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I've had an awful past week, and so I've been a really terrible LJ friend. I'm sorry!!! Please be expecting random comments to things that you've forgotten all about. Things are much better now, so hopefully I'll be able to catch up properly.

HELLO, NEW FRIENDS!! You are all super-awesome so far and I look forward to many fun LJ times with you!! <33333

I'm also late for Matsujun's birthday. I feel very bad about this, though I'm sure it's still the 30th somewhere in the world, right??? And anyway, it's not like he's exactly hanging out refreshing his friends page to see my birthday wishes. XP

But because he's a super-special person, he deserves a super-special birthday thinger, and of course that means POEM!!

Arigatou, Sparkly Prince of Awesomeness

Matsujun, you always look pretty
No matter what crazy thing you're wearing.
And you always try your best
Even when you're so totally overworked that you should probably be dead or comatose or something.
And if it wasn't for you
I wouldn't know anything about Arashi.
I feel bad that you're not my ichiban anymore,
but I still think you're the prettiest man in the whole world.
You are awesome!!

Yay, poem!!

Right, now for memes! )

There are other memes I've been tagged for, but they all involve some measure of thinking and right now I have to go get coffee and then watch Maou and all the 24 Hour TV stuff. And then attempt to catch up with the last week of my flist.

Because I've had such a hellish week, it might be a couple more days before I get the next part of the Epic Arashi Live Costume picspam up. Also, I START MY NEW JOB TOMORROW!! HOORAY! Wish me luck!!
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It is Dean's birthday today and because he is so darn awesome, I wrote him a poem.

Ode to Dean Winchester (on his birthday)

Dean Winchester is awesome, man
And that's why he never can
Think about hurting his Sam. (and also because they love each other and not like brothers)
He is better than honey-baked ham,
Or even, you know, a tasty flan.
Because he is awesome.
And incredibly good-looking.
And could kick anyone's arse even if Jack Bauer teamed up with Chuck Norris.
They would be toast.
Because Dean is awesome.

I have other things to say but they will have to wait because Dean deserves a post all of his own.


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