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i am kind of in love with matt saracen.

that is all.
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I am still sick. I am so bored of it now. I have done no writing for like a month and all I do is sleep and watch TV. TV rules.

In the past couple of weeks I've watched all of Grey's Anatomy, One Tree Hill and Friday Night Lights and I've rewatched seasons 1 & 2 of Gilmore Girls and season 2 of Arrested Development, as well as all my regularly scheduled programming. I think I need some sort of 12 Step Program for TVaholics.

Also? I am so freaking in love with the Black Donnellys that it makes my head explode. The stupid site won't let me watch the episode 3 thinger though, does anyone know where else I could watch it?

Anyway, I have things to say about all this TV. Important, riveting things, hidden under incredibly tempting LJ cuts...

Firstly, the Black Donnellys )

One Tree Hill )

Grey's Anatomy )

Friday Night Lights )

Gilmore Girls [warning: anti-Rory-and-a-little-bit-Lorelai rant ahead] )

Oooh, I have hot cross buns!

Arrested Development )

And I forgot to mention this week's Prison Break )

Next I am going to try to give Smallville another shot and rewatch Supernatural. I have this idea in my head where I want to write a slightly AU, slightly Wincest episode-by-episode coda-type-thinger. Has that idea been done to death? It seems like the kind of idea that would be done to death, but I want to do it anyway.

Also? Jensen Ackles needs to stop being so hot or I will never get anything done ever again and just keep staring at those pretty pics that are everywhere.

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