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* One day I might finish posting my caps of Mary Stayed Out All Night, but I don't know. I kind of lost enthusiasm after the change of writers around episode 10 and even the power of JGS's pretty can't get it back. Plus, I think I've run out of funny.

* I screencapped the Scene DVD when I first watched it, but it was LQ and therefore way too much work to make the caps look OK. I may redo it when I get my actual DVD though. Who knows with me, I am clearly a bit flighty.

* I am screencapping all the Shukudai eps in my Great Arashi Rewatch. The early eps are all LQ too but the awesomeness makes up for it. I'm up to... the late 20s, I think. This may turn out to be a year-long project because there are lots of eps. It's a fun project though. I really miss watching Arashi eat strange and unusual foods.

* I am currently obsessed with watching Aiba do Cliff Climb. This isn't relevant to anything else, except that Aiba has awesome forearms and that thing he does with his fingers when he doesn't want to get a grip is very dirty-looking and hot.

* Yesterday when I walked my dog there was a SNAKE! It was very scary, probably for the snake as well, but I faced down the snake bravely and came away unscathed. When I say bravely, I mean that the dog and I ran away while the snake made its escape. But then I had to walk back that way to get home and I didn't know where the snake was!! Snakes are scary.

* I have had Mega Housemate Dramas. Well, it's been better since I made the Italian guy cry, he actually pays his bills now and hasn't set anything on fire for at least two weeks. Mauritian guy is going back to Mauritius for a month tomorrow, so he will probably be less annoying (and less of a creepy pervert) for a while too.

* I think I have a throat infection. I am talking like the Godfather and my throat is all puffy. I want ramen, I think ramen would cure it.

* I finally watched Inception. It is a lot like this fanfic I read once, only without Ohmiya having sex.

* I also watched Scott Pilgrim vs the World. It was good and Michael Cera is awesome, but it wasn't as good as Aiba Masaki vs Cliff Climb, mostly for the aforementioned reasons.

* Uni starts again in two weeks. This is good, because I miss studying, but bad because I fully intended to be much more productive this summer. I'm sure I could come up with good excuses as to why, but mostly it was just laziness and the addictiveness of kdrama. I will make a post one day about all the kdrama I watched this summer with a handy little rating guide and stuff. Maybe.

* I have a new life goal, which is to become one of the "top listeners" of Arashi on I am trying to do it without cheating, and I think I probably can do it now that I've worked out how to scrobble stuff from my ipod instead of just my laptop. There are probably people from my flist who I should friend on, I am antpower there if anyone is still reading after all this waffle.

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Happy Birthday, Sho
Yo, yo
I'm going to talk in rap for the whole day
Hey, hey
Clap your hands like this, yo
And maybe even wear a double parka
Even though it's the middle of summa
I was going to post my caps of the Scene con
But I made like 1200 so it's taking too long
But if I finish I'll still do it
Sui sui
Put your hands in the air
My life is my message
Yeah yeah.
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1. Holidays were good. Went to my mother's house in the country and ate myself stupid. Didn't make it nearly as far through my "stuff to watch" folder as I expected, or my "fic to read" folder because of all the sleeping and eating, but I can live with that. It cost me a stupid amount to transport my dog interstate though, and as a result I am incredibly poor. Like the little match girl.

2. WTH is up with all this apocolyptic weather, anyway? Maybe Arashi are literally causing a storm throughout the world? Maybe they should change their name to "temperate weather" or even something like "free cakes". I could really handle them causing free cakes throughout the world.

3. Have been feeling total balls the past week or so, so I've taken to my bed and watched Korean dramas. I might do a post about them later, when I'm feeling less lazy.

4. Am going to finish recapping Mary Stayed Out All Night at some point. I was going to stop, because it's terribly time consuming, but it's also a good excuse to look at pretty JGS, so there's that. Am also screencapping AnS in my Great Arashi Rewatch, though this might be more of a year-long project than a summer project. I wish I had more episodes in HD.

5. Lately I've been having a problem with downloads that kind of... stick. Like, at a certain point they just stop downloading, even though they say they still are. If I pause/unpause them they keep downloading, but it's very annoying if you wander off and expect them to be done when you get back and they're not. Is this just a me thing, or does it happen to other people?

6. I wish they would hurry up and say when Gantz is coming out in Australia. I need to make plans!

7. Today is Lenny Hayes's birthday. Happy Birthday, my favourite #7!

8. I still haven't ordered the concert DVD. This is directly related to point #1. :(

9. I can't tell if my dog is sick or if she's just being lazy because of the awful weather and the fact that she eats way too much. (I'm pretty sure my housemates have been feeding her behind my back.)

10. I started rewatching Yamada Tarou last night. It's very comforting. Why does Nino look more manly when dressed as a maid? One day I will get around to reading the manga because I want to know if Mimura is actually supposed to be in love with Tarou or if it's just a Sho thing.


Jan. 13th, 2011 10:31 am
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Does anyone know where I can find the mp4 versions of the Dear Snow and/or Hentai Sora PVs??? Have tried the usual things and the only files I can find are apparently not compatible with my ipod - wth???
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Okey dokes, so I'm going to my mum's for Christmas/New Year and I don't think I'll have proper internets. I might have phone internets, but the LJ app on my phone is total arse, so I'm not holding out hope.

This means I'll miss Aiba's birthday. Not that I think he's glued to my LJ for his birthday message or something, but there'll be a zillion posts to catch up on. Anyhoo, HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOR TOMORROW, YOU BEAUTIFUL PERSON!! <3

I am taking my dog with me. She's never flown before and she's terrified of even going in the car, so I've been super nervous about taking her. And what if I get to the airport and they won't let her on the plane for some reason (even though I've called and checked all the details three times), what will I do then??? I can't leave her at home with my housemates, they feed her all sorts of weird foods and things and leave the front door open and wouldn't walk her or know when she feels sad and needs to cuddle her emu. *sigh* I hope everything goes okay!!

In other news... I've done nothing since exams finished. At all. I got my results - I did okay, I got a B in Asian Studies though (I blame Gandhi), but As in Japanese, History and Linguistics, so I guess I shouldn't be too disappointed. I got a 91 in Linguistics - wtf??? Anyway, now I want to change out of Asian Studies (I'm actually doing a Bachelor of Asian Studies) to something where I won't get Bs. Like English or something. I think I need to figure out what I actually want to do with my life (besides write awesome books. And you know, watch Arashi and stuff, because nobody pays you for that) and then go from there, but that's lots of big thinky stuff and for the next couple of weeks I plan to just eat myself stupid and watch the 100+GB of stuff I've got backlogged!

Right, off to walk the dog and try to fit the laptop in my suitcase somehow. HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!! AND MERRY NEW YEAR!! <333333333
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Episode 1
Episode 2

This is the episode where the plot doesn't really thicken, or do much else but hang around in the background all like "I'm here, hello??" while Mary and her fake husbands have various unrelated hijinx. But that's okay, because JGS is still pretty and his hair is still shiny, and in this episode, love really starts to blossom. (Just not for Mary...)

Episode 3 recap - still a bit image heavy but less than previously )
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This episode took me forever, because it was just too adorable and I ended up making something like 400 screencaps, and then they were all too pretty and adorable to cut back and I had to force myself to choose! But I can't be amusing for 400 screencaps, and I think I've learned a valuable life lesson in the process, which is "not every pretty expression JGS makes needs to be captured". Or something.

So, this is the episode in which the plot thickens (or at least begins. Kind of), and... well, not much else, but JGS wears this pretty green cardigan that sets off his prettiness, and that's really all that matters.

In case you missed it click here for episode 1

Episode 2 Recap - about as image heavy as the last one, because I have a will of steel in the face of prettiness - now in HD! )

Episode 3
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The thing about "Mary" is that is just so completely freaking adorable.

You know when you watch the first ten minutes of a show and you fall completely in love? You love it so much you can even overlook glaring plotholes and cliches and things that don't make sense (like Domyouji having amnesia, for example), all those things don't matter, because you're in love, and the only thing that pops your love-bubble is when you run out of episodes. You know that feeling? Well, I feel a bit like that about Mary Stayed Out All Night (sometimes called "Marry Me, Mary", if you're looking for the files or anything, though I don't understand how they translate to be the same thing, really).

My binge on K-dramas came to an abrupt end after the travesty that was "Coffee House". I decided they were all the same, cute beginning, dull middle, nonsensical ending. I was a broken person, and I swore off them forever. But the lure of Jang Geun Suk as an indie rocker was too much, and thus, I was completely sucked in.

Episode 1 recap - somewhat image heavy )

episode 2
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* New MacBook Pro - it is pretty and shiny and doesn't spazz out all the time so I lose my important things. It does mean that I can't go to Arashi in Fukuoka though, but I can watch them in HD now, so I'm trying not to be too sad about it.

* Aiba + Jack Bauer - this clearly doesn't need explaining.

* Writing - it feels like it's been forever!! I am going to do a nanowrimo type of thing for summer where I try to write 100,000 words by the end of Feb. Clearly I will need to make colour-coded spreadsheets and things for my word count. That also makes me happy.

* Car! - my sister is going to Thailand or somewhere for a month, so I get her car! Yay! No more bus for me!

* Great Arashi Summer Rewatch Project - I'm going to start on Shukudai tomorrow and will probably post hilariously clever commentary about it as I go.

* Gantz - even though I think it's wrong they're releasing it in America before Japan, and the thought of them dubbing over Nino's voice makes my brain implode, I am still ridiculously excited!!!

* Mary Stayed Out All Night/Marry Me Mary - I know I swore off K-drama, and the concept for this is ridiculously cliche, but Jang Guen Suk is just so terribly adorable that I am addicted. I even watched the past 2 eps without subs, even though the only word I know in Korean is "aigoo". I may make a recappy type of post about it at some stage, just so I have an excuse to screencap the prettiness of JGS and his shiny, shiny hair.

* There is probably more, but I really need to walk the dog now. One day I will post a proper update that isn't all in bullet points, and probably all about the mental deficiencies of my new housemates.
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Like the subject line says:

* catch up on sleep! (#1 VIP priority!)
* catch up on six month worth of LJ (really should've just gone on hiatus, probably)
* catch up on Arashi (haven't watch anything in ages! Well, except for Freeter and Oguri Shun M5, and Time con while studying, but that doesn't count)
* finish writing novel (lol @ "finish" part)
* write "Sakurai Sho: Love Detective" fic (featuring Nino looking for love in all the wrong places and Aiba as a caberet diva and... other awesome stuff I haven't thought of yet)
* buy something to stop mosquitos from biting me (and something to make the 58 bites I already have stop itching)
* go see Arashi in Fukuoka (and my sister too, though that's obviously less important XP)
* sort out all the crap in my wardrobe
* teach dog to come when I call her (and also to make me dinner - why do I have to do all the work around here! She never gives me pats either.)
* buy a new laptop
* read all the Merlin fic I've bookmarked (new habit acquired while studying for history exam on the origins of Arthurian legend and convincing myself it was productive)
* visit mum for christmas
* look into how much it will cost to take dog with me to visit mum for christmas
* attempt world record for most consecutive days spent in pyjamas

Ah, internets and awesome people on internets, I have missed you!!! <3
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Okay, so I don't check LJ for a few days and all of a sudden there is a new PV, a textbook, even a freaking ARASHI JUMBO JET, this is getting ridiculous, right? Soon, Arashi are going to rule the world. It will be like Narnia, only sparklier and without the talking beavers.

Anyway, I have thoughts on the new PV.

1. I know I said I'd watch them do anything, but honestly, watching them sleep was more interesting.

2. Are they in fairyland?

3. How long will it be until Aiba Masaki is so hot the world explodes? Every day he gets hotter, how is this possible?

4. I am happy there's a rainbow though. I'd be happier if they were dancing on it.

Also, I just finished watching Coffee Prince! It is so much the superior Korean drama about coffee!! I have thoughts on that too.

Thoughts on Coffee Prince )

I think that's all I have to say. I have a headache and wish I could nap now instead of doing stuff!!
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title or description

Once upon a time, Whitney Houston proclaimed that the greatest love of all was "learning to love yourself". She was clearly wrong, as we all know that the greatest love of all is the pure and unconditional love a girl has for her favourite idol group. Or maybe Nino's love of money or Ohno's love of fishes or Jun's love of shiny stuff, it's a matter of great debate.

Anyway, the point is that if it weren't for this Very Special Person, most of us would never have been lured into this love! Sure, we'd be able to afford a shiny new laptop by now and loads of awesome shoes, but that kind of thing is no longer important to us, because we have Arashi!

And this great love enables us to do many things! We feel obligated to get out of bed and go do our best when we'd rather just sleep because of it. We have the strength to break down any walls because of it! We learn Japanese because of it. We know how turtles sound when they have sex because of it and how many helium balloons it takes to make a grown man fly. And because of it, I got to meet [ profile] oviparious! Happy birthday, Lydia, I hope you're having an awesome day!!

And because I love Jun and Lydia I wrote (incredibly short) fic!!

Once upon a time there was The Camera. The Camera loved Jun and Jun loved The Camera back. They lived happily ever after. (Except for that one time on VS Arashi with the golfing incident, but they made up almost immediately afterward.)

So, thank you, Matsumoto Jun! Thank you for sparkling so brightly you can be seen from the moon, thank you for always ripping off your shirt during concerts, thank you for your awfully pretty Sawada Shin hair that made me love you in the first place, thank you for wearing that half-poncho/half-vest thing in the Kaze no Mukou e PV, thank you for making Arashi play Kabbidi and various other minor sports, thank you for the way you go a bit off key when you sing "百年先も" in One Love and for everything else that makes you your very special, marvellous self!


I am off to bake a delicious strawberry sponge cake for Jun's birthday and also because my sister's visa for Japan got approved today. Yay, cake! XD
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Okey dokey, so you know how I was saying I needed to do a friends cut the other day, it ended up being a bit bigger than I expected. I cut about 70 people and about 100 comms!!

Basically, if I didn't know you by your username, I cut you. If we never talk, I cut you. If you've hardly posted in the past few months, I cut you. If the only thing we ever had in common was a fandom that I'm/you're no longer in, I cut you.

I figure this is fair. There are people that I talk to a lot and who always post lovely comments to me and stuff, and I feel bad that I'm skimming their posts or not replying as often as I'd like to them because I'm reading back to skip 10000 on my flist.

I'm sorry if anyone is offended by this, but I really need to keep things at a manageable level, or I'll just end up avoiding LJ completely and that would be sad! No hard feelings to anyone or anything.

P.S. Thanks to everyone for the awesome linguisical help on my last post, it made things much clearer!! I totally wasn't a dumb-arse in class this week! <3
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* I shall never really understand what an allophone is, I am convinced. I think it's like r/l is an allophone is Japanese and they're both represented by r but every time I think I understand this type of thing, I find out I am wrong. If anyone is clever at this type of thing and knows, please help me be less stupid!!

* When I wrote r/l just then, it made me think of Death Note.

* I am in a very Jun place right now. I think it's brought on by "Come Back to Me" (72 plays already!! Damn catchy tune!), or maybe the combination of that and NatsuNiji, or maybe I just like his hair right now (though I keep thinking his hairline is receeding, can anyone confirm/deny this?) but the world is coloured very Jun and sparkly for me right now. I am rewatching Kimi wa Petto, he's a very good puppy.

* Am thinking of getting a tumblr account. Is this a good idea? It seems like blogging for lazy people and I am lazy.

* Speaking of lazy, I think I need to trim my flist. I didn't check it for three days and it was over skip 400. It's mostly comms, so I've taken off some fic communities and icons, because if I'm in the mood for that kind of thing, I can just look for it. And also some of those subbing communities who post little random comments in with their subs - does that annoy anyone else? Not helpful information like Stormy Team will occassionally put up, I mean like "omg Nino so kawaii!!!!", ack that bugs me!! When I get some free time I'm going to go through and take out some comms that are always cross-posted to as well, I'm sick of reading 50 of the same thing.

* So, if anyone wants to defriend me, now's a good time. I probably won't cut any actual friends unless we honestly never talk and I don't know who you are or something, but if you want to defriend me for any reason, I honestly don't mind.

* LOL, I just signed up for tumblr, I am ant-power.

* Anyone going to Kokuritsu, I'm probably going to ignore your posts for the next week or so. I'm sorry, but there is a big Kokuritsu-shaped hole in my soul-soul and it's a dark and bitter place!! You don't need my big stormy raincloud glooming up your good time. (Not that you probably care, because you're going to Kokuritsu and you're going to have the most amazing time of your entire life!)

* LOL, I was just looking through my (entirely too big) icons folder and I was like "woah, who's that guy, he's really hot!" and it was Nino!!

* Speaking of Nino, and seeing as how the bulk of this post seems to be about me being snippy about things, it also really bugs me when random people refer to Nino as "Kazu". WTF, have some manners, you don't know him, he's not actually your future husband, please don't be calling him something that even his members rarely call him!

* I blame my snippiness on allophones, really.

* I was going to do a meme but this post is already way too long. Tomorrow, I'll do it and be less snippy. It will be much better!
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This post is mainly just so I know where I'm up to in my flist.

I am very sick. I meant to do things today, like my Asian Studies assignment that's due Monday, but I only woke up for long enough to walk the dog, then went back to bed. The dog tried to wake me up a few times by eating my hair but I figured she was okay, as the back door was open. I must be a boring owner.

I think I forgot to mention that I watched Bandage. Thoughts on Bandage )

I finished watching Coffee House. It was bad. I am off kdramas now.

Caught up on NatsuNiji. I love Jun. Jun is awesome and not emo and very cute at being in love. And I bet he won't go and get stupid hair halfway through and randomly end up with the wrong girl. And other annoying things that happened in Coffee House that Jun would never do. He'd be fussy about his coffee though, I bet.

I got my tax return. Then I paid bills and things, put a bit in my savings and now it's all gone. Oh, and I bought sticky notes and awesome boots that have fluffy insides and were only $10. I wish I'd bought tiramasu as well.
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Well, mostly I'm just testing out the new lj iphone app. It's much better than the old one so far! Anyway, I'm very sick and bedridden and couldn't go to uni today. It's frustrating. How long is it since I got sick now? Six years? My specialist thinks its 20 years but either way, you'd think I'd be used to it by now and realise there'd be days like these. It's still annoying though!

Right, I'm going to see if this thing can lj cut!

I just watched Vampire Knight... )

I am up to ep 13 of coffee house )

I was worried that Angelina Jolie would try to adopt Jun but he seemed to escape safely. I like her better now, she was nice to jun, unlike how that famous soccer guy was rude to Sho that time. I think Jun and Angelina Jolie should have a cute strong-faced baby together!!

I can't think of anything else I've watched lately and it's nap time now!!! I wonder if this will post okay.

Posted via LiveJournal app for iPhone.

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So, I've been avoiding the internet for the past week because I didn't want to be tempted to listen to the new album before it got here. I downloaded the 5x10 concert before my dvd came and then I wasn't terribly excited when it got here. So, I've been watching out the window ever since Tuesday when it was shipped and now IT'S FINALLY HERE! Yay. I'm about to listen to it, so I shall write my impressions of it while I'm listening. XDDDDD

Under a cut though, just in case I'm not the last person on the planet to listen to it )

OMG, I'm going to be so late to the doctor!!
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* I have an awesome study timetable. Faffing it off means I am almost caught up with LJ!

* I have 50GB of my internet plan to use up by the end of this month. Three days, is that even possible?? I am downloading Glee, Be Strong Guem-Soon and any gaps I have in my comprehensive Arashi library. I've been transferring all my Arashi stuff from the burnt copies to the 1TB hard drive I bought, but some of the burnt discs are stuffed and they won't copy. Anyway, anyone with suggestions on what else I can use the 50GB up on, it's surely welcome!

* My history class is annoying. I thought it would be cool because it's studying the origins of where particular myth/legends came from, like King Arthur and Greek myths and stuff, but it's really just boring. I want to do Korean instead, but I'd have to do it at a whole different university and the only uni that has Korean in Melbourne is the Clayton campus at Monash. WTF, that is practically in the countryside. I might talk to my course co-ordinator about it though.

* My phone credit expired, which means I lost my 800mb worth of internet usage on it. :( I am a poor student now, so I can't afford to buy more until next week. That's why I haven't been on twitter or anything, if anyone is wondering.

* MOST IMPORTANTLY!! It's the final of THE SHO DOWN!! There are only two Shos left, WHICH WILL BE THE ULTIMATE SAKURAI!! Please go and vote so that we have the most truthful representation of Sho awesomeness!!! [ profile] kerrol Also, my sister made puns. Really bad ones, it's awesome!!
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That's right, the voting is over and it was super-close this time the whole way through. THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN! So, before we get to the winners, let's take a brief look at how the voting went. It's been a long week, a week of ups and downs, of tears and laughter! And... something, idek anymore.

For the ladies, it went like this:

Round 1 - Aibu Saki
Round 2 - Billie Piper
Round 3 - Rose Byrne
Round 4 - Gillian Anderson
Round 5 - Karen Gillan and Horikita Maki
Round 6 - Eliza Dushku and Song Yu Ri

And the person voted out for round 7 was KATE WINSLET!! So that makes the winner for the girls, the sexiest lady of all KUROKI MEISA!! (Who also won when [ profile] augustfai did this meme, if my memory serves me correctly, which clearly means that she is HOTNESS SQUARED!)

title or description

As for the men, well honestly I think in this case, the winner is clearly our eyes, but the voting went like this:

Round 1 - Lenny Hayes
Round 2 - David Tennant
Round 3 - Jang Guen Seok and Hiroshi Tamaki
Round 4 - Kang Ji Hwan
Round 5 - Jensen Ackles and Oh-chan
Round 6 - Aiba Masaki <3

And round 7? Well, brace yourselves, it's a shocker!! The person voted out in round 7 was NAGASEXY TOMOYA!!! The actual dictionary definition of "sex on legs"! So, of course, that makes the winner of the most attractive men, this crazy little guy right here:

title or description

That's right, folks. Arashi's very own prankster magician, touching-man and lover of all things rainbow-coloured, NINOMIYA KAZUNARI! Don't hate him just because he's beautiful (and would make you walk five extra blocks to save fifty yen on parking)!! <3

Ah, now all let's go watch Haikei, Chichiue-sama to celebrate!!! XP

(And, again, don't forget to go and vote for your favourite Sakurai at THE SHO DOWN [ profile] kerrol)
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Right, so it's come to this!! The results for round 6. It was always going to be a tough round, a heartbreaking round, and it didn't disappoint!! Again, for the girls it was a tie. This time we say goodbye to ELIZA DUSHKU and SONG YU RI. And for the boys? Well, I think that's best answered with a picture.

title or description

IT'S NOT THAT HE'S BEEN VOTED OUT, YOU JUST CAN'T SEE HIM BECAUSE HE'S INVISIBLE!!! That's right, most precious man alive, inventor of mabo-flavoured icecream, our very own mirror man AIBA MASAKI!!! Let's have a moment of silence to contemplate the hotness of Aiba before we go on!

So, this means that there are only TWO PEOPLE LEFT IN EACH POLL!! That makes this THE FINAL ROUND!!! And who exactly are they? Who could possibly be hotter than Aiba Masaki?? Let's refresh your memory with pretty, pretty pictures!!

1. I have picked 10 female and 10 male celebs I find attractive.
2. Every day, I will make a poll and you'll have to vote for the ONE girl and ONE guy you find the LEAST attractive (not so much who you LIKE, but who you find hot.)
3. After 24 hours, the poll will be closed and the man and woman with the most votes will be disqualified. There will then be a new poll with the remaining contestants.
4. After ten days, there will be two winners!

pretty pictures )

[Poll #1596872]


And don't forget to visit [ profile] kerrol, my sister's LJ to register your opinion on the hottest Sakurai in THE SHO DOWN!!!

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