Feb. 25th, 2011

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I love food. It is one of my pleasures in life. I am like Sakurai Sho, because I don't really have any hobbies, enjoying my food is my hobby. I love going to delicious restaurants and eating delicious foods, and I love cooking at home and making delicious experiments.

Anyway, ever since I got diagnosed with CFS, I have been seeing this awesome physiotherapist. She is really a lot more than just a physio, and out of my whole team of medical professionals, she has been the most helpful and supportive. Well, she's very strict, but she's always motivated me and done loads of research into different things to help me get better. She moved to Germany for a few years but now she is back.

So, there's this low chemical diet that she thinks would help me. It's kind of involved, but basically what it's about is there are certain foods (most foods) which contain different chemicals, and when the chemicals build up in your body, you have a bad reaction to them. Like, you may be fine eating a strawberry every day, for example, you can eat them for ten days straight and you are fine, but on the 11th day, that strawberry makes you sick. But because you're also eating other stuff, you probably think "oh, I feel sick from that pizza last night", instead of blaming the strawberry. It's really impossible to tell.

Which means that you have to cut out basically everything that has any sort of chemicals and gradually add things back in after you've got it all out of your system. Makes sense, right?

So, I started yesterday. These are the foods I can have while I'm in the detox phase: pears (peeled), potato (brushed white, peeled), lettuce (iceberg), bamboo shoots, beans, bean shoots, brussel sprouts, cabbage, celery, chives, choko (I don't even know what this is - fruit of the chokobo?), garlic (a little bit), leek, mungbean sprouts, shallot, swede, chicken (no skin or stuffing), lamb (yuck), veal (yuck yuck), beef (fresh), various fresh seafoods that I don't eat.

I can also have dairy, as long as there's no colours or preservatives in it (which there is in a lot of cheeses) and wheat-type things, as I'm fine with gluten, and eggs. I think sugar is fine, but most things with sugar in them have a whole bunch of other nasty stuff anyway. And I'm not giving up coffee!! It says nothing about coffee, so I am pleading ignorance.

This is very restricting. I can't have condiments!! What is life without condiments? It is very hard to think of what to eat. Last night, I had mashed potato. It was delicious mashed potato, but it would've been better with bacon. I can make vegetable soup, but that will also not be delicious without stock and things. Everything I can eat is like something from a Shukudai no-money special!

Ah, I am hungry!!! I want donburi!

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