and missing a week of work when I really need the money, etc) but nobody likes a whiner, so let's just pretend I did instead.


Nov. 19th, 2008 05:27 pm
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So, I've been home for about a week now, but I've been in a bit of a post-holiday slump, so I haven't posted or done much of anything useful, really. Anyway, so I finally have pictures uploaded and whatnot, so I figured it was about time I posted about my trip and tried to get rid of my not-being-in-Japan-anymore blues!!

I can't actually find my travel diary, so I'm going on memory here, which means I'll probably leave stuff out, but oh wells.

This is insanely long and image heavy! )

Anyway, so I'm home. I'm going to give up on trying to catch up with the past three or so weeks of my flist and just go from now, but if there's anything terribly important that I've missed, please tell me!!
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I leave tokyo in two days. this is very depressing. i want to live here forever. omg, this internet cafe is the greatest thing ever, it's nicer that my house, though the punctuation is a bit weird.

am staying in shibuya atm, and EVERY FREAKING GUY looks like nino. wtf, why is that hair so popular! STOP LOOKING LIKE NINO, PEOPLE, IT IS MAKING ME CRAZY! my hotel is right around the corner from the JE building, which is actually much less exciting than you would expect. It is kind of cool to walk to the station every day and see 'Johnnys family club' on the building though.  Freaking Chinen is everywhere in this country! Arashi are basically only on the AU ads, I hardly see them at all!!

We went to Aiba's family restaurant the other day and met Aiba's mother. It was awesome, I have pictures and things, which I will post later.

Saw lots of people coming home from the ABC/Kiss my ft 2 concert today and it made me wish I had've gone, as they had sparkly things.

Went to Ebisu Garden Place today, it looked just like in Hanadan, only with more people taking pictures.:P

Tokyo is kind of tiring me omut now, I'm a little bit depressed and wanting to be home. I miss you all!!!!!! Also I hae spent far too much money on Arashi stuff and am now flat broke! *
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Arg, LJ! I tried to do the right thing and post last night and catch up with my flist and then LJ DIED!! Did this happen to anyone else, or was it a purely Ant-isolated tragedy??

You know when you don't post for ages, so you have heaps of things to post about, but because you have BIG and IMPORTANT things to post about, all the little details that generally make posts interesting tend to get lost? This is probably going to be one of those posts. I suck, I know.

I'm leaving for Japan in 20 hours!! Therefore, expect me to be more fail at LJ than usual. But for much more awesome reasons.

Of course, in typical Antish fashion, two days ago I got the worst son-of-a-bitching toothache in the history of the world. I kind of hoped it would go away, but it hasn't. It is so painful that I kind of want to die. But I won't, because that would be really stupid with only 20 hours left until Japan, so instead I'm going to have to spend this morning at the dentist, instead of doing the 5000 other better things I have to do before I go away. I took so many painkillers over the weekend that the world started to look a bit like that part of the Kitto Daijoubu PV where they do the funky jazz dance. It was surprisingly not as awesome as you'd expect.

I've pretty much given up on believing I'll get Korea tickets. Actually, I think I've given up on believing in Korea at all. Yes, it's a fake country that people just made up so they had somewhere to set episodes of MASH!! And so that people who can't read Korean (also a fake language) feel depressed about not getting tickets to see Arashi in Korea! (Because they don't realise Korea is a fake country and therefore Arashi can't really do shows there.) This makes me feel a whole lot better!! Though, quite frankly every time I see this...

title or description

... a little part of my soul-soul dies.

I haven't posted about Ryusei no Kizuna yet. I would like to make a really in depth post full of hilarious commentary about it, but it's crazy early and I have to do the dentist thing, so instead I shall make a short and random post about it.

RnK eps 1&2 )

In other news, this post makes the world a better place, and actually everybody should go and friend [ profile] ohmiyaday, because it's probably what's lacking in your life.

Also? This is so adorable I'm sure it's illegal in some places on account of so much adorableness makes people's heads explode.

I know I had other things to say, mostly about the awesomeness of Nino and Aiba hunting UFO's, but I have to get this dentist thing sorted. Arg, the last thing in the world I want to do is spend money on my teeth!! Especially with the Australian dollar at like 57 yen!! But anyway, have fun while I'm gone!!! <3333333333333

i am fail

May. 8th, 2008 03:44 pm
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So, I am on LJ ban. (Obviously, lol.) For the next week or so, I'll still reply to comments but I won't be updating or checking my flist. Though, I've been so slack lately, probably nobody will notice anyway.

I was being so good all week too!! All I had to do was go to bed before midnight tonight to have NO BANS! But then just as I was shutting everything down, I got distracted by this multi-chaptered Ohmiya fic... and oh well, it happens. I'll probably still update tonight with my Naruto chapter reaction post.

I guess if I'm not updating for a while, I should make this a proper postish post.

I got my Japan tickets! Yay!! I'm going for the first two weeks of November. This is awesome. I have many awesome plans, and some of them don't even involve stalking JE boys!!!

Of course, this also means I'm going to have to start working again. I'm kind of scared about this, as I've been too sick to work for almost 2 years now and I'm not sure how it will go, or even if anyone will hire me. Well, of course they'll hire me, because I'm awesome, but I'm still not sure how I'll cope. My doctor says I can only work like two hours a day or something, but I definitely won't earning enough like that!!! It's kind of stressing me out a bit, actually.

What else...

The trailer for the Hana Yori Dango trailer IS THE MOST WIN EVER!!! It's seriously going to be the movie of the year! Forget the X-Files movie, forget Indiana Jones, this movie has CAR EXPLOSIONS AND STOLEN TIARAS AND POSSIBLY-EVIL!RUI AND RANDOMLY BEING STRANDED ON DESERTED ISLANDS!!! Oh yeah, and MATSUJUN'S CURLY-CURLY-PERM HAIR!! Which is seriously bigger than ever! In the deserted island bit he even has manly FACIAL HAIR!!! I KNOW, RIGHT! I think it's going to end with a fight to the death between Rui and Makino for Domyouji's love!!!

Not much else has been happening in Antland. I've been watching a lot of Arashi no Shukudai-kun, which makes the whole world a better place. I'll never get sick of watching them eat unusual foods or giving love advice or generally being dorks.

I think Arashi are made from rainbows.
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May is awesome so far, and this is why:

1. Bought the Arashi Around Asia DVD for $15!! How super-cheap is that! It is awesome and full of Ohmiya love and Matsujun having pretty hair and OF COURSE SPARKLY COSTUMES!!! There were many awesome moments of Matsujun being pretty and getting cranky with the rest of Arashi for interrupting his hair stylist. And lots of Ohmiya, which made me very happy!!! My Japanese is definitely improving, because I could understand like maybe 4% of what they said. For the rest of it, my sister and I just made up our own dialogue. Like this:

Sho: I am talking about the tour and stuff.
Ohno: If you don't get your hand off Nino's leg, I am going to kill you.
Matsujun: Do you think I look pretty? How is my hair?

2. $246 flights to Japan!!! THAT IS INSANELY CHEAP! AND A SECOND PERSON GETS TO FLY FOR $4!!! YES, FOUR DOLLARS!!! This means we are going in Oct/Nov this year instead of some time next year! DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW EXCITED I AM??? We are going to book our flights this afternoon! XDDDDDD

3. I am almost finished chapter 3 of my novel! GO ME! I AM AWESOME!

4. I've been so super-good this past week that I am not banned from ANYTHING!!! [ profile] starfishdance, if you're around later tonight, I will be on MSN - I HAVE MISSED YOU!!!

5. I bought a SPARKLY PINK BERET and it is awesome! Because it's sparkly. And pink.

6. Did I mention how excited I am about the Japan thing?? Because I'm insanely excited!

7. Tonight I am going to see my footy team play and WE ARE NOT GOING TO LOSE ANOTHER GAME THIS YEAR! I was a bit nervous because I took my lucky cups to the Geelong game a few weeks ago and we still lost, but now I've figured out that it's my Astro Boy underpants that make us win, and nothing to do with the lucky cups at all!! I HAVE THIS TOTALLY SORTED!

8. I think there was other stuff, but I'm too excited about the Japan thing to think of it.

I've been really slack with LJ this week. I tried to catch up with my flist, but it's possible I've missed stuff. If so, do tell me!!! I am also very behind on all my shows and various fandom stuffs. Possibly, one day I'll catch up.

Okay, now I'll meme. Can meme be used as a verb, anyway???

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