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Mar. 1st, 2010 05:34 pm
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Work was kind of bleh today. I only stopped about 45% of my customers from disconnecting their account, and my rate is supposed to be 68%. It double sucks, because it's double-commission Monday. And also because I didn't get to see Trainer. On the up-side it was only a 5 hour shift, so that was super good.

So, I was on the bus home and it was full of annoying school kids and such and I was all like >X or however that angry smiley face goes, and I got this phone call from my sister:

Sister: 5X10 DVD!!!
Me: OMG! *actual facepalm*
Girls opposite me: *worried looks*
Me: When?
Sister: NEXT MONTH!!!!
Me: OMG, so soon!
Girls opposite me: *super-concerned I've just terrible news of an impending fatal illness or something*
Sister: it's Kokuristu and also stuff from ALL FIVE DOMES!!!!
Me: *spastically emotional over Arashi on the bus*
Girls opposite me: OMG, YOU'RE TOO YOUNG AND BEAUTIFUL TO DIE!!! (They didn't say this out loud, but of course they were thinking it.)
Sister: We can pre-order it. Or alternately, fly to Japan and buy it. (She's collecting points on her Tower Records card.)
Me: Don't be acting crazy. We need to save our money to go later in the year for concerts. And then for both Gantz movies.

And that made my day like, a zillion times more awesome. XD

In other, non-Arashi-releasing-the-DVD-like-six-months-before-I-expecting-or-doing-otherwise-awesome-things news, I spent the weekend watching dramas. (And getting very drunk at a wedding with free booze, but apart from me losing $10 on a bet with some random guy that I could beat him at Galaga, it was fairly uneventful. I wouldn't have lost, only the button on the player 2 side was whiskey-infested and kept sticking. It was a very shameful experience, on account of the guy was a total douchebag.)

I started watching Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge (or as I like to call it "Kame loves an emo chick"), which was super freaking awesome!! How did I not know about this drama??? It's got Kame and Tego and UCHI!! And they're super good-looking guys living together (with some other guy who is unfamiliar to me, though I feel like he's probably someone really obvious) and they have to make over the owner of the house's niece. She's one of those... I can't remember what they're called, you know, those girls who love creepy stuff. It's also got Kato Seishiro in it, that adorable kid who wears the bowtie and stuff? Anyway, it's a bit like if Hana Kimi and HanaDan had a bastard child that was raised by Nobuta wo Produce, only a bit gayer. Clearly awesome.

Then I started watching Hidarime Tantei EYE (or as I call it "Yamada has a psychic eye that makes him gay and Yokoyama Yu is awesome"), which was a bit confusing at first, on account of I didn't realise it had a prequel thing last year. It's kind of lame in an awesome way. Yamada has psychic flashes in his left eye on account of he got it in an eye transplant from his older brother, Yokoyama Yu, but to get a vision, he has to be PUNCHED IN THE EYE! Oh yeah! It results in many awesome scenes, like Yamada flailing around banging his eye against the wall, all like "HELP ME, EYE! HELP ME!" and stuff. Not intentionally hilarious, but hilarious nevertheless.

And that's it for the life of Ant thusfar. DVD - YAY!!! XD
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This is somewhat belated, I suppose, and I probably should've written it straight after the concerts so I didn't forget things, but I've been on an Arashi high ever since and therefore not really all that coherent, so it was probably better to wait. XP I'll do a post about my trip as a whole later, but for people who don't really care about that and want to hear about Arashi, I'll just post the con report for now.

So, it all started one sunny winter's day in Tokyo, when two girls came to realise that dreams really can come true...

Friday, December 4 - pre-concert stuff )

Friday, December 4 - actual concert )

Of course, the next day we went straight out and bought tickets for the Sunday night. XP

Sunday, December 6 )

After the concert, we met up with [ profile] oviparous and went and had coffee, which was also the perfect ending, as she's like the sweetest person ever. <33333

And anyway, so now I'm left with this feeling that's sort of like if it's possible to achieve this dream, then maybe you can achieve any dream if you work hard enough, and that I shouldn't get brought down by stupid things, because there's something bigger and better out there. And that no matter what happens, there will always be Arashi to make me feel better.

Also? I'm totally going to all five domes next year!

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