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A Day In My Life


1. you must take between six and eight new photographs per day.
2. your WITL must be consecutive. no skipping days.
3. you must post your photographs at the end of that day, sometime after the last picture is taken.
4. each photograph must have the time taken beneath and a title, with no other explanation.

Day 4 - a very sad day! )

I am still kind of glum, despite the mole-hunting. I just haven't been feeling birthdayish. My mother says it's because I am old and birthdays aren't exciting when you're old, but I think she's wrong, I think that it is something larger, POSSIBLY SOMETHING WRONG WITH THE UNIVERSE ITSELF!!! Because birthdays are supposed to be sparkly, shiny things where everything is special just because. Ah, maybe things will feel differently tomorrow on my actual birthday.

I actually have nothing in particular to do tomorrow, anybody have suggestions??
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May is awesome so far, and this is why:

1. Bought the Arashi Around Asia DVD for $15!! How super-cheap is that! It is awesome and full of Ohmiya love and Matsujun having pretty hair and OF COURSE SPARKLY COSTUMES!!! There were many awesome moments of Matsujun being pretty and getting cranky with the rest of Arashi for interrupting his hair stylist. And lots of Ohmiya, which made me very happy!!! My Japanese is definitely improving, because I could understand like maybe 4% of what they said. For the rest of it, my sister and I just made up our own dialogue. Like this:

Sho: I am talking about the tour and stuff.
Ohno: If you don't get your hand off Nino's leg, I am going to kill you.
Matsujun: Do you think I look pretty? How is my hair?

2. $246 flights to Japan!!! THAT IS INSANELY CHEAP! AND A SECOND PERSON GETS TO FLY FOR $4!!! YES, FOUR DOLLARS!!! This means we are going in Oct/Nov this year instead of some time next year! DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW EXCITED I AM??? We are going to book our flights this afternoon! XDDDDDD

3. I am almost finished chapter 3 of my novel! GO ME! I AM AWESOME!

4. I've been so super-good this past week that I am not banned from ANYTHING!!! [ profile] starfishdance, if you're around later tonight, I will be on MSN - I HAVE MISSED YOU!!!

5. I bought a SPARKLY PINK BERET and it is awesome! Because it's sparkly. And pink.

6. Did I mention how excited I am about the Japan thing?? Because I'm insanely excited!

7. Tonight I am going to see my footy team play and WE ARE NOT GOING TO LOSE ANOTHER GAME THIS YEAR! I was a bit nervous because I took my lucky cups to the Geelong game a few weeks ago and we still lost, but now I've figured out that it's my Astro Boy underpants that make us win, and nothing to do with the lucky cups at all!! I HAVE THIS TOTALLY SORTED!

8. I think there was other stuff, but I'm too excited about the Japan thing to think of it.

I've been really slack with LJ this week. I tried to catch up with my flist, but it's possible I've missed stuff. If so, do tell me!!! I am also very behind on all my shows and various fandom stuffs. Possibly, one day I'll catch up.

Okay, now I'll meme. Can meme be used as a verb, anyway???

Reply to this post with the first word that comes to your mind when you look at the userpic of the person who replied before you.

1st person comments with the first word that comes to their mind when they look at my userpic.
2nd person comments with the first word that comes to their mind when they look at the 1st person's userpic.
3rd person comments on the 2nd peron's userpic..etc..

~ don't worry about deleting or editing your comment if someone commented at the same time as you, just continue on with the last userpic you see.

~ make a NEW comment each time, don't reply directly to the person above you!
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I am going to make little sub-headings for this post, because it's something different than my usual bullet points!!! Also, I shall also provide handy reference links to pretty pictures!!

LJ, wtf?

I didn't recieve any LJ comment notifications all day yesterday and I was feeling distinctly unloved, but then I checked the LJ homepage thinger and I had a whole bunch!!! WTF, LJ?? Is this happening to everyone else or is it just my email being weird??? Anyway, I will reply to those ones, but comments on other people's pages I can't see, so I can't reply to. I AM NOT BEING RUDE, I JUST DON'T KNOW!!!

Weird Dreams, wtf?

On Friday night I had a dream that [ profile] starfishdance and I lived next door to Yamapi. I was very excited about this, but my mother was all "Yamapi is annoying, every time I try to hang the washing on the line, he comes and talks to me and I can't get away from him". I went to get my laptop out of the car, because Jin, Matsujun and Hey! Say! JUMP were coming over so we could all workshop our novels, and Yamapi started talking to me about this Lord of the Rings RPG I was playing. He was very sweet and wearing this cardigan thing, but he really wouldn't stop talking to me, and I had to go and tidy up because I didn't want Matsujun** to think I was a messy slob. I think really, Yamapi just wanted us all to read his novel as well.

I would really rather read Yamapi's novel than HSJ's!!

[ profile] starfishdance, I think this dream probably directly relates to the conversation we were having on Friday night, no?

Then last night, I dreamed that I was Akanishi Jin's girlfriend. I don't normally have awesome dreams like this. He was like the perfect boyfriend, all lovable and caring and bringing me coffees! And he kept doing this cute smile I went on tour with KAT-TUN, but I don't actually remember KT-TUN being there because I only had eyes for Jin (and his incredibly sexy bottom lip)!! Then I had to go to school, at which point my dream changed and I was married to Matsujun, who was also my teacher. I was running late because I had to rearrange all the furniture in our bedroom, and when I got to school I was really upset because Jason Akermanis (very annoying AFL player who has stupid opinions on things) was sitting in my seat. It was upsetting because it was a special seat next to Matsujun because we were married, but I think really it was because of all the annoying stuff that happened yesterday (which I won't get into but involved random people being either mean to me or acting just plain weird, the angst over the footy and the apparent lack of LJ love). So, I punched Akermanis in the face and he ran away. I felt really bad and went outside, but then Matsujun came out and gave me hugs and I felt better. Then when I woke up, all my annoyance about yesterday was gone!!! MATSUJUN HUGS REALLY DO HAVE CURATIVE POWERS!

Other weird dreams I've had lately include getting bitten by this snake, whose poison made you incredibly happy and all you wanted to do was party until the poison killed you, and going to this carnival thing with Ikuta Toma. The carnival was actually some doomsday trap thing, and Toma was like an evil genius or something, but I foiled him because we were talking about Gokusen 3 and he was saying how he had it on DVD, and I was like "A-HA, Ikuta Toma! This is clearly a trap, because Gokusen 3 is still being shown on the telly!" and then the world was saved by my GENIUS POWERS OF DEDUCTIVE REASONING!

Footy, wtf?

Anyway, so yesterday (in RL and not my weird dreams) I went to the Adelaide vs Carlton game. This was very awesome because we had great seats and Adelaide won and at the end of the game we got hand-slaps from all the Adelaide players as they ran around the ground. Though, at the end it rained and now I think I have a cold.

Then I met up with my nephew, because I had to go to his house to watch the Saints game on Foxtel. It was the most frustrating game EVER, we didn't even kick a goal in the first quarter and I was very annoyed and depressed. It was doubly annoying because I really hate Port Adelaide with a fiery passion and wanted us to beat them by like 700 points. Also, they were very rough and unfair and some ugly Port bastard put out his arms and coathangered my Lenny around the neck! This guy seriously better never meet me in a dark alley, because I'm out for his blood!!! My Lenny looked beautiful though, he's done something different with his hair and it was all ruffled up and very awesome!!

But the game was very depressing!

** Most of the Matsujun pics are just linked to my LJ scrapbook preview thinger because they are stupidly big. If you want the stupidly big pics to keep forever because they are so pretty, just click on the picture to biggen them. XD
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Last night my team won the pre-season cup!! It doesn't mean anything in the grand scheme of things, but they were all happy and smiley and beautiful, so it made me very happy!! GO TEAM!!! Plus, the team we beat is my sister and nephew's team, so that just makes it doubly awesome!! XP And the newspapers today were full of my pretty, happy boys, so I have new pictures to stick on my wall!! YAY!!!

Meme: Four Things you May or May Not Know About Me )

I'm going to go for a lovely swim now, yay!!
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chapter 391 )

My team won the footy tonight! GO US! We are in the grand final now!! Of course, it's only the pre-season cup thinger, which doesn't mean anything at all, but it was good to see my boys all happy and pretty and hugging each other!!!

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So, tonight while watching the football, I had the awesome idea that for every goal my team kicked, I would eat an easter egg. It was an ingenius plan to help me moderate my chocolate intake, as my mother had bought me a whopping great bag of eggs and if I didn't have a dandy chocolate-eating system in place, I would just piggy the whole lot.

My team kicked 19 goals.

I think I may be ill.
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So, I'm making one of those dream team thingers on the AFL site, only you need 16 teams to make up your league or else you get merged with another league, and I don't want to get merged. Does anyone want to have a team in my league - you can win money and stuff. It is dandy fun. Or if you don't want a team, do you know anyone who does? I would rather have sort-of strangers than absolute strangers.

I need a footy icon for this year.

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