Apr. 2nd, 2011

antpower: (嵐 nino)
Don't you think that Nino, David Duchovny and Charlie Sheen should form a support group for sex addicts and then (after their sex addicting is under control... or maybe not) they should BAND TOGETHER TO FIGHT CRIME!! They could actually FIGHT CRIME THROUGH WITH THE POWER OF THEIR SEX ADDICTION.

And then after they have defeated the criminals, Nino could sing a song.

This would be the most awesome thing ever, y/y?

Man, someone should make this into a drama, it would be the most hilarious thing ever. They could make Sho play Charlie Sheen.

I want to post clever things about my M5 reactions and other stuff, but I have had a terrible headache all day and my brain just got further exploded by the AMAZING CRIME FIGHTING TRIO OF AWESOME.

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