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Aiba Masaki, sometimes I think maybe you're Jesus. It's not just because you were born at Christmas or that you can fly (and could probably walk on water, even if you have bad luck with boats) and I'm pretty sure you could turn mabo tofu into wine if you really tried. It's because everything you do makes me try harder to be a better person and when you laugh all the sins of the world are washed away and you make me thankful for being alive. The world can't be so bad if a person like you exists in it.

Also, I'm pretty sure you're a gift from God.


Happy Birthday, Aiba!! Please don't get eaten by a tiger, lion or other variety of wild animal in your 27th year (or ever). <3
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LOL, this posting every day thing really makes me aware that I don't have a whole heap to post about. XP I will try my best not to be boring though!!!


Rules: For eight days you have to post something that made you happy that day. Tag eight people to do the same.


* Went on a toast binge. Toast is awesome!

* During my nice evening walk, plotted out an entire Arashi AU fic of awesomeness. This is a different fic to the one I started yesterday. XP

* Wrote a bit more of my novel but then hit a block, so started on the previously mentioned AU fic. Decided that attempting to write two fics as well as the novel is a bit much, so I will now need to decide between demon-fighting!Arashi and Private Investigator!Arashi, but both make me very happy anyway.

* Watched Oshareism with Aiba. It was awesome, I loved the train series stories! <333 Would screencap, but the awesomeness of Aiba can't be summed up with mere pictures! (Not implying that the awesomeness of the rest of Arashi can be, mostly I'm just lazy.)

* Exfoliated!! Yay!

* Watched Shukudai 106 subbed. I liked the guest and I loved Riida's leaderish instructions "just do what you feel like". <3333 You know what else I loved???


Ohmiya duets!! I love them with a love that will never die!! And also!


I really, really, really, really, really like him too. <3333

* Also watched Mecha Ike. More like Mecha Awesome!!


I thought the hair really suited these two. Sho should seriously consider the ponytail as a more permanent thing! And Jun!! Even covered in flour and trying to fix his wig, he is still pretty!


Sometimes I love Arashi so much it causes me physical pain!!!

* I have lost a kilogram since Christmas! Yay!!

* Made a new friend!! Hello, [ profile] thefrug!!! <3333

Also, meme! Stolen from [ profile] jadenmd, which I'll put behind a cut, because this entry is already way too long!!


That was fun!! <3333
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Firstly, New Doctor = DO NOT WANT! I don't care if you're super awesome or whatever, I don't think I'll have the heart to go on post-DT!!

Secondly, meme!


Rules: For eight days you have to post something that made you happy that day. Tag eight people to do the same.


* My cafe reopened again after the holidays and I finally got decent coffee again!! Did the puzzles in the paper with Cute Kitchen Boy and noticed that the thing I thought was a hickey on his neck a few weeks ago is actually a cute little birthmark thing. He totally likes me. XP

* Chatted with [ profile] sandy_phoenix and [ profile] madeye1200 for the first time in ages, yay!! <33333

* Caught up on subbed Shukudai episodes! This is extra happiness that therefore warrants pictures!


* Had a Nino movie marathon! Okay, so Sukoshi wa, Ongaeshi ga Dekitakana isn't exactly a happy movie, but OMG, Marathon is SO FREAKING ADORABLE!! Am planning to continue this tomorrow with rewatches of Iwo Jima, Tekkon Kinkreet and Ao no Honou, yay! (Okay, none of those are exactly "yay" sort of movies either, but Nino is awesome!)

* Started writing Arashi fic. It threatens to be Epic and LONG, but the start is very sparkly!

Thirdly, it's like tomorrow here already and I need sleep!!

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I leave tokyo in two days. this is very depressing. i want to live here forever. omg, this internet cafe is the greatest thing ever, it's nicer that my house, though the punctuation is a bit weird.

am staying in shibuya atm, and EVERY FREAKING GUY looks like nino. wtf, why is that hair so popular! STOP LOOKING LIKE NINO, PEOPLE, IT IS MAKING ME CRAZY! my hotel is right around the corner from the JE building, which is actually much less exciting than you would expect. It is kind of cool to walk to the station every day and see 'Johnnys family club' on the building though.  Freaking Chinen is everywhere in this country! Arashi are basically only on the AU ads, I hardly see them at all!!

We went to Aiba's family restaurant the other day and met Aiba's mother. It was awesome, I have pictures and things, which I will post later.

Saw lots of people coming home from the ABC/Kiss my ft 2 concert today and it made me wish I had've gone, as they had sparkly things.

Went to Ebisu Garden Place today, it looked just like in Hanadan, only with more people taking pictures.:P

Tokyo is kind of tiring me omut now, I'm a little bit depressed and wanting to be home. I miss you all!!!!!! Also I hae spent far too much money on Arashi stuff and am now flat broke! *
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Things That Are Awesome!

1. This icon! Looking at it makes me happy. XD

2. New friends!! Hello, [ profile] a_brokenangel, [ profile] audny_albatross, [ profile] augustfai, [ profile] denwa, [ profile] fluttering, [ profile] hitorikiri, [ profile] inuhariko, [ profile] karasu_0, [ profile] midori_uma, [ profile] mutekinonna, [ profile] penmi, [ profile] roobes83, [ profile] sapah_fu, [ profile] shigai and [ profile] viridian_virtue!! (I really hope I didn't forget anyone!) Um, I may have gone a little crazy on the JE friending meme, I guess, but new friends are always good!! I should probably make an introductory post or something. Maybe tomorrow.

3. HANADAN FINAL! It was awesome and Hanadan-ish and it had THIS AMAZING TIGER PRINT SHIRT!!!** Sometimes I forget how much I love him!


4. "Beautiful Days" goes on sale when I'm in Tokyo!! This means I can go and buy it from an actual shop!! This probably shouldn't be nearly as exciting for me as it is, but, well, it is!! So far, everything about Ryusei no Kizuna seems awesome, though I'm a little worried about the influence Ryo will have on sweet, innocent Nino I haven't been this excited about a new drama since... Maou.

5. I went to the footy on Saturday night (which wasn't awesome) and met [ profile] potterette (which was)!! She gave me an awesome pair of St Kilda socks, which cheered me up throughout our 10 goal belting. Because we lost, it was Robert Harvey's last game (he's been playing since 1987, that's 21 years for anyone who can't be bothered adding it up) and everyone spent the last 15 or so minutes cheering his name, it was very emotional. I've never seen so many tough-looking men crying before.

6. It was my sister's birthday the other day. She has always sworn she hates KAT-TUN, but sometimes I'll catch her secretly listening to them, so because I'm hilarious awesome, I bought her Queen of Pirates. I got a text message from her the next day at work that said "Queen of Pirates - more like QUEEN OF AWESOME!" and now I kind of want a t-shirt that says that.

7. Ohmiya Magic!! Riida looks so proud of himself*** for pulling off what was possibly the lamest magic trick since Gob Bluth made the family boat disappear! <3


8. Went to Karaoke for my sister's birthday and we rocked the bollocks out of A.RA.SHI! (Okay, that sounded kind of wrong!) And by rocked, I mean we sang it and did the dance moves, though I can't say if there was anything tuneful involved. I kind of failed at the rap part too. But we still rocked!!

9. Tickets for Arashi in Korea go on sale Wednesday morning and I am getting them. I am determined!! Because apparently NINO is doing NIJI instead of Gimmick Game and there is no freaking way on this planet I'm missing it!

Things That Aren't

1. I'm sick again, or possibly still. I had a throat infection last week and missed a few days of work and today it seems like it's moved to my chest (is that even possible?) and couldn't go in again. Tomorrow seems unlikely too. Luckily, I've been saving like a crazy saving person and this isn't going to screw me up too badly for Japan. (Which is only 5 weeks and 10 hours away, YAY!!)

2. My modem keeps randomly turning itself off, wtf? And when I walk over to reset it, it magically comes back on again, but as soon as I sit down, that's right, off again. It's like a war of wills between the modem and me, and I think the modem has the upper hand. I've got back to skip 100 on my flist, but I think I will have to leave the rest of my catching up for tomorrow, because I can't win this epic standoff while I'm sleepy. XP

**Not behind a cut because Matsufashion makes people's lives 500% better
***Also not cut because Riida is too cute

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