Dec. 30th, 2012

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So, I've never really posted about this show. I don't even know if any of you guys watched it. I started watching it somewhere around the end of season 1, I think, when my flist seemed to be full of posts about how in love Merlin and Arthur were. "What's that?" I thought. "That's a bit creepy, Merlin is an old man!" But Merlin wasn't an old man, Merlin was a young magical creature with magical eyes and cheekbones and Arthur was the most beautiful man on the planet (except for maybe Aiba Masaki), and they were very prettily in love and so I watched every episode faithfully, even if sometimes the writing was a bit shit.

I never really got into Merlin fandom, because I never really took the show that seriously. However, I did read all the fic. Merlin, I think, has the best written fic of any fandom I've ever delved into. For the past four of five years I've read it constantly - when I'm procrastinating uni, all through the summer, whenever I feel sick or a bit shit and want something comforting, when I was doing that Arthurian history subject and could pretend I was actually studying, etc etc. It just became a thing, without me ever consciously deciding, and these characters became something important to me without me being aware.

And then came the finale - cut for spoilers obvs )

But anyway, that's why I think it's bad to get too attached to fictional characters.

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