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I have a new job! I start on Monday. I haven't left my old job yet, which means I'll be working like 50+ hours a week. Probably won't catch up with LJ any time soon, right? (Unless the internet access at my new job isn't restricted XP)

This is good though. I have been in a state of depression for the last... well, month or so over missing Kokuritsu. Keep having to skip 5x10 on my ipod, because it's embarrassing to cry on the train!! This makes me more determined than ever to get to the Tokyo Dome shows. Am not ruling out various criminal activities for this to happen.

In other news, boys are stupid. Especially cute kitchen boys. Love is over!! Keep telling myself that it's okay, as I'm still in the middle of my journey and sometimes it's okay to take a detour, and even though the canvas can never return to white, I can paint tomorrow in a new colour. It makes me feel somewhat better.

In other, other news, those turtles from this week's Shukudai have left me traumatised!!!
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* Tonight I introduced the kitchen staff at my work to Arashi. Their lives are all much improved from it.

* Arashi need to stop doing stuff while I'm at work so that I don't have a zillion GB worth of stuff to dload when I get home. Only not really, because it's awesome.

* Need to learn to say "no" when my boss says "how about one more drink" after work when I have a 10am class in the morning.

* Cute Kitchen Boy said Riida looks creepy in a bowtie but that Jun-kun can pull it off. Am starting to doubt he actually likes girls. (Or has eyes, because honestly? Riida is SUPER HOT in a bowtie!!!) Also, I <3 my calendar.

* Have actually alloted time on Thursday to catch up with LJ. Everyone's posts are saved in tabs and I have very clever and amusing things to say in reply!! I'm sorry for being such an awful friend!!! <3333333

* My horoscope for this week said not to make social engagements mid-week because I will need energy for the LOVE that will BLOSSOM later in the week. There are no cute boys at all in my ENTIRE SCHOOL and the boys at my work either think Riida is creepy in a bowtie or are just TOTALLY NOT AN OPTION, so I don't know how this will happen, but I will keep you posted anyway. IT SAID IT IN TWO DIFFERENT NEWSPAPERS, SO IT MUST BE TRUE, RIGHT???
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Thing 1 - Internetz
My internet was cut off on Friday or something and so I've spent the last few days with NO LINK TO THE OUTSIDE WORLD!! This means I have a spazzload of comments to reply to and like 7000 hours of Arashi stuff to watch. Being without the internetz is a horrible and lonely thing and I wouldn't wish it on anyone!!! Especially on the weekend the new PVs come out!!!

My opinion on this: if I wasn't so lazy, I'd totally change my ISP to one that doesn't suck arse.

Thing 2 - Arashi
Today I was supposed to go on a group date with Cute Kitchen Boy meet people from work to go see Slumdog Millionaire, but was too busy watching the close-up of Riida's butt at the end of the Kumorinochi, Kaisei PV over and over catching up with Arashi stuff and was late and missed it. I'm mostly okay with this, Riida's butt is totally worth it.

I'm kind of in two minds about the Believe PV. On one hand, it is Arashi and it's new and they are pretty. Very pretty. Especially Nino, he looks totally manly. Also, I'm pretty sure Sho has something stuffed down his pants, has anyone else noticed that??? But anyway, on the other hand, I miss the rainbows. Also, why are they in sewer tunnels? At any rate, I love the song. Especially the vocoder effects on their voices. So, overall, I'm leaning towards a thumbs up.

I think my opinion on the Kumorinochi, Kaisei PV is probably obvious. Riida needs to stop being so freaking awesome, it scares me a bit. <3333333333

I get my calendar on Saturday, yay!! Maybe before, if it comes into the shop sooner. I'm trying to avoid scans, but I can't help myself a little bit. I mean, it's not like I'm going to get sick of looking at them, is it.

My opinion on this: Arashi need to take a holiday, just so I can catch up with them. Also, I clearly have awesome priorities in life.

Thing 3 - Work
There are all these dramas going on between the owner and the cook, the cook and everyone else and the owner and the waitreses, and everyone keeps putting me in the middle because I am Switzerland. I think what they don't realise is that Switzerland never goes to war because Switzerland doesn't care who used the 5kg bag of mince!! Also, yesterday, Cute Kitchen Boy crushed the boxes and took out the bins after he finished work so that when I went to do it, it was already done. He also keeps doing Sparkle Eyes at me. Switzerland likes the Sparkle Eyes.

My opinion on this: Cute Kitchen Boy clearly wants to move to Switzerland. It totally doesn't matter that Switzerland is much older than him.

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