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I finally figured out how to watch Japanese TV through VLC! Yay, me!! Not that it was terribly complicated, but I thought seeing as how I couldn't use keyhole TV or anything (I have a Mac), that it would be much more scary. Clubbox, on the other hand, has defeated me.

Arashi are doing a fourth show in Korea! Yay!! I'm not sure if this means I'm any more likely to get tickets, especially as they probably wouldn't get here before I go to Japan and I'd therefore have to physically collect them off the seller in Korea, but after feeling terribly bitter at everyone's Taiwan posts all weekend (and especially after watching the Niji fancam which is awesome in a subtley different way from the Time Con version), I am once again resolved in my Epic Quest to see Arashi. Woah, was that the longest sentence ever? And did you notice how I held myself back from making any puns about keeping the dream "a"live? I'm kind of proud of me.

Okay, so I know none of us need some award to tell us that Riida is the Best Actor, but I'm happy he won it anyway. <3333333

I'm still sick. I haven't been to work for like a week or something. The doctor did blood tests and popped the vein so that it bled back into my arm. This is actually as painful as it sounds. Anyway, the blood tests came back borderline for glandular fever (mono) and I had to have more tests. I didn't think you could get glandular fever twice, but after some careful research (wikipedia), I discovered that it's possible if you have a weak immune system. And you know, "weak immune system" is actually my middle name. This is the most inconvenient time ever to be sick, especially with the Australian dollar at like 65 yen. This is clearly not one of the things I'm happy about.

I finally got a bunch of stuff sorted for my trip today. None of it is actually interesting enough to post about (and yet, I am!), just travel insurance and stuff that I'd been putting off because that kind of thing annoys me. It's awesome to get stuff done!

I was happy about something else too... oh yeah, I have a jelly cup!! It's awesome!

I know I have once again been fail at commenting and all that. It's pretty much because I'm lazy and I feel rubbish, and I figure people don't want me making a bunch of blah posts on their journals. Not that any of you probably give it much thought and I'm just stressing over nothing. But it does actually really bother me when I neglect my flist, because you're all awesome. <333

I feel like I should post about all the awesome TV I've been watching while I'm sick (like Ppoi with the awesome chibi!Aiba-trying-to-kiss-chibi!Yamapi and my rekindled love for Supernatural), but this post is already way too long, so I'll leave that for another day.
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Yay, I got the job!!! XDDDDDDD

What an awesome way to start my birthday!!! NOW I MUST GO CLOTHES SHOPPING!!

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