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Well, it's not really, but I think I have the swine flu. Or possibly just a mild cold. Either way.

So, you know when you get back from holiday and all you want to do is be on the internetz and catch up with everything you missed? Well, the power cord to my laptop has died. DIED!! It went FIZZLE! POP!! And died. I'm pretty sure the internetz are plotting against me to keep me from all the Arashi treats out there. Anyway, I've hijacked my sister's computer for the night and am downloading a heap of awesome onto it. XD But it will be like weeks before I can afford a new power cord, which is arse.

Anyway, I'll make a handy list of things to note or else I'll forget to post them at all.

Handy List of Things to Note

1. Bought the new single last week on the day it came out. There was a pretty little display with pretty Arashi on it and that made me happy. Also bought the photobook. That is to say, my sister bought the single and photobook for me for my birthday, as I had run out of money long before then. Haven't actually listened to the single yet, because of the dead computer, but it came with stickers, so it was happy anyway.

2. Am swearing off boys. CKB is a big fat stupid and I don't like him anymore, not even a bit, and the hot guy in my Japanese class had a haircut and isn't hot anymore. Pretty sure this is the universe telling me to wait for Ohno Satoshi and/or Nino, right??

3. Have BIG SCARY JAPANESE TEST next week. Was actually too busy faffing off in Japan to study at all, so will possibly fail.

4. All I really want to do is spend the next week in bed with my laptop and reading awesome fic, as that is clearly the best way to get over the swine flu/possible mild cold, and really, couldn't some nice person on the street just hand me a laptop cord instead of me having to go and buy one?

5. There is a new girl dishwasher at my work. She is very fast at washing dishes, but this is because she doesn't treat my dishes with the care they deserve. I don't like her. She also doesn't polish the cutlery properly. Am not at all threatened by her.

6. Started rewriting the Arashi cafe fic on the plane back from Japan. Is starting to be more Nino/dishes than anything else, but it's awesome. XD

7. Everybody looks so freaking hot in the Crazy Moon PV that it's a little scary. Nino is hardly flaily at all and Jun has really pretty hair and I'm pretty sure Riida has found a way to bottle sex and is taking it for breakfast every morning instead of yoghurt. Aiba's outfit doesn't seem to fit with everybody else's, but I kind of like that too. Also, Jun and Sho are dancing in time!! WITH EACH OTHER! WTF is up with that? Arashi, I love you and possibly will forever, but I am missing my dorks and rainbows a little bit.

8. Did I mention that it is freaking cold here? Like, stupidly cold. I am thinking about hibernation. I might go get a hot chocolate and a blanket and turn on the heater and watch my Kokuritsu DVD. That will make the world happy, right?

9. I will stop whining now and go do stuff. When I get my computer working again I will catch up with everything and spending like a week just on LJ and this kind of thing, because I MISS YOU FLIST, I MISS YOU A LOT!!! <33333333
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* Tonight I introduced the kitchen staff at my work to Arashi. Their lives are all much improved from it.

* Arashi need to stop doing stuff while I'm at work so that I don't have a zillion GB worth of stuff to dload when I get home. Only not really, because it's awesome.

* Need to learn to say "no" when my boss says "how about one more drink" after work when I have a 10am class in the morning.

* Cute Kitchen Boy said Riida looks creepy in a bowtie but that Jun-kun can pull it off. Am starting to doubt he actually likes girls. (Or has eyes, because honestly? Riida is SUPER HOT in a bowtie!!!) Also, I <3 my calendar.

* Have actually alloted time on Thursday to catch up with LJ. Everyone's posts are saved in tabs and I have very clever and amusing things to say in reply!! I'm sorry for being such an awful friend!!! <3333333

* My horoscope for this week said not to make social engagements mid-week because I will need energy for the LOVE that will BLOSSOM later in the week. There are no cute boys at all in my ENTIRE SCHOOL and the boys at my work either think Riida is creepy in a bowtie or are just TOTALLY NOT AN OPTION, so I don't know how this will happen, but I will keep you posted anyway. IT SAID IT IN TWO DIFFERENT NEWSPAPERS, SO IT MUST BE TRUE, RIGHT???
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Thing 1 - Internetz
My internet was cut off on Friday or something and so I've spent the last few days with NO LINK TO THE OUTSIDE WORLD!! This means I have a spazzload of comments to reply to and like 7000 hours of Arashi stuff to watch. Being without the internetz is a horrible and lonely thing and I wouldn't wish it on anyone!!! Especially on the weekend the new PVs come out!!!

My opinion on this: if I wasn't so lazy, I'd totally change my ISP to one that doesn't suck arse.

Thing 2 - Arashi
Today I was supposed to go on a group date with Cute Kitchen Boy meet people from work to go see Slumdog Millionaire, but was too busy watching the close-up of Riida's butt at the end of the Kumorinochi, Kaisei PV over and over catching up with Arashi stuff and was late and missed it. I'm mostly okay with this, Riida's butt is totally worth it.

I'm kind of in two minds about the Believe PV. On one hand, it is Arashi and it's new and they are pretty. Very pretty. Especially Nino, he looks totally manly. Also, I'm pretty sure Sho has something stuffed down his pants, has anyone else noticed that??? But anyway, on the other hand, I miss the rainbows. Also, why are they in sewer tunnels? At any rate, I love the song. Especially the vocoder effects on their voices. So, overall, I'm leaning towards a thumbs up.

I think my opinion on the Kumorinochi, Kaisei PV is probably obvious. Riida needs to stop being so freaking awesome, it scares me a bit. <3333333333

I get my calendar on Saturday, yay!! Maybe before, if it comes into the shop sooner. I'm trying to avoid scans, but I can't help myself a little bit. I mean, it's not like I'm going to get sick of looking at them, is it.

My opinion on this: Arashi need to take a holiday, just so I can catch up with them. Also, I clearly have awesome priorities in life.

Thing 3 - Work
There are all these dramas going on between the owner and the cook, the cook and everyone else and the owner and the waitreses, and everyone keeps putting me in the middle because I am Switzerland. I think what they don't realise is that Switzerland never goes to war because Switzerland doesn't care who used the 5kg bag of mince!! Also, yesterday, Cute Kitchen Boy crushed the boxes and took out the bins after he finished work so that when I went to do it, it was already done. He also keeps doing Sparkle Eyes at me. Switzerland likes the Sparkle Eyes.

My opinion on this: Cute Kitchen Boy clearly wants to move to Switzerland. It totally doesn't matter that Switzerland is much older than him.
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Okay, so before I was in love. Now I am overwhelmingly in love! I need this in downloadable form, stat! There is a hip wiggle around the four minute mark that almost makes me pass out cold.

In other news, I've forgotten everything else I was going to post about from Riida's awesomeness. XP

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=> I've kind of half-arsedly caught up with LJ and things, yay! Half-arsedly, is that even a word?? Oh well.

=> I slept in and missed uni orientation today. It doesn't really matter, it wasn't compulsory or anything, but I was kind of looking forward to the free food. Also, it's possible that I'll never be able to find the library at my campus now. I have a handy map, but I'm kind of terrible at reading handy maps, so I'm dubious. At any rate, I should probably think about rejiggering my sleep schedule before next week.

=> The other day I bought a badge that says "I'm not gay, I just like rainbows". This kind of made me happy beyond words.

=> I am still liking work. They let me listen to my ipod. I am working on a dance that incorporates Arashi into stacking dishes, in the hopes that one day my life may actually turn into a musical.

=> memes!!!

Handwriting meme )

Interview meme )

Songs starting with the letter R meme )

Sharing the love meme )

=> I came like third or something in the [ profile] ohmiyaday fic contest, which made me happy!! But even happier than that was all the awesome comments people left! <3 And the most happy was that I made new friends!! HELLO [ profile] primroseshows and [ profile] oviparous!!! <333333 Am now totally motivated to finish my Arashi-are-detectives fic and my Arashi-battle-the-forces-of-darkness fic, and this other random fic I started the other night that I have no clue where it's going, although Aiba keeps trying to make it porn. (Ignore this, [ profile] sandy_phoenix, I'm totally working on my novel, I am!!) At any rate, the [ profile] ohmiyaday fic reveals are here, in case you wanted to know but didn't realise for some reason. Or you know, you didn't actually care, but wanted the link to my fic so you could tell me how super-awesome I am or something. XP

=> Right now, I am completely in love with this person!! Shocking, I know!! XP

=> Speaking of awesome, you know that photoshoot where Arashi are on a bus (or possibly a train carriage) and they're all sleeping on each other, and there are pics just of Riida and he's holding the strap thing and looks like the hottest person who ever lived? Where is that from? And are there HQ scans, because I've never been able to find them!

=> Also, is there a date for the new PVs to be released, or are they just going to spring them on us? Like, SURPRISE, HOT ARASHI FOR YOU! IN BOW TIES! AND ANIMATION!

=> This post is really way too long, hey!
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==> Friday night was the going away party for one of the teachers at my Japanese school. Spent the rest of the weekend revoltingly hungover. Clearly do not know when to stop drinking and am going to rectify this by never drinking again. When normal people are hungover, does it come with a black cloud of guilt, even if there's nothing really to feel guilty about, or is this purely thanks to my Irish-Catholic heritage??

==> Because of the evil hangover/black cloud of guilt, decided to cheer myself up with jdrama. Watched Nodame Cantabile, as I'd been putting it off because of the lack of Arashi members. Freaking loved it!!! It's so cute and sweet and funny and I love it!! I haven't watched the two specials yet, because then I got distracted by my sister wanting to watch Tiger & Dragon.

==> Seriously, if you haven't seen Tiger & Dragon and you have eyes in your head GO AND WATCH IT RIGHT NOW, because the hotness of Nagase and Okada and the MOUNTAIN OF SEXUAL TENSION BETWEEN THEM will make you the happiest person on the planet!! (Is also an awesome cure for evil hangover/black cloud of guilt)

==> This and also this make the world a better place for us all to live!! I have an awesome idea for the fivesome one and I even started writing Ohmiya porn earlier (which really was terrible and so I scrapped it, but the point is that I started!!)!! I'm sure I won't win or anything but there is going to be so much awesome fic to read that it really doesn't matter. XDDDDD

==> I am going to make an Utaoni post at some point, but I'm pretty sure it will pretty much be "OMG, he's so hot here" and "OMG, THIS IS SO CUTE" and "OMG, HOW CAN HE BE HOT AND CUTE AT THE SAME TIME", but it's Riida and he's awesome, so the post needs to be made anyway. <3333333333333

==> I seriously really love Jun's new hair.

==> My paid account expires tomorrow. How many icons will I have left? 15 or something? I'm pretty sure I may cry!!! Though, in all honesty, I really don't need a paid account. Or like 92 Arashi icons. XP

==> It was so hot today that I couldn't function as a human being, so I had a lovely nap. Then when I woke up I was sure there was a snake under my wardrobe. I accordingly freaked out and called my mother. She was like "go turn the light on and see if it's a snake and if it is, then run away", which was logical, if not helpful advice, as I'd taken my shorts off to nap and didn't really want to run down the street screaming with no pants on. Luckily it was just the strap off my adjustable bra. I kind of felt like a dick, but a happy kind of dick who didn't have a snake under their wardrobe.

==> Also?

this year i'm giving FIVESOME CHOCOLATES❤ to all my friends.

ohmiya is my my valentine
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Ah, I'm having issues with the internets!! I'm not sure if they're because I'm stupid or the internets are stupid, but either way, I won't lose to the stupid internets!!! XP Anyway, that makes me a day behind with this meme, so I'm going to cheat and post two days at once. XP


Rules: For eight days you have to post something that made you happy that day. Tag eight people to do the same.


*I made Hayashi Rice!!! Well, made it in the way where I bought the mix from the store and didn't actually cook beef or vegetables or anything and basically just had the mix stuff with rice. BUT IT WAS STILL AWESOME!!! XDDDD

*My internets are still on, yay!!!

*Managed to gather up $3.50 for a coffee!! <3333

*Am staying more or less caught up with LJ, did you notice???


*Also wrote more of novel!! (not just so that [ profile] sandy_phoenix wouldn't yell at me about the above point, I swear!!!)


*Internets still not cut off, yay!! I'm betting on tomorrow, as they tried to take money out of my account for it today and it wasn't there. But today, it's still on!!

*Also, finally got new modem/router, so not only is my internets on, it's STAYING on for more than five minutes at a time. BIG SUPER YAY! (I actually think the reason my internets is being wacky now is because some of the settings are wrong, because when I use my other modem it's okay, but I honestly can't be bothered spending half the day on the phone to tech support. I mean, it's forty degrees here!!)

*But yay, it's finally summer for real!! Yay for it being insanely hot!! Now my Nino uchiwa isn't only being pretty, it's also functional!!!

*VSA special!!

It's super awesome!! Beware of spoilers of awesome behind the cut! )

Just randomly, I wonder why they never do that Dangerous Surfer game anymore, they only did it once. Weird. But anyway, in the two-or-so days of my "I'm saving up all my Arashi shows to watch when I don't have internets" thing, I had forgotten just HOW MUCH AWESOME THEY ACTUALLY ARE!! <3333333 (Also, that was a stupid idea, what was I thinking???)

*I have lozenges!! BIG YAY!! My nephew gave them to me when I went to his house to get the modem. He also loaned me $30!! YAY FOR AWESOME NEPHEW!!!

*Uta no Oniisan preview!!!! YAY!!!

This makes me want to re-do the I'd tap that meme and have Ohno in the top 8 or so spots )

Ah, so the happiness meme is over!! It really should've been called the YAY meme. XP

Three more days to Uta no Oniisan!! Let's hope my internets holds out til then!!! XDDD
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Rightio, so let's just all pretend that the time since Tuesday has actually just been one REALLY long day and that I'm not actually complete and utter fail!!

Okay, that's better!


Rules: For eight days you have to post something that made you happy that day. Tag eight people to do the same.


* MERLIN!! OMG, MERLIN!! I did not intend to watch you, even though my entire flist was flailing over you, because I thought to myself "self, you do not need another fandom and really, how good can it be?" and then I sat there and proceeded to watch the whole thing, without moving off the couch except to get snackfoods. Arthur has incredibly broad shoulders and a GIANT crush on Merlin, and Merlin has cheekbones that could cut glass and a GIANT crush on Arthur and I have a GIANT girlcrush on Morgana. (And also, wasn't Inoue played by the girl who was Zoe Slater on Eastenders? I thought she was supposed to be in Ibiza, not Camelot!!!)

* MERLIN FIC!!! YOU ARE JUST AS GOOD AS EVERYBODY SAYS YOU ARE!! I also love how every second person in Merlin fandom, I am recogising from either JE or SPN fandom, I WONDER WHAT THE COMMON THREAD HERE IS???? Not that I've delved all that far into Merlin fandom as yet, because it didn't take long for me to get distracted by shiny, shiny Arashi fic. <3 (Though, if anyone has recs, lay them on me!!! [ profile] fluttering, I've worked my way through your AWESOME LIST OF AWESOMENESS!!)

* Speaking of Arashi fic, I read Things to do in Uzbekistan, which is like an Ohmiya SK origins fic, based on Ohmiya's own history for SK, and maybe everyone else has already read it, I don't know, but it's the greatest thing ever!!

* Although, Saudade by [ profile] waxrose is one of the most perfect things I've read in my life. This totally isn't supposed to be turning into a reclist, but hey, I've read a lot of fic lately!! XP


* Finished chapter 4 of my novel!!! Am actually happy with it! That brings my total word count up to almost 45,000, go me! Had a brief period of writer's block, but then started watching the Time concert and became unstuck around Friendship, and by Pikanchi Double, I was done. YAY!!! XDDDD

* My internet managed to stay connected for our writer's group!! Good times were had by all and [ profile] maegunnbatt made it online, yay!! <333333

* Had coffee with ex-boyfriend and the Cute Kitchen Boy acted suspiciously unhappy about this! Also, ex-boyfriend paid for coffee!! And herb bread! XD

* My sister came home for the weekend, as she has been stuck in Canberra and UNABLE TO WATCH THE JOHNNY'S COUNTDOWN! Watched it. It was still awesome.

* Wrote two chapters of AWESOME PRIVATE DETECTIVE!ARASHI FIC!! They wear trenchcoats!! JUN IS A LOUNGE SINGER! KAT-TUN are mafia guys and NEWS ARE HOT COPS!! (Except Massu, he's just a regular cop XP) Will probably need to find a beta at some point, as my tenses are all over the place and I'm worried about people being OOC.

* Uta no Oniisan. MORE LIKE UTA NO AWESOME!!! HE'S WEARING A PANDA SUIT, YOU GUYS!! A PANDA SUIT!! Only six more days, yay!!

* My nephew's housemate works at an electronics store and he's getting me a SUPER CHEAP new modem/router thingie, which means soon I won't have spastic internets anymore, BIG YAY!!!

Speaking of spastic internets, that's why my commenting has been so random lately, in case you were wondering.

Wowsers, I sure did pack a lot into that day!!! XP

I was going to do other memes too, but I kind of want to get this posted before my internet dies again, so I'll do them tomorrow.

Anyhoo, how are you guys??? <33333
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LOL, this posting every day thing really makes me aware that I don't have a whole heap to post about. XP I will try my best not to be boring though!!!


Rules: For eight days you have to post something that made you happy that day. Tag eight people to do the same.


* Went on a toast binge. Toast is awesome!

* During my nice evening walk, plotted out an entire Arashi AU fic of awesomeness. This is a different fic to the one I started yesterday. XP

* Wrote a bit more of my novel but then hit a block, so started on the previously mentioned AU fic. Decided that attempting to write two fics as well as the novel is a bit much, so I will now need to decide between demon-fighting!Arashi and Private Investigator!Arashi, but both make me very happy anyway.

* Watched Oshareism with Aiba. It was awesome, I loved the train series stories! <333 Would screencap, but the awesomeness of Aiba can't be summed up with mere pictures! (Not implying that the awesomeness of the rest of Arashi can be, mostly I'm just lazy.)

* Exfoliated!! Yay!

* Watched Shukudai 106 subbed. I liked the guest and I loved Riida's leaderish instructions "just do what you feel like". <3333 You know what else I loved???


Ohmiya duets!! I love them with a love that will never die!! And also!


I really, really, really, really, really like him too. <3333

* Also watched Mecha Ike. More like Mecha Awesome!!


I thought the hair really suited these two. Sho should seriously consider the ponytail as a more permanent thing! And Jun!! Even covered in flour and trying to fix his wig, he is still pretty!


Sometimes I love Arashi so much it causes me physical pain!!!

* I have lost a kilogram since Christmas! Yay!!

* Made a new friend!! Hello, [ profile] thefrug!!! <3333

Also, meme! Stolen from [ profile] jadenmd, which I'll put behind a cut, because this entry is already way too long!!


That was fun!! <3333
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Firstly, New Doctor = DO NOT WANT! I don't care if you're super awesome or whatever, I don't think I'll have the heart to go on post-DT!!

Secondly, meme!


Rules: For eight days you have to post something that made you happy that day. Tag eight people to do the same.


* My cafe reopened again after the holidays and I finally got decent coffee again!! Did the puzzles in the paper with Cute Kitchen Boy and noticed that the thing I thought was a hickey on his neck a few weeks ago is actually a cute little birthmark thing. He totally likes me. XP

* Chatted with [ profile] sandy_phoenix and [ profile] madeye1200 for the first time in ages, yay!! <33333

* Caught up on subbed Shukudai episodes! This is extra happiness that therefore warrants pictures!


* Had a Nino movie marathon! Okay, so Sukoshi wa, Ongaeshi ga Dekitakana isn't exactly a happy movie, but OMG, Marathon is SO FREAKING ADORABLE!! Am planning to continue this tomorrow with rewatches of Iwo Jima, Tekkon Kinkreet and Ao no Honou, yay! (Okay, none of those are exactly "yay" sort of movies either, but Nino is awesome!)

* Started writing Arashi fic. It threatens to be Epic and LONG, but the start is very sparkly!

Thirdly, it's like tomorrow here already and I need sleep!!

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Ah, the fact that this person exists in the world makes me very happy indeed!! Although at times I love Nino the other members an unbelieveable amount, Riida is just something special. <333 I think there is nothing he couldn't do if he tried, and he is funny and sweet and pretty much amazing. It wouldn't surprise me if he were a superhero!! He basically owns my soul.

So, like nearly everyone else, I am going to do HAPPY BIRTHDAY PICSPAM!! But first, a poem!!

For Oh-chan, on this, his 28th Birthday

Riida, I love you,
Like you love ramen and Nino and fishing and making heads out of clay,
I hope you have an extra-special, maximum-awesome birthday!!

Okay, picspam!! There is no real theme to this, except for "Riida is awesome". XP

So awesome that it takes an insane amount of picspam to get the point fully across!! )

Yay, I'm done with 14 minutes to spare while it's still his birthday in Japan!!! So let's ignore my total fail at replying to comments and posts on LJ for today, and celebrate 28 years of Ohno Satoshi awesomeness!!!! Yay, Riida!!!! <3333
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So, I've made a half-arsed attempt at catching up with LJ, and have resolved to do better from now on!! Possibly, you've all forgotten who I am, as I've been so slack at posting and commenting and whatnot, and I don't blame you at all. I haven't even made Maou reaction posts in weeks and tomorrow is the last episode. I will do it later.

Anyway, I started my new job nearly 2 weeks ago. It is good. I have made shiny new friends and we sit around on our breaks gossiping about our sleazy team leader, who thinks he's the hottest thing to ever hot, smells like BO and keeps faffing off to feel up his girlfriend when he's supposed to be helping us. IT'S GOOD TIMES!! Well, mostly good times, though today I am sick. I am hoping to be better tomorrow, as it's only 47 days until Japan and I still need to save like a zillion dollars more, therefore DAYS OFF ARE BAD!!

I haven't been doing much, besides working and sleeping and watching Arashi stuffs.

Last night I dreamed I was having dinner with Ohno and his mother. She made this awesome cheesecake thing, but she wouldn't let Ohno have any and she kept saying "None for you, Satoshi! You know it goes straight to your hips!" He was very sad, because the cheesecake was awesome. Why do I keep having dreams where Ohno's mother makes me food?? Anyway, she looked just like him, only with long hair and a flowery apron.

In other news, I can't stop watching that bit in this week's Shukudai where Nino hides behind the cardboard dog. It's the cutest thing ever.
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I've had an awful past week, and so I've been a really terrible LJ friend. I'm sorry!!! Please be expecting random comments to things that you've forgotten all about. Things are much better now, so hopefully I'll be able to catch up properly.

HELLO, NEW FRIENDS!! You are all super-awesome so far and I look forward to many fun LJ times with you!! <33333

I'm also late for Matsujun's birthday. I feel very bad about this, though I'm sure it's still the 30th somewhere in the world, right??? And anyway, it's not like he's exactly hanging out refreshing his friends page to see my birthday wishes. XP

But because he's a super-special person, he deserves a super-special birthday thinger, and of course that means POEM!!

Arigatou, Sparkly Prince of Awesomeness

Matsujun, you always look pretty
No matter what crazy thing you're wearing.
And you always try your best
Even when you're so totally overworked that you should probably be dead or comatose or something.
And if it wasn't for you
I wouldn't know anything about Arashi.
I feel bad that you're not my ichiban anymore,
but I still think you're the prettiest man in the whole world.
You are awesome!!

Yay, poem!!

Right, now for memes! )

There are other memes I've been tagged for, but they all involve some measure of thinking and right now I have to go get coffee and then watch Maou and all the 24 Hour TV stuff. And then attempt to catch up with the last week of my flist.

Because I've had such a hellish week, it might be a couple more days before I get the next part of the Epic Arashi Live Costume picspam up. Also, I START MY NEW JOB TOMORROW!! HOORAY! Wish me luck!!
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This is possibly really wrong, but it's 1.30AM and the crazy woman next door is playing generically bad music VERY LOUD and I'm thinking I really want to send her a tarot card. Is there a tarot card that symbolises "STFU, you crazy insane woman or at least get some taste in music"???

I just finished watching episode 8 of Maou, obviously. I have thoughts on it. They're not very clever thoughts or anything, and I should probably wait for the subs before I post about it, but if I wait I'll probably forget anyway.

Maou 8 )

So, I've been thinking about this a lot and I really don't want Nino to get his hair cut. It looks super hot at the moment.

Tomorrow I'm going to the St Kilda vs Adelaide game, which is always very high tension in my family. It's going to be really painful if we lose, because my sister and nephew are really bad winners. Not that we'll lose, because we're awesome. Though, my lucky Astro Boy underpants are in the wash, which is a bit of a worry.

OMG, she's still playing that music.
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Once upon a time there were five boys who had a dream. It was a simple dream, a beautiful dream, and these boys worked harder than actually humanly possible to make this dream a reality. In fact, one could even say they were for dream. That dream was to cover the world in RAINBOWS and SPARKLES.

Let's take a look at this heartwarming adventure and follow these boys as they become men. (Except Jun, who kind of becomes a girl.)


Note: most of this first lot of caps are super low quality because they were taken from fancams and stuff. But never fear, the shiny shininess of Arashi's costumes can overcome any obstacle!! All screencaps are taken from video from Arashian Files.


PART 1: ARASHI, THE EARLY YEARS! From Suppin Arashi to All or Nothing

2001: Suppin Arashi )

2001: Spring Concert )

2002: Join the Storm/All or Nothing - the outfits are the same )

And the award goes to... )
Next up, Part 2: Arashi the not-so-early years!!


Aug. 20th, 2008 12:15 am
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You know what makes me happy??

That's right, Arashi.

You know what makes me even happier than Arashi?

That would be Nino taking off Ohno's clothes!!!

Photobucket Photobucket

Because he's a grown man and can't possibly undress himself. )

The full view from behind is also very nice.


And you know what else makes me incredibly happy??

The fact that Sakurai Sho wears FAKE JEANS!! )

Who even knew such a thing as fake jeans existed?? What a world!!

Also? Nino is wearing a dress. I don't know why.

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I've been feeling super-crap lately. I think it's a combination of stressing about money/getting a job and doing more than I'm actually capable of. I've been combatting this by overdosing on Arashi and playing Dragon Quest 8 and that helps somewhat.

My Arashi live costume picspam is coming along nicely, I shall most likely post the first part either tonight or tomorrow, depending on how lazy I'm feeling. I have Japanese class tonight and need to do some study, because there are these two new guys in our class and they're really annoying, so I'm determined not to lose to them!!

I just finished watching Maou 7. Am now broken. I need to make my reaction post, but I haven't done episode 6 yet, so I shall do both now!!

Maou 6 )

Maou 7 )

You know, I'm kind of starting to miss Riida's sticky-up hair.

Ah, I was going to do memes too, but it's getting late and this post is already crazy long.
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I have decided that during my (hopefully brief) period of unemployment, that I need a project. Instead of doing something constructive like, you know, writing my novel or studying. I was thinking of one of the following:

a) a witty and intellectual picspam essay on the evolution of the Arashi live costume. Only with less of the witty and intellectual and more of the shiny-shiny-pretty. Shall include polls.

b) an analysis of Arashi's back catalogue and how many of their songs actually feature lyrics about rainbows/lucky/arashi, etc. Shall include pie charts.

c) a lengthy fanfic based on the premise "The Rules of Johnny's Jimusho: An Idol's Handbook". Shall (possibly) include KAT-TUN becoming strippers.

Anyway, so as almost all of Arashi's songs include rainbows/lucky/arashi and I'm really bad with pie charts, I've put that one on hold for now and I haven't really felt in a ficcish mood either, so I've spent the past few days screencapping Arashi cons. Some of them have just been fancams, which has been a bit painful, though hilarious and full of love. This post is going to be epic and in at least three parts, I'll start posting it later.

Last night I dreamed I was going fishing with Ohno Satoshi. We had to wear these matching waterproof overalls that had sequins on them and we had these plastic buckets for our bait that had fluffy handles. I was embarrassed because my fishing rod was really old. And, you know, I don't actually know how to fish. It was still awesome though, Riida's mother made us sandwiches!

Job interviews are boring, so I won't talk about them. If I don't get something that I actually want to do within the next week, I'll just get another call centre job, because it's only 11 weeks until Japan and I really need money.

I feel bad because I've been so lazy with LJ, even though I haven't been working. I have a bunch of your posts open in tabs and a heap of comments to reply to, and I haven't even made my Maou 6 post, even though I've watched it five times. 7 is already up, yay!!

I have a very busy day today, my nephew is coming over and we're going to the Adelaide vs Essendon game, then I have a going away party for my friends who are moving to England tomorrow. This is a lot for one little Ant to do in a day!! But then I just read that Sakurai Sho flew back from China yesterday for the Music Station interview, had a meeting, then dance practice and then had to fly back to the Olympics and I don't feel so tired. Take care of yourself, Sho! Make sure you eat lots of red meat!!!

I don't think I have anything else to post about. Going to catch up with LJ and Maou now. <333
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So, I was on my way to work yesterday morning when they called me to say I had the job I was interviewed for on Thursday. Yay, right? So, I went to work and resigned. That was all fine, I mean my team leader was unconvincingly upset and Harry almost cried and kept hugging me, but it was all good.

So, on the way home from work, I got a call from the new job saying "OOPSIE, NO YOU DON'T HAVE THE JOB AFTER ALL!"

This is me, unemployed.

With 2.5 months left until I go to Japan and still about $2000 away from my savings goal.

But seriously, how can you offer someone a job and then just take it back????

But then I got home and everyone had posted the Truth PV and then the Kaze no Mukou e PV, so life isn't all bad. Arashi makes most bad things go away. I'm sure I'll find something soon anyway, being super-awesome and all. Plus, now I'll have time to catch up on LJ and awesome things like that, yay!!

Anyway, I was going to post other things, like about how freaking awesome those PVs are, like with Matsujun's super NINJA KICK and then in Kaze no Mukou e, how he's wearing half a poncho-like thing! And just... Truth! Gah! Hot!!! Also about how my interest in the Olympics begins and ends with Sakurai Sho's involvment, so I went and saw the X-Files movie instead, and how Scully is still super-hot, only my nephew is here to go to the footy so I have to go.

Hopefully I will yell a lot at the football and work out my unemployment angst!!
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So, I haven't been to work for a week. The past few days I've been too sick to get out of bed and today I applied for a bunch of new jobs. I kind of feel a bit rubbish about everything, but I'm getting over it.

Anyway!! So I'm sure you all vividly remember a few day back when I did that questions meme and [ profile] starfishdance asked me if I could make an idol up from other bits of JE boys, what would he look like? Well [ profile] missmomoko photoshopped a picture of her perfect idol, and I decided to do the same.

So, here he is!!! )

So, on reflection, I decided that

really my perfect idol probably looks more like this )

But you probably knew that already.

I don't really have anything else to add. XP

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