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I finished watching the Taiwanese version of Hana Kimi last night. I was totally dissatisfied with the ending, but I now have such a girly crush on Wu Zun. I totally need icons with which to properly convey my love!!!

I think I still prefer the Japanese version, it is just SO FREAKING HILARIOUS!! I've been rewatching it with my sister and she's in love with OSCAR! I've been trying to convince her to wear a gold cape and a Phantom of the Opera mask when she goes running. If she does, I will post pics!

My manga-ban is over tomorrow, so I will start reading the Hana Kimi manga then. And Death Note, and FMA and there was something else too but I can't remember.

I totally fail though, I've been feeling so crap this week that I've done hardly anything, which means that next week I AM ON FIC-BAN AGAIN! And not just that but IPOD-BAN AS WELL!! It is going to be a very sad week for me!

I am totally bummed today because for some reason, all the vids in my 'stuff to watch' folder got wiped - wtf? It was all my Prince of Tennis and Cowboy Bebop and about 20 episodes of Bleach. THIS IS STRANGE AND NOT HAPPYFYING!!

Also, in case you missed it last time, go join [ profile] sasucakes!! It's where all the cool kids are!
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1. New chapter!

chapter 390 - somehow, I think it's about cupcakes again )

2. I spent all day yesterday watching Hana Kimi and it was awesome. I'm kind of in love with nearly every single character. I WANT TO GO TO AN AWESOME BOYS SCHOOL AND HAVE FUN HIJINX!!!

3. My fic-ban is lifted, yay!!! However, I failed at other stuff last week and now I have a MANGA-BAN! Obviously, this doesn't count the new Naruto chapter because... well, because I cheated.

4. I was going to post about my night out on Wednesday, but quite frankly it's all a bit of a blur and I don't think anything all that entertaining really happened anyway.

5. Maybe it was only four things. I really need coffee!!

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