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So I wrote him birthday fic!! Though, he won't ever read it, so it's mostly for [ profile] starfishdance.

It's very short and not the greatest fic ever, as I wanted to get it written today but I slept very late. But it was written with a lot of love!!!

Okonomiyaki (of love) )

LOL, I had this awesome okonomiyaki on Monday night, but the restaurant was so slow that by the time they brought it out, I was running late and could only eat half. D: I have been mourning that half of my okonomiyaki ever since!!!

So, happy birthday, Yamapi!! I hope you have an awesome year filled with much delicious food!! Please everyone enjoy their food and have extreme reactions to its tastiness!!!!
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I went out and got very drunk and it was jolly good fun. Then I came home and the result of that was drabbles. They are probably god-awful, but I figure I should post them anyway. They're both in present tense and not really about anything at all, but yay, for I wrote stuff!!

Death Note sort of LxRaito drabble )

Naruto sort of NaruSasu drabble, but more team 7 gen I guess )

I'm kind of amused that when I'm mind-blowingly drunk, I'm still thinking about these boys! I may post about my drunken revelry later, after sleep, but I'm not so sure it'll be interesting.
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Woes, I can't spend the afternoon watching Death Note because my ex-boyfriend is coming over. He's going to bring food though, so I guess I'll forgive him.

I nearly have the first chapter of my Ouran/Naruto crossover finished! But the Tamaki POV part is BREAKING MY BRAIN! I think I need to eat more sugar so I can channel my inner!Tamaki. (But WTF, I've eaten a quarter of a cake today, any more and I'll go into a sugar coma!)

On that note, does anyone particularly want to beta a multi-chaptered, slightly cracky Ouran/Naruto crossover? I would give you cake. (Someone please take the cake away from me, or I'll eat the whole thing and then die!)

Oooh, meme! Gacked from [ profile] starfishdance, who gave me the letter K. (What sort of a letter is K? You're so evil!!!)

Comment and I'll give you a letter; then you have to list 10 things you love that begin with that letter. Afterward, post this in your journal and give out some letters of your own.

1. Kakashi's shoulders. Totally self explanatory.
2. Kripke, as in Eric, creator of Supernatural and the awesome movie Boogeyman.
3. Karaoke!!! I love making people listen to me sing!!!
4. Kung Fu Fighting by Carl Douglas. If I ever get married, I want this song played at my wedding :p
5. Koschitzke, Justin. #23 for St Kilda, the best AFL team EVER!
6. Konoha. Ninjas live there.
7. KIRA! Heh, heh.
8. Kyouya. He acts all cool and stuff, but inside I think he's just a marshmallow and secretly in love with Tamaki and I loved that episode where they all dragged him to the commoner fair thing and he woke up all like wtf. And when he tried to hit on Haruhi at the beach, that was awesome too!!!
9. Krispy Kremes. Well, they're okay. I'd probably like them better right now if I wasn't so full of cake. Mostly, I am just really running out of K words!!
10. Kakashi Gaiden! Because it was awesome.

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