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I feel like I should update, as I haven't posted since October, but I don't really have much interesting to say.

So, mainly, I've been watching anime. I finished watching Naruto, then I watched Ouran High School Host Club, which was the most awesome thing to ever awesome. Then I watched Bleach and Fruits Basket. I still love Naruto best though, the crazy little ball of ninja angst. I tried watching Avatar but it seemed a bit lame. I might finish at some point but probably not, because next I want to watch Death Note and Gravitation and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

What else have I done??? Um... I beat Final Fantasy X!!! Yes, I'm awesome, only like 5 years after the rest of the world. I had a bit of trouble with Seymour on the mountaintop, that blue fuck, but then I just leveled up a bunch and was fine from there. Am now playing FFXII but don't like it as much. Vaan is kind of gay and nowhere near as awesome as Tidus. I like Basch though, and Balthier.

Had a good Christmas. My nephew gave me an INFLATABLE TARDIS, which is FREAKING AWESOME! I can sit inside it with my blanket and read my book.

Read the Supernatural book, the one where they're at the Grand Canyon. It was LAME and very OOC. It made me weep tears of blood for its badness. On the other hand, the new eps of the actual show are SUPER-AWESOME, if only we didn't have to wait like ten years between each one.

My sister and I also watched all 9 seasons of X-Files. I have many things to say about it, only they've probably been said by everyone else ten years ago, so I won't bother. I am in love with Scully's boobs though. They are some fantastic boobs.

I've been to the movies a bit, on account of it's air-conditioned and it's crazy hot here. I saw The Darjeeling Limited, which I loved for all, The Golden Compass, which was nowhere near as good as the book, and Atonement, which I HATED WITH THE PASSION OF 1000 FIERY SUNS. Somebody give Keira Knightley a burger, STAT!

I think that's all the news from Antland. I really don't have a life, so much.
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So, it's that time again, Christmas wishlist time. I know I've been terribly horrid with keeping up with my flist lately, so if you'd like to post a link to your own wishlist in a reply, I would be happy to do whatever I can to bring the love. Or you know, just post and tell me what you'd like anyway, and I'll see what I can do.

I'm sure everyone knows the rules by now, but I'll post them anyway )

My Wishes

1. Meg's return to fandom. I miss her terribly.

2. LJ User Icons. Mine are up in about 4 days and I will cry without them.

3. Good health. Just one day of energy and no pain and frolicksomeness, that would be dandy.

4. Supernatural Season 1 DVD. Is it even out here yet???

5. A pretty LJ layout with pirates. Arrrrg!

6. Actually, an extension of my paid LJ would be handy too. I really need to get myself a credit card.

7. A Slytherin scarf.

8. Fairy lights.

9. A good credit rating. [ROFL, that is never going to happen]

10. A pretty yellow sundress.

Yay for Christmas!!!

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